Postdoctoral Position - Regulatory Biology Laboratory, Dr. Dannielle Engle

La Jolla, CA
Aug 12, 2020
Position Type
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution

Laboratory research focuses on understanding the etiology of pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer to develop better prevention, diagnostic, and treatment strategies. This work focuses on leveraging changes to glycosylation and the cross-talk between ductal cells with their microenvironment during disease pathogenesis. We rely heavily on three-dimensional organoid mono- and co-culture systems as well as genetically engineered mouse models. Through collaborations with both clinicians and pharmaceutical companies, we will bridge the divide between basic science and patient care.

Position Description

Post-doctoral positions are immediately available for individuals with a good understanding of cancer and disease modeling. This position offers the opportunity to help build a team from the ground up in this newly opened laboratory. Ideal candidates should be intellectually curious, well-organized and well-versed in constructive problem solving. Experience with cell culture and mouse modeling is preferred.


Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. in Biological Sciences or related fields.

Application Instructions: 

Postdoc Application: Applicants should submit a current CV and cover letter to both Dr. Dannielle Engle, [email protected] and Annabell Garcia [email protected] .


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