Postdoctoral Fellow, Laboratory of Genetics and Waitt Advanced Biophotonics Center, Dr. Dmitry ...

La Jolla, CA
Dec 14, 2020
Position Type
Employment Type
Full Time
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Four-Year Institution

The Lyumkis Laboratory applies cryo-EM methods for structure determination of macromolecular assemblies involved in viral infection and chromatin regulation. The Manor Laboratory at the Waitt Advanced Biophotonics Center applies advanced imaging probes and microscopy techniques to visualize the inner workings of cells. We are seeking two postdoctoral candidates to work jointly with us, in conjunction with the cryo-EM facility at The Scripps Research Institute, to develop and apply novel imaging and analysis pipelines for coupling live cell dynamics with focused ion beam milling, cryo-ET, and image analysis of macromolecular assemblies in situ.

Position Highlights: 

  • Broadly involved in exciting projects to visualize macromolecular assemblies in cells using integrated structural and cellular biology approaches
  • Utilize an array of advanced tools in live-cell and cryo-fluorescence microscopy, focused ion beam milling, cryo-electron tomography, machine learning and object recognition, sub-tomogram averaging, and image reconstruction
  • Conduct both independent and collaborative studies within a world-class research environment, interfacing between multiple groups.
  • Opportunity to embrace complex problems in biology, with translational implications to infectious disease and to cancer
  • Develop novel methods and protocols for in situ nuclear and organelle structural biology
  • Participation at scientific meetings, membership in relevant scientific organizations, and applying for training grants will be strongly encouraged and supported.
  • Ancillary technician support will be provided


Ideal Candidate (cryo-EM):

  • Experience with cryo-EM (required) or cryo-ET (preferred), fluorescence microscopy, and image analysis, including:
    • Handling vitrified cryo-samples
    • Operating electron microscopes
    • Collecting cryo-EM/cryo-ET data
    • Processing and analyzing cryo-EM/cryo-ET data


Ideal Candidate (live cell imaging):

  • Experience with live cell imaging (required) or live cell super-resolution microscopy (preferred), and image analysis, including:
    • Basic cell culture
    • Operating live cell microscopes
    • Analyzing live cell fluorescence timelapse data

The postdoctoral associates will be working as part of a small team, with technical staff support, to develop new directions in cryo-CLEM and cryo-ET with applications to exciting problems in biology.

Credentials and Qualifications: 

Ph.D. in Biophysics, Cellular/Molecular Structural Biology, or related fields with proven track record of productivity in form of publication in reputable journals. Hands-on-experience in laboratory research and robust computer skills are required.


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