Professor of International Security Studies

Montgomery, Alabama
May 17, 2021
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Specialized Institutions


Air University (AU) Air War College is seeking qualified individuals to apply for the position of Professor of International Security Studies. Applicants should have expertise in the general national security studies field, with an emphasis on comparative and regional security, as well as scholarly interests in international political economy, comparative politics, and/or American national security policy.


Air War College (AWC) offers master's degrees and senior-level professional military education to U.S. military officers, civilian government officials, and to military officers from more than 40 nations. It contains a diverse faculty of security studies experts engaged in rigorous academic research on critical issues in contemporary security debates. The position requires university-equivalent teaching experience (graduate-level preferred) and a suitable academic publication record. Responsibilities include: teaching graduate-level seminars in the International Security Studies core curriculum (National Security Decision Making, Regional Security Studies, and Global Security); teaching electives in the applicant's area(s) of specialization; curriculum development; advising student research; and service to the institution.

Responsibilities also include producing curriculum for core and elective courses including curriculum content, instructional methods/materials, and testing/evaluation instruments. Provide detailed feedback to students and documentation of student progress. Also serve as subject matter expert and advisor to AWC and AU on subjects of relevance to academic background and teaching areas. Supervise and advise student research in course work, research projects, and professional studies papers (up to 4 students per year).

AWC is a leading contributor of national security thought for leaders across the U.S. Government and highly encourages policy-relevant scholarship by its faculty. A successful candidate would be expected to engage in professional research and writing in area(s) of expertise. Would be actively seeking publication of book manuscripts as well as scholarly works such as articles, monographs, and book reviews for publication in peer-­reviewed scholarly journals, professional journals and other outlets. Present results of research at appropriate conferences and symposia. 

Deadline date: 06/14/2021

For questions about this position, please contact Wayne Straw at (phone) 33-953-2231 or (email) [email protected]

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