Postdoctoral Fellow - Laboratory of Genetics, Dr. Dmitry Lyumkis

La Jolla, CA
Mar 25, 2021
Position Type
Employment Type
Full Time
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution


The Lyumkis laboratory is interested in deciphering how large nuclear proteins and protein complexes are assembled, how they functionally interact with one another, and how they engage chromatin to initiate distinct regulatory events. Using structural biology and biochemistry, we study multiple interconnected biological processes that broadly involve chromatin structure and its regulation, with direct relevance to human diseases. Our findings provide insight into basic biological mechanisms governing protein function, and there are also opportunities to translate findings into a clinical setting. 

We are seeking an outstanding postdoctoral candidate to work with us to develop exciting directions in chromatin structural biology. We have established workflows for assembling and purifying different nucleosome substrates, producing proteins in insect and/or mammalian cells, and for high-resolution cryo-EM. The candidate will develop independent directions and will also work closely within a collaborative team of scientists to advance common goals. 

The ideal candidate will be familiar with:

  • Advanced methods for cell culture and protein production from insect or mammalian cells
  • Extensive techniques for protein purification using different approaches
  • Theoretical and practical experience with biochemical analyses / functional biochemistry
  • Single-particle cryo-EM workflows, including specimen vitrification, screening, data collection, and image analysis
  • Atomic model building, refinement, and interpretation
  • Functional biochemistry

Position Highlights: 

  • Broadly involved in exciting projects to uncover basic molecular mechanisms by which nuclear proteins and protein assemblies engage chromatin to initiate distinct processes
  • Conduct both independent and collaborative studies as part of a group of researchers with common interests in chromatin structure and regulation
  • Utilize an array of advanced tools and workflows for protein production, purification, biochemical analyses, high-resolution cryo-EM, atomic model building/refinement, visualization and interpretation.
  • Access to state-of-the art cryo-EM resources
  • Work within a world-class research environment with broad exposure to different scientific disciplines and interests.
  • Opportunity to delve into complex problems in structural biology, with translational implications to infectious disease and to cancer
  • Participation at local, national, and international scientific meetings, membership in relevant scientific organizations, and applying for fellowships will be strongly encouraged and supported.
  • Opportunities to present the work in diverse scientific venues and to different audiences
  • Ancillary technician support will be provided

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