Clinical Assistant

Amarillo, TX
Dec 29, 2020
Employment Type
Part Time
Institution Type
Community College

At Amarillo College, our students are the priority. It is our mission and our responsibility to enrich their lives by helping them identify an educational pathway that will lead to success in life. It is therefore required that every team member, regardless of job title or duties, be responsible, first and foremost, for assisting students in every way.

We are currently seeking a Part Time Clinical Assistant for our Surgical Technology Program who will adhere to the aforementioned mission statement and who will secure clinical sites, place students, and perform clinical visits at the clinical sites.


Required: Associate’s Degree in Surgical Technology

Preferred: Bachelor’s Degree in Surgical Technology


Required: Three (3) year of experience in a related field.


  • Ability to work well with others.
  • Ability to exhibit professionalism and a positive attitude.
  • Knowledge of supplies, equipment, and/or services ordering and inventory control.
  • Knowledge of planning and scheduling techniques.
  • Skill in the use of personal computers and related software applications.
  • Knowledge of clinical operations and procedures.
  • Records maintenance skills.
  • Ability to gather data, compile information, and prepare reports.
  • Knowledge of patient registration procedures and documentation.
  • Knowledge of medical terminology.
  • Knowledge of related accreditation and certification requirements.
  • Knowledge of patient care charts and patient histories.
  • Ability to create, compose, and edit written materials.
  • Ability to exhibit strong communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Knowledge of medical billing procedures.
  • Clerical, word processing, and/or office skills.
  • Knowledge of clinical facilities and equipment.


  • Assist with student orientations and registrations.
  • Secure clinical sites and place students.
  • Maintain Affiliation Agreement Dates.
  • Assist students during lab time on campus.
  • Assure lab is maintained and supplies are ordered.
  • Perform clinical visits and evaluate student performance at the clinical site.
  • Teach didactic and lab curriculum as agreed upon by the Program Coordinator.
  • Track student’s clinical lab hours an attendance.
  • Assist students during lab time on campus.
  • Act as liaison between clinical site, Program Coordinator, and Clinical Manager.
  • Attend and participate in advisory board meetings.
  • Attend system and health science department meetings.
  • Attend professional development sessions.
  • Comply with all college, state and local procedures, rules and regulations.
  • Exhibit professional behavior while assisting with the needs of students, faculty, staff, visitors and co-workers.
  • Participate in and complete performance assessments/evaluations as assigned.
  • Perform additional duties or job functions that are required and deemed necessary by supervisory personnel.
  • As an Amarillo College employee, seek knowledge of and pledge to actively engage in a culture of caring striving to serve students, peers and the community by embracing the AC Core Values: Wow, Family, Fun, Innovation, and Yes!

Physical Demands: While performing the duties of this job, the employee is frequently required to travel between offices and buildings, and requires the ability to lift, carry, push, pull and/or maneuver office supplies as needed.

Working Conditions: Must be willing to work a flexible schedule (days, nights, weekends, holidays, and varying events if necessary.)

Work Environment: This position operates in a clinical site setting.

Travel Expectations: Some travel may be required for this position.

Salary: Aligned with the current published salary scale for the represented position grade, commensurate with experience.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Amarillo College is committed to hiring and retaining a racially diverse, culturally competent staff at all levels of the organization who not only reflect the demographics of our clients but also continue to deepen their skills and competencies to serve the full range of our customers.

Promotional Opportunity Policy

Under the Amarillo College Promotional Opportunity Policy, only current appointed or part-time non-appointed employees will be considered for a position during the first five (5) working days from notice or posting.

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