Professor of Leadership

Montgomery, Alabama
Apr 09, 2021
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Specialized Institutions


Air University's Air War College (AWC) Leadership Institute invites applications from qualified individuals for the position of Professor of Leadership Studies. The member's primary responsibility is to serve as a professor of leadership studies for use in teaching Air University course offerings, research and personal scholarship, and service to the Air University and the United States Air Force. The position will reside in the AU Leadership Institute within AWC


Duties will also include assisting the institute in fulfilling its core mission as directed by the Commander, Air University and the Commandant, AWC. Duties include developing leadership programs and curriculum for Air University programs; promoting leadership and leader development throughout the USAF; evaluating programs of leadership development; conducting leadership related research and analysis; and providing strategic outreach and consultation for the University with internal and external partners. Academic rank for the position is AD-21 (Instructor) through AD-23 (Associate Professor), depending on qualifications.

Focus areas for the professor position include, but are not limited to, a broad knowledge and wide range of experience in the subject matter field, to include such areas as leadership theory, human-domain ("soft skills"), communication, coaching and mentoring, adult education, organizational assessment, organizational culture/climate, negotiations, crisis leadership, management & business skills, critical/creative/strategic thinking, ethics, and complex problem solving (innovation). Specifically, the applicant should have the ability to relate these subjects to the role of military leadership and command in the context of the profession of arms. The applicant should have outstanding teaching skills, primarily to professional audiences in resident survey courses, undergraduate programs, and graduate programs; knowledge of educational technology and instructional techniques; knowledge of student learning evaluation methods and procedures; and skill in designing and developing learning material and experiences. Applicant should have a knowledge of research methods and the ability to conduct scholarship in their area of expertise, and the ability to write to publishable scholarly standards. Applicants must have the ability to communicate effectively, orally, and in writing. The professor will also provide institutional service to the School, Air University, the Air Force, and the Department of Defense.

Teaches about leadership and professionalism. Designs, develops, delivers, and assesses learning in designated lessons, courses, and/or electives. Establishes student learning outcomes and activities. Selects readings, research, and other tasks necessary for students to accomplish learning outcomes. Guides, stimulates discussion and evaluates participation and contribution of students. Delivers lectures, conducts seminars, facilitates on-line forums, participates in panel discussions, and collaborates with other faculty and curriculum developers in area of expertise at various institutions such as other professional military and continuing education schools, civilian institutions, and other learned societies. (40%)

Conducts scholarship about leadership and professionalism. Conducts scholarship, to include the scholarship of discovery, integration, and/or application. Maintains academic currency by consistently reviewing professional literature and regularly engaging with other professional military education schools, professional organizations, AF/DoD institutions, colleges, and universities. (30%)

Performs service to include academic leadership and administrative activities for Air University, USAF, DoD, and the scholarly community. Undertakes additional duties supporting academic and administrative aspects of the organization either voluntarily or as assigned by leadership. (30%)

Deadline date: 05/10/2021

For questions about this position please contact Megan Allison at (phone) 334-953-5459 or (email) [email protected]