Physical Science Lab Technician

North Canton, Ohio
Minimum of 41,313.00 per year
Apr 19, 2021
Employment Type
Full Time
Institution Type
Community College

The duties and responsibilities of the Physical Science Laboratory Technician (PSLT) are to assist the chair and faculty with the laboratory portion of the science courses. The PSLT reports to the chair of chemistry and physics and has responsibility for all aspects of the chemistry and physics laboratory needs. 

The PSLT is responsible for the laboratories on the main campus and all satellite locations. The duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to: facilitating the  ordering of equipment and supplies, stocking and inventorying laboratory supplies, preparing labs, maintaining satellite laboratories, and facilitating a safe lab environment. 

Coordinate and oversee the daily operations of the assigned science laboratory facilities. Daily operations include, but are not limited to, the following: a) working with the department chair to enter requisitions and set up blanket purchase orders, b) setup, maintenance, and tear down of laboratory experiments, c) researching, ordering, receiving and storage of chemicals and equipment properly, d) preparing solutions, e) washing glassware and using a laboratory dishwasher, f) performing preventative maintenance on laboratory equipment, g) operating an autoclave, h) submitting work orders as needed, and i) ensuring the lab space is functional. 

Assist department chair in maintaining all records regarding safety and daily laboratory operations, such as: a) safety data sheets (SDS), b) student safety contracts, c) inventory databases, d) chain of custody of materials concerning possible, chemical, biological, and radiological hazards, and e) records of laboratory waste disposal. 
Manage and coordinate ordering and delivery of equipment and supplies for laboratory courses delivered at the main campus, satellite centers, as well as dual credit and early college high school sites as appropriate. 

Make recommendations for modifying or updating laboratory materials as needed. This includes researching and obtaining quotes. 

Organize and prepare reports related to laboratory operations as required by law or as requested by the department chair., Assist instructors as needed in the laboratories. 

Train and oversee laboratory workers in laboratory techniques.

Provide resources, materials, and support for college-sponsored clubs and their activities as approved by the department chair. 

Provide technical support for college-wide initiatives that require the use of science laboratory facilities such as conferences, STEM fairs, Upward Bound Math and Science (UBMS), and Kids College as approved by the department chair. 

A minimum of an associate's degree in chemistry, physics or a closely related field is required.  Bachelor's degree or higher in chemistry, physics or closely related field is preferred. 

A minimum of 2 years full-time equivalent laboratory experience in chemistry, physics or closely related field is required.  This includes graduate lab research experience.

Ability to work both independently and cooperatively in a student centered environment.

High level of intellectual reasoning and good judgement.

Intermediate computer skills with the ability to learn and operate job specific technology and computer applications.

Knowledge of Excel and Banner helpful. 

Good organizational and communication skills. 

The ability to balance long-term and short-term projects. 

A minimum of a basic knowledge of safety regulations and protocols such as OSHA, NIOSH, NFPA, and the City of Canton Water Reclamation is needed.





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