PT Facilitator, KEYS Program

Harrisburg, PA
Sep 02, 2020
Institution Type
Community College
PT Facilitator, KEYS Program

Title: PT Facilitator, KEYS Program
Job no: 492489
Categories: Staff
Salary: $18.77-$23.47

Job Summary: The KEYS Program Facilitator provides encouragement and support necessary to enable KEYS students to complete their course of study at the community college and eventually find self-sustaining employment. This is accomplished by intensive academic monitoring, working with student's County Assistance Offices and the KEYS grant to insure compliance so that these TANF recipients continue to receive their cash benefits and other benefits.

This grant-funded position qualifies for reappointment each fiscal year (July 1) with the approval of the funding.

Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree and three years of experience in a related field or an equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to perform the essential duties of the job.

Licensing Requirements:

The Equipment You'll Need:

It is HACC’s expectation that candidates selected for this role will provide their own technology equipment while working remotely.

  • Your own computer (Windows, Linux, or Macintosh desktop or laptop) with current web browser installed (Firefox, Edge, Safari, Chrome)
  • Access to broadband internet connection at all times during employment (DSL, 4G/LTE, FIOS, Satellite, or Cable/Xfinity/Comcast
  • Equipment/technology which enables you to communicate synchronously during meetings and other events, such as USB Headset, speaker and microphone, captioning services, adaptive technology, assistive devices, etc.

If you are not able to meet the equipment requirements listed above and are selected for the role, you can request a special accommodation. Our ability to grant your request will be based on documented need and inventory availability.

Hiring Range: $18.77-$23.47

Preferred Qualifications:

- Previous experience with the KEYS program
- Previous experience working with the County Assistance Office
- Case management experienced preferred

Job Specific Task List:

  • 20% - Work closely with each TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) student to ensure continued participation/retention at community college and guide students to overcome barriers. Communicate with the student's CAO (County Assistance Office) caseworker regarding supportive service needs such as childcare and transportation. Refer students for appropriate college and community support and services as needed. - (Essential)
  • 20% - Ensure students are enrolled in appropriate programs. Help student develop a career-specific education plan with appropriate services and additional hours of participation (required activities) to supplement hours of classroom/study time during semesters, semester breaks and summer sessions in order to maintain their DPW (Department of Public Welfare) requirements and complete their education. Perform intense monitoring of student's academic progress - (Essential)
  • 15% - Accurately and on time provide the DPW with essential information in order to evaluate program and student's success through reports, audits, file maintenance, data entry into the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Workforce Development system including case notes, weekly participant required hours, etc. Create special events, workshops, incentive programs to motivate and enrich students. - (Essential)
  • 15% - Communicate and collaborate with community college, HACC KEYS staff, and specific CAO staff. Build relationships with community agencies who work with TANF recipients to serve students better, recruit new students by supplying information and marketing materials to agencies and college and giving presentations. - (Essential)
  • 15% - Maintain accurate, organized, completed, and detailed records. Oversees and maintains confidential files and paperwork related to personal information from the CAO, financial aid, enrollment, applications, counseling and all other student information. Required to complete HIPPA training and obtain certification. - (Essential)
  • 15% - Ensure consistency and compliance with grant, CAO and college regulations and guidelines throughout daily interactions with students. Have complete knowledge of all updated regulations and processes needed to fulfill duties - (Essential)

Job Type: Part-Time (less than 1,000 hours)

If part time, hours per week: 20-25

About Us:

Our Purpose: Learning for all; learning for life.

Our Diversity Statement: As an institution of higher education, HACC recognizes its responsibility to maintain an environment that affirms the diversity of people and ideas.

HACC embraces, supports, and actively pursues a policy of inclusiveness that reflects and appreciates the diversity of the community it serves and the world in which we live.

The Board of Trustees and the President lead HACC’s commitment to open access to education, diversity, cultural sensitivity, and equal opportunity in employment. This commitment serves to promote a college-wide environment of collegiality, inclusiveness, respect, and cultural competence.

Our Core Values:


  • We set high goals and achieve them.
  • We consistently perform above our own and others’ expectations.
  • We provide exceptional service to all.


  • We challenge the status quo.
  • We continually strive to develop new and creative approaches to the education and training needs of our communities.


  • We promote respect, collegiality, diversity and empathy in all we say and do.
  • We nurture awareness and cultural sensitivity to create a climate of trust.
  • We create a learning environment that appreciates diversity.
  • We respect the shared governance decision-making process.


  • We behave in a manner consistent with our core values.
  • We are honest, open and truthful in our statements and actions.
  • We provide the most accurate information available in all communication.

Advertised: Aug 31, 2020 Eastern Daylight Time
Applications close: Oct 05, 2020 Eastern Daylight Time