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Sep 26, 2020
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Posted data: 2020-09-25
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Job Description:

Saybrook University Department Chair Job Description

Saybrook University is seeking a Psychology Department Chair to join its College of Social Sciences.

The Humanistic & Clinical Psychology (HCP) Department is home to Saybrook’s flagship programs which include the M.A. in Psychology, Ph.D. in Psychology, and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology degree programs. The individual assuming this position will provide leadership for the M.A. in Psychology, Ph.D. in Psychology, and four Specializations (Consciousness, Spirituality, and Integrative Health; Creativity Studies; Existential, Humanistic, and Transpersonal; and Psychophysiology), as well as future growth initiatives. They will also work as co-Chair of the Humanistic and Clinical Psychology Department with the Clinical Psychology Department Chair.

Psychology programs offer students a foundation of scholarship and practice based in the tradition of existential, humanistic, and transpersonal psychology. Learning encompasses a course of study that takes the student beyond traditional field-specific boundaries to focus on such subjects as consciousness, spirituality, and integrative health; creativity studies; existential, humanistic, and transpersonal psychology.

The Department Chair provides guidance and leadership in the creation, maintenance, and delivery of specific academic programs; supervision of assigned faculty; and other key duties outlined by the College Dean and VPAA.

The Department Chair is supported by the College Dean, the Director of Academic Affairs, and the Director of College Administration and Projects. Collaborating with each member of the academic team is integral to the administrative effectiveness of the program to satisfy college and university-wide requirements.

The Department Chair will also receive a faculty appointment and is required to teach according to current workload guidelines in an area for which they are fully qualified, as identified by the Dean and the VPAA.

Under the direction of the Dean, the Department Chair will manage administrative tasks, oversee curriculum development, supervise faculty and student progress, as well as teach specific courses. These activities include but are not limited to:

  • Co-developing and managing an annual program budget.
  • Coordinating and engaging in annual academic program and faculty review processes to follow accreditation requirements as well as external accrediting bodies as required.
  • Participating in and co-creation of departmental orientation and residential conference planning and implementation activities.
  • Developing relationships and maintaining a system of regular communications with university and system partners when appropriate.
  • Collaborating with Academic Affairs to deliver an effective faculty orientation program that includes a review of Saybrook’s policies and LMS training.
  • Regularly reviewing and supporting degree program policies; revising catalog requirements, and updating website managers with program changes.
  • Developing new initiatives, programs, and projects; organizing and approving new course offerings and learning outcomes; supporting the growth and maintenance of the academic program.
  • Facilitating administrative and departmental faculty meetings and committees.
  • Communicating new academic policies and procedures as well as grading/evaluation due dates to all faculty.
  • Supervising faculty engagement in courses to ensure quality teaching and effective communications with students. Ensure quality instruction based on institutional learning objectives.
  • Approve faculty and FWS schedules, pay and expenses.
  • Following through on faculty and student inquiries and requests as it relates to academic progress.
  • Teaching specific courses and serving on student research committees.

Faculty Engagement Expectations

All faculty members at Saybrook University are expected to be available and responsive to students. Faculty engagement expectations include:

  • Play a key role in recruiting prospective students and processing student admissions. Review and interview applications and use the systems in place to move applicants through the review process in a timely manner.
  • Utilize university offered resources to maintain technology skills specific and appropriate to each program and process.
  • Faculty will contact students enrolled in their course within the first week of the new semester and prior to residential and educational conferences.
  • Faculty will respond to emails, Canvas Inbox, and phone calls and acknowledge received assignments within two (2) business days.
  • In addition to scheduled student appointments, Faculty are expected to post and provide four (4) hours of drop-in office hours via GTM a month. These time blocks should be no less than thirty (30) minutes each. Office hours can be offered during normal business hours.
  • For courses with weekly discussions, faculty will be in contact with students at least three times per week for online courses to provide substantive contributions and respond to student posts. This will include engagement across the duration of the weekly discussions.
  • For individually mentored courses, faculty will schedule with each student regular online and off-line communication.
  • For other course designs, faculty will demonstrate how they are engaging students in a consistent and meaningful way across the semester or term. Faculty will return student papers with feedback for assignments submitted through Canvas within the following guidelines (applicable to candidacy essays, MA theses/projects, and dissertations):
    • 1 week for work less than 5 pages in length
    • 2 weeks for work up to 25 pages in length
    • 3 weeks for work 26-50 pages in length
    • 4 weeks for work over 50 pages in length
    • Course papers must be graded according to the course evaluation deadline in the academic calendar.

Position Requirements

  • Doctorate from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning.
  • Minimum of 5 years of combined faculty and administrative experience.
  • Knowledge of higher education best practices.
  • Experience with accreditation agencies and state regulatory agencies, e.g., HLC, WASC, is strongly preferred, not required.
  • Collegial attitude and willingness to work within a matrix organization.
  • Clear communication skills.
  • License or certification in appropriate discipline, as appropriate (i.e., clinical psychology, counseling, coaching, etc.).
  • Engage in ongoing technology education and adoption of new systems and processes.

Position Qualifications

  • Strong commitment to the goals and vision of Saybrook University.
  • Committed to excellence in teaching, practice, research and demonstrated leadership in related field (experience with on-line instruction is desirable).
  • Capable of offering on-line instruction regarding topics and skills within his/her areas of expertise.
  • Creates a sense of unity and common purpose and manages change effectively.
  • Ability to build teams and effective working relationships.
  • Promotes interdisciplinary work within and beyond the Department.

Saybrook University offers a generous compensation and benefits package. Some of our key benefits include: paid time-off, medical and dental coverage, company-paid life and disability insurance, retirement plan, and multiple flexible spending accounts (FSA),

Saybrook University is an Equal Opportunity Employer that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

Saybrook University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

About Saybrook University:

Saybrook University was founded over 40 years ago by some of the greatest minds of the 20th century and continues to inspire a new generation of innovators. A non-profit regionally accredited university known for its commitment to humanistic studies and rigorous research, Saybrook University’s academic model puts the student at the center of everything we do to provide a unique, transformational, learning experience. Saybrook offers advanced degrees in organizational systems, psychology, mind-body medicine, and counseling, all in flexible learning formats to help students continue to be active contributors to the fields they work in while they advance their education. Saybrook University is proud to be a diverse, inclusive community of creative, compassionate innovators dedicated to pursing new ways of thinking and doing for our professions, organizations, and communities.

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Saybrook University offers a generous compensation and benefits package, as well as the opportunity to work for a leader in the field of education. Some of our key benefits include: generous paid time-off, medical and dental coverage, company-paid life and disability insurance, retirement plan with employer contribution, multiple flexible spending accounts (FSA), tuition reimbursement, professional development, and regular employee appreciation events.

Saybrook University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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