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Reserve Police Officer

Atlanta Metropolitan State College
Atl Metropolitan State College

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Job Title: Reserve Police Officer
Location: Atl Metropolitan State College
Regular/Temporary: Regular
Full/Part Time: Full-Time
Job ID: 219107
About Us

Welcome to Atlanta Metropolitan State College (AMSC), a University System of Georgia (USG) institution that is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). Atlanta Metropolitan State College has a rich history that is tied to the City of Atlanta for which it is appropriately named. The college offers high quality baccalaureate, associate and certificate programs that are challenging, comprehensive and very affordable. Atlanta Metropolitan State College currently serves about 3,000 students and is situated on a beautifully landscaped Southwest Atlanta campus; which is located ten minutes south of downtown Atlanta and fifteen minutes north of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Job Summary The primary purpose (mission) of a Reserved Police Officers here at AMSCPD is to maintain social order within prescribed ethical and constitutional limits, while providing professional law enforcement services. Reserved Police officers here at AMSCPD will enforce the law in a fair and impartial manner, recognizing both the statutory and judicial limitations of police authority and the constitutional rights of all persons.

Responsibilities Duties and Responsibilities of Reserved Police Officers are as follows: (A). Protection of Life and Property

· Officers are to provide services that contributes to the preservation of life, the protection of

property, and the safety of the community.

(B). Prevention, Detection and Investigation of Criminal Activity

· Prevent crime through aggressive patrol that limits the opportunity for a crime to occur, and through education of faculty, staff, students and citizens that reduces the likelihood of them becoming victims.

· Provide a thorough, appropriate, and efficient investigation of criminal activity.

· Apply effective measures against organized crime and related activities.

(C). Apprehension of offenders

· Provide for the expeditious and prudent apprehension of suspected violators of the law, regardless of their status in the community, by thorough, appropriate, and efficient investigations.

(D). Maintenance of Public Order

· Maintain peace and public order.

· Assist during times of natural or technological occurrences or disasters.

(E). Recovery of Property

· Secure and maintain an inventory of all property, evidence, lost and recovered/stolen property being held by the law enforcement agency; thereby ensuring that all property and evidence is available when needed.

(F). Compliance with Ethical Standards

· Ensure the integrity and adherence to professional standards of the Agency by processing and investigating all complaints against Agency personnel.

(G). Traffic Control

· Provide a safe and effective flow of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic and the investigation of traffic related accidents.

(H). Community Service

· Provide the resources necessary for assisting citizens when appropriate and consistent with the overall mission of AMSCPD.

(I). Faculty/Staff/Student Empowerment

· Officers will empower students through educational seminars, brochures and activities about

AMSCPD or the Criminal Justice System (CJS), crime trends and safety awareness tips.

AMSCPD Police Officers works directly under the Supervision of the Shift Commander. A patrol officer is responsible for carrying out all lawful orders of his/her supervisor in a timely, accurate and thorough manner. A patrol officer is charged with the following tasks:

1. Responding to and handling calls for service

2. Conducting preliminary and/or full investigations of crimes, offenses, incidents and unusual conditions.

3. Directing traffic and enforcing federal and state criminal statutes and local ordinances.

4. Providing emergency services

5. Conducting preventive patrol; this includes making person and property inquiries and inspections focused on preventing crimes and accidents, maintaining public order, and discovering hazards.

6. Promptly preparing thorough/complete and accurate reports of all occurrences and incidents.

AMSCPD Reserved Police Officers will be responsible for the additional following task(s):

I. Ensuring employee compliance with the Agency’s policies, procedures and regulations.

II. Ensuring employee compliance with the Agency’s personnel management system.

III. Shift productivity and performance of duties.

IV. Completing shift assignments.

V. Checking in/out units [Giving unit number, beginning/ending mileage] and notice of issues.

VI. Following the proper Chain of Command.

VII. Staying up to date on changes on both the law and operational policies and procedures.

VIII. Completing scheduled training

IX. Making recommendations to the Shift Commander on the status of vehicles (maintenance), and duty equipment/malfunctions and or repairs needed.

X. Assisting patrol officers in all phases of law enforcement.

XI. Checking emails daily (Twice a day) for updates and responding when necessary.

XII. Enforcing all federal, state and local laws and ordinances coming under the Agency’s


XIII. Checking security cameras/video surveillance

XIV. Answering AMSCPD phone calls; take down information when needed

Duty Responsibilities

Reserved Officers of the Atlanta Metropolitan State College Police Department are always subject to duty, although they may periodically be relieved of its routine performance. They shall always respond to the lawful orders of superior officers and other proper authorities, as well as calls for law enforcement assistance from citizens. Proper law enforcement action must be taken whenever required. All

Officers are accountable for their use of delegated authority. Even when assigned special duty, officers are expected to exercise their law enforcement authority as necessary.

Discharge of Duties

All officers and employees of the Atlanta Metropolitan State College Police Department shall discharge their duties with calmness and firmness in a professional manner. They shall assist and protect each other in the maintenance of peace and order and in the performance of all of their duties.

Officers and employees with questions concerning the performance of their duties are to direct them to their immediate supervisor.


An investigator is expected to conduct investigations and to make routine duty work decisions independently, although technical and legal advice is available from a supervisor. The tasks assigned to investigators are as follows:

· Apprehension activity- occurs during preventive patrol and in response to calls for service.

Investigators may be called to investigate any crime. However, they should initially respond to calls involving homicides, forcible rapes, armed robberies, aggravated assaults, etc.

· Conducting preliminary investigations, interviews, inquiries;

· Collecting evidence and maintaining the chain of custody;

· Administrative activity, such as evaluating and managing caseloads, providing service to the public and other activities not associated with assigned cases; and

· Follow-up activities, such as arrests, reports, and preparation for court.

1. The Uniformed Patrol Reserve Officer will be expected to maintain a monthly productivity report of 32 units. This calculation equates to (1) unit of productivity every 30 minutes per 8- Hour shift within 2 working days on a monthly basis. The Uniformed Patrol Officer must spend

90% of each shift in the field actively participating in law enforcement/patrol services.

2. All Uniformed Patrol Reserve Officers will be responsible for there productivity and completing all tasks given to them by their Reserve Shift Commander (Sergeant).

3. Officer’s will notify their Reserve Shift Commander by phone calls, text message and/or email for questions, concerns or complaints at any given time.

4. Complete reports in a timely manner.

5. In the absence of the Reserve Shift Commander; Officers next line supervisor will be the

Uniformed Services Commander (Lieutenant).

6. All Officers are responsible for familiarizing and downloading Microsoft Teams; This will act as a source of video conferencing amongst the department.

7. All Uniformed Patrol Reserve Officers will work a minimum of (16) Hours on a monthly basis.

8. All Uniformed Patrol Reserve Officers are responsible for providing their own duty equipment and uniforms; badge, gun and I.d. will be provided at the expense of the department.

9. All Officers are responsible for providing the Reserve Staff Commander (Sergeant) with an adequate and official schedule upon request on a monthly basis.

10. It is deemed mandatory that all Uniformed Patrol Reserve Officers report for duty on the date of Atlanta Metropolitan State College graduation date. Additional coverage for future mandatory events is at the discretion of the Uniformed Services Commander (Lieutenant).

Proposed Salary

Reserve officers is not paid but must work a minimum of 16 hours per month.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Atlanta Metropolitan State College is an equal employment opportunity employer. Atlanta Metropolitan State College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age or military/veteran status.

EVerify # 111036


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