Student Services and Records Manager

San Francisco, California
Sep 30, 2020
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution

Student Services and Records Manager

Position Summary

The Student Services and Records Manager (SSRM) will play an exciting role in supporting Presidio Graduate School’s student body. Reporting to the Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness, the SSRM is responsible for acting as the primary point of contact in providing students with academic advising, career services resources, and responding to general financial aid inquiries. The Student Experience and Records Manager will develop initiatives that cultivate an excellent student experience, and manage registrar and record keeping functions. The SSRM will also show a commitment to PGS’s core values of community, innovation, integrity, social justice, and environmental sustainability.

PGS has a philosophy of high engagement with and among students. It will be essential that the SSRM cultivates a culture where student relationships are a priority and the student voice is an essential component in institutional growth and development. This includes liaising with Student Representatives, supporting student clubs and organizations, and facilitating a broad range of student events. The SSRM will provide advisement to students regarding opportunities for growth and development and keep the student body apprised of PGS initiatives. The SSRM will act with diversity, equity, and inclusion at the forefront of their work.

The Student Experience and Records Manager will also be responsible for academic record keeping in the Student Information System including maintaining student records, creating course schedule projections and rotations, term and course builds, registration, schedule and status changes, and grades. The SSRM will act as the Registrar for PGS and will be responsible for timely reporting of student outcomes such as retention, persistence, and population data. In consult with the AVP, the SERM will comply with IPEDS and Clery Act reporting.

Key responsibilities

Student Services

- Act in conjunction with the Admissions Department to create a smooth transition for new PGS students

- Facilitate and manage New Student Orientation

- Facilitate and manage Commencement

- Establish and maintain positive relationships with students through matriculation and beyond

- Act as the Disabilities Coordinator, facilitating requests for accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

- Facilitate, support, and provide advisement to Student Representatives and student clubs and groups

- Provide student academic advising including degree progression updates, proactive outreach, access to resources, and other support as needed

- Monitor student participation and provide advising regarding expectations, resources, and policy adherence

- Advise students regarding schedule changes, withdrawal, leave of absence, program changes, and other academic status revisions. Facilitate documentation process and monitor student outcomes.

- Monitor student academic progress and notify students of changes to their academic status. - - - - Facilitate the SAP process for all students, including coordinating with Financial Aid for students who receive Title IV funding.

- Monitor and advise on matters related to student complaints and code of conduct expectations

- Assist the financial aid servicer in administering federal and institutional funds. Implement financial aid policies and procedures in accordance with federal, state, and institutional regulations and policies.

- Provide financial aid servicer staff with ongoing training including file completion, awarding, and accuracy assessment for financial aid counselors.

- Ensure that daily process workflow objectives are met, and monitors financial aid counselor progress, enforcing accountability.

- Develop student events each semester, and facilitate event coordination with other PGS departments and stakeholders

- Act as the first point of contact for questions regarding financial aid and liaise with PGS’s financial aid servicer as needed to ensure effective and timely student support

- Support the financial aid process and participate in policy decisions, messaging/communications, award review meetings, and efforts with community partners.

- Coordinate career services activities for students in conjunction with PGS’s career services vendor. Assess the effectiveness of career services and provide recommendations and initiatives to improve professional planning tools for PGS students.

- Facilitate student and alumni surveys and report on data and initiatives enacted in response to data collection and feedback

Records Management & Registrar Services

- Create course rotations and projections for upcoming semesters by analyzing student degree progression and course needs

- Manage the creation and amendment of the academic calendar, including webinar and residency dates for hybrid learning

- Create academic years, semesters, programs, courses, and course sections in the Student Information System

- Maintain accurate records in the Student Information System

- Run reports to audit record keeping, provide data analytics, and report on information as needed

- Monitor student registration to ensure accuracy and appropriateness of course scheduling

- Process course schedule changes in a timely manner and ensure reporting of schedule changes to Financial Aid as needed

- Coordinate with faculty to ensure grades are posted and available to students in accordance with PGS’s policies. Ensure completeness of grade reporting and monitor grade exceptions such as incompletes.

- Monitor student progress for degree completion and confer degrees as needed

- Manage the process for transcript and diploma ordering for students and alumni

- Provide routine reporting on population, program enrollment, course enrollment, retention, persistence, academic progress, demographics, and course outcomes

- Provide biannual IPEDS reporting as required by the Department of Education

- Manage the Campus Safety Report in accordance with Clery Act requirements

- Administer policy in accordance with PGS standards. Make policy recommendations that reflect adherence to diversity, equity, and inclusion and that support the regulatory requirements of the Department of Education, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), state authorization, Bureau for Private and Post-Secondary Education (BPPE), Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Military Tuition Assistance Program, and other regulatory bodies

- Maintain the PGS Student Handbook and ensure its accuracy as well as adherence to policies set forth therein

- Act as the steward of all student records, ensuring compliance with record maintenance standards

- Ensure institutional compliance with privacy standards and the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

- Other duties as assigned.


The Student Services and Records Manager is an ideal role for someone who is motivated, data-oriented, organized, and skilled at relationship management. The SSRM should be goal-oriented, creative, diplomatic, and resourceful, while adhering to strict deadlines and creating organizational systems for maximum efficiency and student support. The SSRM must be student-centric and enjoy adapting and adopting innovative ways to ensure students receive the utmost in service and opportunity at PGS. The SSRM must be skilled at building great relationships with colleagues, realizing that student success is an institutional initiative that requires communication and collaboration. The SSRM should be positive while also unafraid to challenge status quo in an effort to continuously elevate PGS through innovation. The SSRM will provide key information that helps leverage the institution’s strategy and direction, remaining enthusiastic about and committed to PGS’s goals, values, and future.

This position is ideal for someone who has experience managing robust student services and records in a high touch environment at a growing institution. Candidates must demonstrate that they have the skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to manage the student experience in a highly engaged, collaborative environment. This requires positivity, innovation, detail-orientation, and excellent resource management.

Ideally, candidates will have two years of experience working in a fast-paced, student-centric environment with oversight of student services and records. A degree is preferred, but not required.

Is Presidio Graduate School the right place for you?

PGS is not a typical higher education institution. We are a fast-paced social enterprise with a high commitment to academic excellence and student outcomes. In addition, we are in a “rebirth” phase. A high proportion of the staff is new, and we are launching into an invigorating era of program diversification and growth. Our mission is at the core of all we do, and our team highly values social justice and environmental sustainability.

Our team will be working remotely until summer 2021, at which time we plan to have an office near a BART station in San Francisco or Oakland. We compensate our employees well, offer unlimited/flex vacation, and are united in our common mission around sustainability, social justice, and education.

How to Apply To apply for a current job opening, please send your salary requirements, cover letter, and resume to [email protected]. Applications will not be considered without a thoughtful cover letter explaining your interest and qualifications for this position.

Presidio Graduate School is an Equal Opportunity Employer

We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees and consider all applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, handicap or disability in accordance with federal law.

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