Lassen Community College District
Susanville, California
Dec 28, 2020
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Full Time
Institution Type
Community College

Lassen Community College District

Susanville, CA 96130



Salary: Negotiable

Close Date: 01/27/2021



The President reports directly to the Board of Trustees, which is composed of seven (7) elected members and a student representative.  The primary responsibility of the President is to ensure educational excellence for all students of Lassen Community College.  The President serves as the Superintendent, Chief Executive Officer, and Secretary to the Board of Trustees.


Education and Experience:

• Possession of an earned doctorate from an accredited institution, or a Master’s degree plus experience which would justify waiver of the doctorate.

• Senior administrative experience in higher education.

• Successful recent leadership experience in educational planning, fiscal management, and personnel relations.

• Teaching experience in higher education.


Knowledge and Skills: 

• Demonstrated success working with a Board of Trustees and a record of positive Board relations.

• Proven experience as a collaborative leader who has shown a commitment to participatory governance.



• Analyze problems, determine effective solutions, and take independent action for successful results

• Prepare clear, concise and comprehensive written and oral reports

• Hire, direct, supervise, and formally evaluate the work of others

• Project forward to estimate future needs and constraints

• Effectively communicate in both oral and written forms

• Establish and maintain effective work relationships

• Maintain currency in technological developments in areas of responsibility

Physical Abilities:

Requires the ability to move to varying locations.  Requires ambulatory ability to operate a personal computer keyboard.  Requires auditory ability to carry on conversations in person and by telephone and speak to small groups.  Requires ability to lift light to heavy objects on an occasional basis (10-50 lbs), and to push or pull lightweight objects.



The successful candidate will possess the following:

• Sensitivity to and an understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, and ethnic backgrounds of staff, students and the public.

• Knowledge of the history and culture of underrepresented groups and groups that have experienced discrimination.



• Direct the overall operation and general administration of the District in conformity with the Governing Board policies and procedures and serve as secretary to the Governing Board.

• Exercise discretionary power within the framework of policy established by the Governing Board.

• Formulate and recommend to the Governing Board new or revised policies and procedures for the operation of the District requiring approval by the Governing Board.

Implement new or revised policies and procedures of the Governing Board when approved.

• Prepare the agenda for meetings of the Governing Board and receive all the official correspondence to and write official correspondence for the Governing Board.

• Attend all meetings of the Governing Board except when his/her own salary or contract is being considered or when excused for personal, emergency, or reason of illness.

• Submit to the Governing Board for study of recommendation for the annual budget.  

• Administer the budget when approved.

• Establish and maintain a systematic process for meeting accreditation standards and responding to recommendations from the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges.

• Establish and maintain a systematic process for institutional program review and integrated planning.

• Recommend the organizational structure for the District, the staffing complement, for the classification of positions, and the compensation for positions.  Implement these actions when approved by the Governing Board.

• Review the educational program of the District on continuing basis and recommend to the Governing Board modification which will improve the scope and quality of the college offerings and related services.

• Establish and maintain programs for the effective recruitment, selection, orientation, development, and retention of highly competent personnel for the District.

• Nominate to the Governing Board for election all employees of the District, both certificated and classified, and recommend terminations.

• Assign employees to all positions and direct, coordinate, and supervise their work in accordance with the policies and regulations established by state law and by the Governing Board.

• Establish and maintain a systematic program for filling emergency vacancies with competent substitutes or temporary employees.

• Establish and maintain an effective program of public relations and serve as the chief public relations officer of the college.

• Represent the District in the community by interpreting the community college educational program to the public, to parents, organizations, the press, and other community agencies.

• Authorize the establishment of all institutional committees of the college and approve appointments to them.

• Organize administrative committees as required.

• Recommend the establishment of citizen and curricular advisory committees and nomination to the Governing Board the members to be appointed to such committees.

• Recommend on all matters relating to facility acquisition and development, including sites, buildings, and equipment necessary to provide for the educational program of the college.  Implement such acquisitions and development when approved.

• Maintain systems of accurate and complete record required by state law, the Board of Governors, California Community Colleges, or the Office of the County Superintendent of Schools, including the proper accounting of any and all funds that come under the control of the Governing Board and the proper accounting of the student attendance.

• Prepare such reports as are required by the Governing Board and state and local offices and file such reports on or before the dates they are due.

• Direct the preparation of such manuals, guides, and other publications as are considered necessary to the effective administration of the District and the college.

• Develop and administer civilian defense measures and a system to prevent and suppress fire or other peril, and for these purposed, conduct periodic inspections to assure the adequacy of equipment and readiness of personnel to meet an emergency.

• Delegate to members of the staff any of the powers and duties of the Superintendent/President which may be delegated.

• As directed by the Governing Board, represent the District in its relationships with governmental agencies.

• Attend professional meetings.

• Perform any other duties assigned or delegated by the Governing Board

The Superintendent/President is further authorized to issue written warnings to employees, including Notices of Unprofessional Conduct or Unsatisfactory Performance pursuant to Education Code Section 87734.

• Lead the college through difficult fiscal times while continuing to provide students with excellent programs and services.

• Be skilled, creative and efficient in the acquisition, allocation and management of the college’s fiscal resources.

• Focus on excellence in teaching and learning that leads to student success.

• Ensure a campus climate that values diversity.

• Inspire and empower all staff to be innovative and achieve excellence.

• Support the positive contributions to students’ development that results from quality co-curriculum and extra-curricular programs.

• Focus on marketing and recruitment of students in an enrollment sensitive climate.

• Build partnerships with leaders in business and industry, governmental agencies and community-based organization.

• Model high levels of integrity, ethics and transparency.

• Be familiar with California’s unique issues, laws and regulations.

• Facilitate the development of a college-wide vision and plans for the future that build on Lassen’s historic strengths and reputation.

• Integrate technology throughout the campus.

• Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position.


Required Documents: Cover Letter, Resume/CV, Unofficial Transcripts (Degree Posted)


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