#102225 Research Associate

La Jolla, CA
Oct 19, 2019
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution

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The Moores Cancer Center is one of just 49 in the United States to hold a National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation as a Comprehensive Cancer Center. As such, it ranks among the top centers in the nation conducting basic and clinical cancer research, providing advanced patient care and serving the community through outreach and education programs.

The Cancer Center's mission is to translate promising scientific discoveries into new and better options for the care of patients with cancer. The Center supports one of the broadest ranges of cancer activities in the nation – from fundamental and translational cancer research in molecular genetics and advanced molecular therapeutics, and from population studies of cancer incidence to community education about cancer prevention and risk reduction.

Oversee and conduct tumor biology studies consisting of murine models of cancer, animal breeding and genotyping, immunohistochemistry, in vitro cell biology, and in vitro biochemistry. Murine tumor biology studies will include xenograft, orthotopic and spontaneous tumor growth and metastasis assays, treatment of animals with experimental therapeutic agents, breeding and genotyping of transgenic and mutant mice, bone marrow transplantation and cell isolations. Perform major surgery, including small animal anesthesia.

In addition, perform specialized cell biology techniques such as cell migration assays, cell-substrate adhesion assays, cell-cell adhesion assays and immunohistochemistry of frozen and fixed tissues or cells. Conduct various cell culture techniques to include performing flow cytometry analysis of cell surface protein expression, transfecting cells with expression constructs, preparing lysates of cells in culture or tissues. Conduct various protein biochemistry techniques to include quantification, ELISA assays, SDS PAGE, Western and Immunoblotting, phosphorylations, and gel electrophoresis. Additionally, perform recombinant DNA techniques to include preparing plasmids and maintaining plasmid stocks, analyzing DNA and RNA purification, and conducting DNA electrophoresis,and RT-PCR.

Perform immunohistochemistry of frozen and fixed sections. Make significant innovative contributions regarding experimental design and methodology by reviewing published scientific data in referred journals, as well as online using search engines and subject-specific websites, to make recommended changes to current protocols and practices. Troubleshoot problems for quality control on immunochemical and histochemical procedures. Maintain and prepare accurate records of all experiments. Assist in the preparation of data for publication. Assume responsibility for lab maintenance. Provide training and work direction in areas of expertise as needed. Maintain and prepare accurate records of all experiments. Assist in the preparation of data for publication.

  • Experience in mouse handling, breeding, genotyping and tumor growth and metastasis assays, including performing immunohistochemistry of frozen and fixed sections.

  • Experience with and willingness to perform surgery, including small animal anesthesia.

  • Experience working with immune and tumor cell isolations.

  • Knowledge in tissue culture techniques, including specialized assays such as cell migrations assays, cell-substrate adhesion assays, cell-cell adhesion assays immunocytochemistry and transfection.

  • Experience and knowledge in recombinant DNA techniques including conducting plasmid preparation and maintenance of plasmid stocks; performing DNA and RNA purification, DNA electrophoresis and RT-PCR.

  • Experience with protein biochemistry techniques; including quantification, ELISA assays, SDS PAGE, Western and Immunoblotting, phosphorylations and gel electrophoresis.

  • Demonstrated ability to design, develop and implement new research and experimental techniques to meet research objectives.

  • Advanced theoretical knowledge in molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology and/or cell biology.

  • Strong communication skills (verbal and written) needed to interact professionally and effectively in the work environment. Effectively and accurately document research procedures. Ability to read, comprehend, and discuss research materials.

  • Organizational skills to order and maintain lab equipment and supplies.

  • Experience with the use and maintenance of basic laboratory equipment, including incubators, centrifuges, pipetters, spectrophotometers, balances pH meters, fluorescence microscopes, water baths, and electrophoresis equipment.

  • Demonstrated ability to calculate and prepare chemical solutions accurately.

  • Proficiency using computer software such as Excel to analyze data, store results and compute raw data. Experience of computer applications such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Internet search and software analysis capabilities.

  • Background research experience working in cancer, stem cell, mouse genetics, and/or model organisms.

  • Ability to adhere to established UCSD guidelines for safety and environmental issues.

  • Employment is subject to a criminal background check.

  • Must be willing to work occasional evenings or weekends if needed.

  • Proven ability to work with animals, willingness to work with biohazardous materials and radioactivity.

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