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Prairie State College
Chicago Heights, IL

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Adjunct Faculty

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Adjunct Professor, Physics



Position Summary:

Prairie State College seeks to fill teaching different-level physics and astronomy positions for Summer 2022 and beyond.

Please indicate the course(s) that you are interested in teaching

within your cover letter.

PHYSI 120 – College Physics I

Course Description: This lab course is the first of a two – semester college algebra-based sequence designed to meet the needs of life and health science, liberal arts, and pre-professional students. Topics include vector algebra, Newton’s laws of motion, description of motion and motion with constant acceleration, projectile motion, description of circular motion, work and conservation of energy, impulse and linear momentum, torque and angular momentum, fluids, elasticity and oscillations, waves and sound, and thermal physics and thermodynamics.

PHYSI 130 – College Physics II

Course Description: This lab course is the second of a two – semester college algebra-based sequence designed to meet the needs of life and health science, liberal arts, and pre-professional students. Topics include Electric Forces and Fields, Electric Potential, Capacitors and Dielectrics, Electric Current and Circuits, Magnetic Forces and Fields, Electromagnetic Induction, Alternating Current and Circuits, Electromagnetic Waves and Optics, Reflection and Refraction of Light, Optical Instruments, Interference and Diffraction, Quantum and Particle Physics, and Relativity

PHYSI 210 – University Physics I

Course Description: University Physics I is the first course in a three-semester calculus-based sequence designed for pre-engineering, science, and mathematics majors. Topics include measurements and vectors, motion in one dimension, motion in two and three dimensions, Newton’s laws of motion and applications of Newton’s laws, Work and Kinetic energy, conservation of energy and momentum, rotation and angular momentum, static equilibrium and elasticity, Fluid Mechanics, Gravitation, and Oscillations.

Note: Physics Lab Assistant position opportunity is available in addition to the advertised positions.

Minimum Qualifications:

- Master of Science with minimum of 18 graduate credit hours in physics or closely related area.
- Experience in teaching in one of the above listed areas at college level.
- Experience in conducting physics computer-based lab activities in the above listed areas at college
- Excellent communication skills.

Please note in your cover letter which section(s) you are available to teach.

Preferred Qualifications:

PhD. in Physics, Astronomy, or closely-related area.

Posting Date:


Open Until Filled:


Special Instructions to Applicants:

All applications must be submitted electronically. Illinois Governor Pritzker’s executive order to mandate COVID-19 vaccination and/or weekly testing on college campuses became effective Monday, Sept. 20, 2021. This mandate includes higher education personnel and students of Prairie State College



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