Student Success Advisor (TRIUMPH)


Provide support and guidance to students in the areas of retention, graduation, transfer/transition, career exploration, course selection, program navigation, financial aid, academic support, and other related student success activities.


1. Works closely with and supports the success of students through regular meetings, workshops, information sessions, advisement and other related activities.

2. Provides proactive advisement and coaching for continuing students.

3. Facilitates the successful transition of students into institutional activities that aid in student success.

4. Collaborates with relevant college areas to meet objectives and activities that foster student success.

5. Develops and maintains appropriate student records and documentation.

6. Coordinates and assists with the supervision of student success initiatives (i.e. mentoring, etc).

7. Assists with program evaluation, reports and grant applications as needed.

8. Assists with implementing project recruitment activities.

9. Adheres to all federal, state, local, and College regulations, policies, procedures and guidelines.

10. Serves on institutional committees and external committees as appropriate.

11. Assists with hiring, training and evaluating of student success related program personnel.

12. Provides students with referrals to internal and external resources as necessary.

13. Monitors and documents academic progress of student participants in designated programs.

14. Facilitates program assessment process for student participants.

15. Assists with other institutional activities related to student enrollment as needed.

16. Performs all other duties as assigned by supervisor.


1. Reports directly to the Director or Administrator


1. Hourly employees (if required)  



Bachelor's Degree in a related liberal arts or social sciences discipline is required


Six months to two years experience in educational support programming, advisement, or counseling low income, first generation and disabled students in a higher education setting.


Knowledge of student recruitment and retention issues and a range of recruitment strategies and techniques. Knowledge of student outreach services and activities.


Strong written and oral communication skills as well as strong student service orientation required. Ability to analyze and solve problems, coordinate and organize meetings and/or special events, and design and develop recruitment plans. Ability to analyze course prerequisites, and graduation requirements  

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