Hazel Cramer Endowed Chair and Professor in Public Policy and Administration

Sacramento, California
Feb 16, 2021
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution

The position is for the Hazel Cramer Endowed Chair. Through this endowed chair position, the university is making a further commitment to its role as an anchor institution in the region by focusing on long-term, systemic solutions to entrenched social, economic, and political problems. Given that this is an endowed chair position, the work differs significantly from a traditional faculty member, and additional funds will be provided to ensure that the chair can meet those expectations. The work of the Hazel Cramer Endowed Chair will result in an enhancement of the reputation of the Department of Public Policy and Administration, the College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies, and California State University, Sacramento. This position’s teaching responsibility is reduced and additional funds will be allocated from the Hazel Cramer Endowment to support the chair in executing the unique expectations of the position (e.g. research assistance, related travel, meeting and conferences, convenings, lectures, and other outreach related costs). The initial Hazel Cramer Appointment is for five years. For reappointment, the incumbent endowed chair must undergo a thorough review. The Department is seeking a community-engaged scholar willing to make significant contributions to the community through California State University’s Downtown Center (https://www.csus.edu/experience/anchor-university/sac-state-downtown/) and the Anchor University Initiative (https://www.csus.edu/experience/anchor-university/). The successful applicant should have a distinguished and sustained record in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service – and have demonstrated the ability to utilize evidence-based research to examine and address public policy problems especially relevant to the Sacramento Metropolitan Area and State of California. Emphasis is placed on the candidate’s substantial and continued contributions. Given the demographics of the Sacramento Region and California, the successful applicant must have evidence of a record in teaching, scholarship, and service that emphasizes service to diverse populations. Through previous work, and a clear plan, the successful applicant must have an applied research agenda, focused on solving practical problems. Examples of desired subject areas include the study of public policy and administration related to social justice, political engagement, education, public finance, urban redevelopment, transportation, health care, affordable housing, homelessness, criminal justice, unemployment, poverty, environmental justice, or other similar issues.


• Teach a reduced course load over an academic year of two semesters.

• Continue distinguished scholarly and professional contributions related to public policy and administration.

• Create and execute a sustainable plan to serve the community through Sac State Downtown (examples include, but are not limited to, developing and executing a community engaged research agenda that includes translating research into possible solution sets/ideas for practice; creating new work-based learning opportunities for PPA students; developing and implementing innovative educational programs and curricula; fostering collaborations across the college, university, academic field, and entities in the community; recruiting and supervising graduate students; and providing outreach to the broader community).

• Supervise master’s projects related to the area of public policy and administration.

• Provide service to the community around public policy and administration.

• Provide service to the department, college, and university.

• Embrace the mission of the California State University and its students (https://www2.calstate.edu/csu-system/about-the-csu/Pages/mission.aspx). Our students are diverse and represent populations that have been historically underserved in both undergraduate and graduate education. A successful applicant must be excited to serve our student populations.


• Ph.D. or equivalent terminal degree (e.g., Doctorate in Public Administration, Juris Doctorate) in public policy or a discipline (Public Administration, Political Science, Economics, Urban Studies, etc.) closely related to it.

• Knowledge, experience, and commitment to diversity and issues of just, equitable, and inclusive education and practice.

• Experience in public service with a commitment to working with the Sacramento community through California State University, Sacramento’s Anchor Initiative and Downtown Center.

• Teaching experience and success in at least one of the core topics in the MPPA curriculum that includes public policy, public administration, qualitative or quantitative research methods, political environment of policymaking, and public budgeting and finance.

•Professional experience (outside of the classroom) and success in areas related to public policy and administration.

• Strong commitment to master’s level university teaching and project supervision to a diverse student body and broader community.


• Experience working in an interdisciplinary academic department.

• Interest in experimenting with different forms of student engagement in the classroom.

• Publications (peer-reviewed journal articles and/or professional articles) in areas related to public policy and administration.

• Teaching experience and success in more than one of the core topics in the MPPA curriculum that includes public policy, qualitative or quantitative research methods, political environment of policymaking, and public budgeting and finance; or the elective courses of collaborative governance, urban public policy, or urban land development.