Program Director (EMS)

Saginaw, Michigan
Feb 16, 2021
Institution Type
Other Organizations

Success in this position requires the following, in addition to annual performance outcomes:

1. Culture & Engagement: Display an unrivaled reflection of MMR’s culture. Proactively implement the MMR culture, which includes high accountability and high employee engagement, demonstrated in all actions and interactions throughout the organization. Connect and engage with employees, building relationships with deep trust and respect.

2. Leader/Manager/Supervisor Oversight & Development: Must coach and mentor future leaders. Must recognize leaders within the organization and develop them for team building, succession planning, and engagement. Uses good judgment and has sound decision making abilities. Execute duties and responsibilities in an efficient, complete and thorough manner. Follows up and follows through. Responsible and reliable.

3. Collaboration & Team Participation: Demonstrate respect for each team member and holding team functionality as a high priority. Commit to the team. Positivity, warm welcomes, and a spirit of optimism are required.

4. Innovation & Problem-Solving: Overcome challenges with innovation and creativity. Foster growth and change with a proactive, can-do approach. Approach all decisions with excellence, professionalism, and competence as well as behavioral maturity, personal discipline, and proactive self-care.

5. Community & Customer Relationships: Maintain positive relationships with customers and patients at the highest level of customer service. Cultivate, nurture, and build relations with community leaders. Maintain the understanding that how people view MMR in the market is a direct reflection on this position. Display the deep belief that every customer and patient deserve our best attention, care, and service.

6. Financial Performance: Plays an active role in creating financial targets for the market/department and monitors actual performance against targets are a regular basis. Meet or exceed budget targets. Proactively address shortfalls with timely, creative solutions. Determine departmental needs with innovative strategies while using good judgement and integrity in all circumstances.

7. Operational/Departmental Performance: Maintain performance consistent with CoAEMSP accreditation, MDHHS-BETP Program Sponsorship approval, and Proprietary Trade School Status for the GLBCEMSE. Meet and/or exceed thresholds mandated by each regulatory body. Achieve the performance thresholds as recommended by the Advisory Committee and the Executive Committee of the GLBCEMSE. Achieve the organizational objectives of Mobile Medical Response, particularly workforce development and retention. Creates, measures and monitors department performance standards.

Knowledge, Skill and Competency Requirements:

Possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree to direct a Paramedic program, from an accredited institution of higher education

Master’s degree preferred

Appropriate medical or allied health education, training, and experience

Advanced knowledge about methods of instruction, testing and evaluation of students

Direct field experience in the delivery of out-of-hospital emergency care

Adequate academic training and preparation related to emergency medical services at least equivalent to that of program graduates

Thorough knowledge of current national curricula, national accreditation, national registration, and the requirements for state certification or licensure

Ability to interpret data and make changes to operations based on the data

Strong written, verbal and presentation skills

Delegate effectively

Unwavering integrity in all situations

Adapt positively to organizational change

Ability to objectively and accurately evaluate performance of subordinates

Advanced computer skills including the ability to utilize a computer PC with Windows operating system, run reports, and proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel