Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Presentation College
Aberdeen, SD, US

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Job Details

General Purpose

Responsible for providing leadership related to institutional planning and effectiveness, in part, through the collection, analysis, interpretation, and dissemination of internal and external data relevant to the college’s strategic planning and decision-making processes. This includes planning, budgeting, enrollment management, marketing and overall institutional effectiveness. Additionally provides oversight for assessment, compliance, and academic student supports.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Provides leadership and direction for the design, development, and maintenance of a system of longitudinal databases and data dashboards (i.e., Power BI) verifying accuracy and consistency over time, in the context of evolving requirements related to reporting of institutional facts.  
  2. Fulfill mandatory (required) institutional reporting requirements, including the Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System (IPEDS) reporting, serving as the IPEDS Keyholder.
  3. Analyze and report the effectiveness of the College through a variety of databases with that of peer institutions (i.e. Board of Trustees Data Comparison Report). 
  4. Performs data reduction, statistical analysis of data, and interpretation of results; prepares or participates in the preparation and presentation of formal research reports.
  5. Designs, executes, analyzes, communicates, and consults on the results of ongoing and one-time analytical studies using appropriate inferential statistics.
  6. Organize sand analyzes trend data on enrollment, student outcomes, finance, and others for reporting purposes. Oversees and coordinates Census reporting for each term. 
  7. Utilizing Institutional data, serve as Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) to fulfill national accreditation requirements and processes. 
  8. Supports institutional strategic planning through coordination of annual data collection on key performance indicators and updates to strategic plan documents as needed. 
  9. Supports processes to develop, approve, maintain, and coordinate institutional policies. 
  10. Supervises the Compliance Coordinator in maintaining federal and state regulatory compliance, including State Authorization (i.e., NC-SARA). 
  11. Supervises the Assessment Coordinator in maintaining a systematic process of assessment including distribution of course evaluations, student, faculty, and alumni surveys, Assessment Day, annual institutional assessment cycle, and program review. 
  12. Supervises the Director of the Career and Learning Center in maintaining and evaluating existing student success initiatives.
  13. Directs the Strengthening Institutions Project and supervises the Coordinator in adhering to all grant award guidelines and specifications (pending successful Title III application). 
  14. Serves on the President’s Cabinet, President’s Advisory Council (PAC), CAMS User Group, Specialized Accreditation Committee, and other committees as appropriate.
  15. Designs and updates Institutional Research and Assessment intranet sites (i.e., SharePoint).
  16. Other duties as assigned. 



Education and Training


Bachelor Degree required, Master Degree preferred in higher education, statistics, project management, leadership, or related field.

Five years of academic administration or student success program management experience and five years of experience supervising professional staff required. Grants experience preferred.

Knowledge and Experience

Ability to apply statistical principles and processes to meet a range of information requirements.

Ability to draw conclusions and make recommendations based on research data and findings.

Knowledge of large-scale data systems, definitions, and procedures.

Knowledge of SAS or SPSS programming to manipulate, summarize, and produce reports from multiple, large, complex data sets.

Broad knowledge of database applications such as Microsoft Access and SQL Server Reporting Services.

Ability to plan, create, program, and manage statistical computer databases across multiple hardware and operating system platforms/environments.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community.

Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

Demonstrated fiscal and personnel management skills.

Broad knowledge of higher education functions, policies, and processes.

Knowledge and experience in process improvement methodologies.

Strong computer technical skills, including advanced knowledge of applications required for statistical analysis.

Core Competencies

Working Conditions

  • Normal temperature working environment. 
  • Moderate to little amount of noise in the work environment. 
  • Friendly, teamwork type of work environment.   
  • Normal amount of overtime and extended work hours required.
  • College Mission, Vision & Values

    As part of the Presentation College Learning Community, you will be expected to play a role in supporting the legacy of the Presentation Sisters, in promoting the Mission, living the Core Values, and furthering the Vision.


    Making the world a better place!

    Learning… For a Better World

    Using knowledge to improve lives and make our communities a better place is the very heart of what we do at Presentation College. Here, service learning isn’t an add-on or an afterthought. It’s the very foundation of who we are and what our education stands for.

    Because, quite simply, that’s what the world needs.


    Our Catholic Tradition

    Our deep Catholic roots guide us in the way we approach learning and living. A core mission of our founders is a sincere commitment to social justice and human dignity, and that commitment is brought to life every day through our efforts to help individuals, families, and communities in need.


    Our Service Curriculum

    In order to fulfill graduation requirements, students complete at least two service learning projects. You’ll have the flexibility to choose from a broad range of service learning programs and opportunities, and you’ll enhance the experience through reflections and journaling.


    Our Boundless Enthusiasm

    From building homes through Habitat for Humanity, to “Shop with the Saints” for families in need, to packing lunches at the local food bank, to hosting community meals and health clinics, to countless other service activities, there’s no limit to our enthusiasm for service. That’s why 97 percent of students say they’re satisfied with service learning at Presentation.

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