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Assistant Professor Agricultural Business & Marketing

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PRINCIPAL PURPOSE OF JOB: The Assistant Professor of Agricultural Marketing is a tenure track position in the School of Agriculture, Communities, and the Environment which is part of the College of Agriculture, Community, and the Sciences at Kentucky State University (KSU). The position will have a combination of Extension (55%), teaching (25%), and research (20%) components.  

SCOPE OF RESPONSIBILITY: The Assistant Professor of Agricultural Business and Marketing will provide educational leadership in developing, implementing, managing, evaluating research-based and integrative statewide Extension programs. This position will focus on meeting the needs of limited-resource, socially disadvantaged and minority audiences in the area of agricultural marketing, with a concentration on the areas of aquaculture /aquaponics and alternative fruits and vegetables. The Assistant Professor of Agricultural Business and Marketing will develop a nationally recognized research program in agriculture marketing, with particular emphasis on topics related to pricing behavior, alternative marketing system/strategies, and risk management for small family farms. Teach undergraduate and graduate courses related to agriculture marketing and agriculture economics. The successful candidate will also provide agent training for Extension personnel as well as, off campus workshops targeted towards stakeholders in risk management tools, agribusiness management, marketing programs, and the use of marketing tools to improve the sustainability of the small, limited, resource, minority, and socially-disadvantaged farmers.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: (ex: duties that are essential to performing the job with or without an accommodation)

1.    Develop nationally a recognized Extension program on delivering agricultural business management and marketing programs for local and regional food systems, as well as market analysis and guidance in the areas of aquaculture/aquaponics and alternative fruits and vegetables for small, limited resource, and socially disadvantaged farmers. 

2.    Delivers training and educational support materials for field staff and their clientele/customers in agricultural business management and marketing programs, consistent with the philosophy, policy and overall mission, goals and educational objectives of the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Program.

3.    Develop a nationally recognized applied research program focusing on: agriculture marketing and risk management for small, limited resource, and socially disadvantaged farmers. 

4.    Create Extension curriculums for agricultural Extension agents and personnel.

5.    Share research-based results with stakeholders through Extension programs.

6.    Develop factsheets, peer reviewed journal articles, informational sheets, book chapters, abstracts and proceedings, and other publications and media outlets.

7.    Develop virtual educational resources and web-based Extension programs through social media offerings in agricultural business marketing.

8.    Successfully write grants for external funding to support research, teaching and Extension efforts. 

9.    Demonstrate a commitment to working with minority and limited resource populations to solve problems. 

10.    Design specific educational materials for hard to reach minority and underserve populations in the area of agricultural business and marketing.

11.    A primary teaching responsibility will include AFE 426 Agricultural Economics and Marketing, with the possibility of development of additional graduate and undergraduate classes if needed. 

12.    Be strongly committed to teaching at the undergraduate level and should incorporate innovative, inquiry-based, dynamic, and active-learning methods into courses. 

13.    Solicit funding and other resources from public and private agencies to enhance Extension and research programing.

14.    Collaborate with colleagues at 1890 institutions, other land grant and non-land grant institutions, the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, the Kentucky Proud Program, USDA and state agencies, grower associations, and other professionals to enhance the quality of Extension and research.

15.    Involve stakeholders in the development, execution, and dissemination of research project results at KSU.

16.    Participate actively in the appropriate professional societies via oral and poster presentations, serving on committees and holding office, and other society involvement.

17.    Other related duties as required.

OTHER DUTIES: (ex: tasks that may be necessary, but are not the main reason(s) the job was created)

The position will conduct other duties as required.

QUALIFICATIONS: Required: A Ph.D. degree in Agriculture marketing, Agriculture Economics, Agribusiness Management, Economics, Finance, or related field. 


•    Candidates should have knowledge in the areas of agricultural economics, agricultural marketing, agribusiness management, and/or production economics.

•    Candidates must demonstrate the potential for collaborative, integrated, multi-disciplinary research, granting, publishing, and stakeholder involvement. 

•    Preference will be given to candidates with a record of excellence in research and teaching and the ability to mentor undergraduate and graduate students. 

•    Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in the university setting.

•    Experience in the use of common statistical software such as SAS, SPSS, STATA, R suite and others.

•    Ability to work under deadlines.

•    Valid driver’s license. 


•    This job involves travel. The position will have statewide responsibilities.

KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY is an Equal Opportunity Employer

The functions, qualifications, knowledge/skills, and physical requirements listed in this job description represent the essential duties of the job, which the incumbent must be able to perform either with or without reasonable accommodation. The Job Functions listed do not necessarily include all activities that the individual may perform.


Our Mission

Kentucky State University is the state's unique, small, liberal studies institution with the lowest student-faculty ratio in the state system. The University shall serve as a residential institution with a range of traditional collegiate programs appropriate to its unique role.

Geographic Region
Kentucky State University's geographic region shall be state-wide for its liberal studies mission, its land grant functions, and its service to state government. In addition, Kentucky State University's primary service area for commuting students shall be for Franklin and contiguous counties.

Institutional Admission Standards
Kentucky State University shall admit students to the institution under selective admission standards to which exceed the minimum guidelines established by the Council on Higher Education, with only limited exceptions. Institutional policy for admitting under-prepared students, including the removal of academic deficiencies within a specified time frame. Through this approach, the University seeks to provide broad access and high-quality programs.

Degree Levels
Selected associate and baccalaureate degree programs shall be oriented toward liberal studies and selected career opportunities related to state government services. Kentucky State University shall offer selected master's degree programs based on demonstrated need, with priority given to a public administration curriculum to meet the needs of state government.

Strategic Directions/Program Priorities
The University shall focus on liberal studies programming. Drawing upon its African-American heritage, the University will promote the values and methods of interdisciplinary and multicultural education in its liberal studies offerings. All students shall participate in common curricula that explore the liberal studies. Drawing upon the multicultural strengths of the University, emphasis shall be placed on preparing minority students for careers in education and in other selected professions including business, computer science, nursing, human services, and public services. These strategic priorities translate into a core of liberal arts baccalaureate degree programs, in addition to degree programs at the associate [A], baccalaureate [B], and master's [M] levels that may include the following: education [B]; business [B]; computer science [A,B]; nursing [A]; home economics [B]; human services [B]; and public administration [B,M].

Enhancement of Instruction
The University shall emphasize teaching. Meeting student needs shall be paramount. The University shall focus on the needs of its students, which include, but are not limited to, full-time and part-time residential students, commuting students from its primary service area, and state governmental employees.

Service and Research Functions
Kentucky State University, as the 1890 land grant institution in the system, shall carry out its responsibilities under federal law and participate fully in appropriate U.S. Department of Agriculture programs, in accord with the mission of the University.

Kentucky State University shall be the major repository for the collection of books, records, and artifacts relative to the history and status of African-American citizens of the Commonwealth and elsewhere. The University shall make such materials available for casual and scholarly study.

Kentucky State University shall focus on meeting the applied research and service needs of state government.

Collaborative Ventures
The priority master's degree program offered by Kentucky State University shall be carefully articulated with related doctoral programs offered by the doctoral-granting institutions in the system. The University shall develop and employ telecommunication resources to communicate with other institutions in the fulfillment of its mission. Curriculum development shall emphasize the transfer of credits form other institutions toward degree completion.

Kentucky State University shall promote cost effectiveness in academic programming and institutional management. Strategic planning resulting in the elimination of duplicative or non-productive programs is essential while the development of carefully selected new programs compatible with the mission is appropriate. Measures of quality and performance shall be the foundation of the University's accountability system which promotes the continuous improvement of programs and services.

Efficiency and Effectiveness
Kentucky State University shall promote cost effectiveness in academic programming and institutional management. Strategic planning resulting in the elimination of duplicative or non-productive programs is essential while the development of carefully selected new programs compatible with the mission is appropriate. Measures of quality and performance shall be the foundation of the University's accountability system which promotes the continuous improvement of programs and services.

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