Compliance Officer

Carbondale, Illinois
Aug 01, 2019
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution

Position Summary: The Southern Illinois University Foundation invites applications for the Compliance Officer position. This position will direct the business practices and compliance program and coordinate tax research for the foundation. The compliance officer will have the tasks of keeping the foundation’s and the division’s policies, providing tax research and perform fiduciary reviews of risk management and state registrations. The compliance officer must formulate policies and procedures, providing opinions on tax issues, and developing an implementation plan for changes. The successful candidate will be a member of the financial services staff and will report to the SIU Foundation's Chief Financial Officer. The candidate will provide technical support to the Foundation staff in the areas of tax and compliance.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Directs the Business Practices and Compliance Program to ensure the foundation, as well as the division, has policies, procedures and ethical principles for effective operations. (The foundation is a separate 50l(c)3 corporation which must develop and manage its own policies, procedures and principles.) Manage and coordinate the development, review and revision of all business practices and compliance policies with the directors of the foundation and division. Inventory the foundation's and division's policies, procedures and principles. Administer Policy and Procedures Manager (PPM) system, a computerized, centralized source of all policies and procedures and other business practices documents. Implement a timely review of policies using the PPM system. Conduct periodic compliance reviews; determine action plans to address deficiencies in compliance with any federal and state regulations noted during the reviews. Coordinate compliance with applicable policies, standards, business practices, laws, and regulations. Train employees on how to develop and track business practices and how to use PPM, which will assist with this tracking.
2. Coordinate the tax preparation and research function for the foundation. Ensure the foundation follows the taxation laws of both federal and state governments. Provide technical assistance to foundation professional staff on how contributions affect the donor(s)' tax return. Prepare for review and/or review tax and informational returns which include the: Federal and State 990 and 990T, 1099s, trust returns, Illinois Annual Reports, Unclaimed Property, etc. Review foundation's activities to determine if income tax payments are due Keep current on tax-related issues with an emphasis on non-profit and charitable issues Research tax issues for Foundation staff
3. Coordinate the filing of annual state registration for solicitation.
4. Direct the annual insurance review by consulting various risk management professionals to ensure the foundation has proper risk coverage.
5. Coordinate compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council. Includes ongoing development, enhancement, storage, dissemination and implementation of security standards for account data protection.
6. Work with the stewardship office by reviewing new account forms and memorandum of agreements (MOA) for compliance. The MOA provides directives on the donor(s) objective with regard to the account, through description of how the account is established, funded, and awarded. The MOA will also serve as a future source of information as to expenditures.
7. Direct major projects concerning compliance and risk management. Minimum Qualifications: Minimum of a bachelor's degree and three years experience in a tax or compliance department or related field or a master’s in accountancy, MBA or JD with one-year experience in a tax or compliance department or related field.