Manager - Contract Administration and Compliance

Duties and Responsibilities

Manager, Contract Administration and Compliance

District Office - Dawson Technical Institute Campus

City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) is made up of sevencolleges, the largest community college system in Illinois and one of thelargest nationally. We provide more than 80,000 students each year access to aquality, affordable education. CCC supports students in meeting their goals –whether that is pursuit of a credential to head into or advance in theworkforce, an associate degree with the intention to transfer to a four-yearcollege, free GED or ESL courses, or continuing education. CCC seeks candidatescommitted to our students’ success and offers a unique opportunity for facultyand staff to have a lasting impact in our students’ lives.

 CCC’s Procurement Servicesoversee the purchase of a full array of goods and services including, but notlimited to: books, printing services, computer equipment, furniture, officeequipment and supplies, and a variety of construction and professionalservices. CCC aggressively seeks certified minority and women-owned businesses(M/WBE).

 PRIMARY OBJECTIVEReporting to theDistrict Director of Business and Procurement Services, the Manager-Contract Administration &Compliance, coordinates and executes complex purchasing transactions.Reviews a wide range of purchase requisitions including the most difficult andunique; investigates and develops sources of supplies; prepares bidspecifications; prepares requests for proposals; issues bid requests andreviews quotations; and interprets purchasing procedures to departments andvendors.

 The Manager-Contract Administration & Compliance, is accountablefor effectively monitoring the performance of awarded contracts, workingcollaboratively with key stakeholders in ensure contracts are executed inadherence to terms and conditions, and meet all technical and qualitystandards.

 The position is alsoaccountable for CCC’s supplier diversity program, administering policies and procedures governingthe enforcement of the Board approved M/WBE Plan, including goals for participationof certified M/WBE firms.

 Duties and Responsibilities

  • Participatesand works with cross functional teams in the negotiation and awarding ofprocurement contracts, ensuring proper mechanisms are in place to monitor andevaluate contractors, suppliers, and service providers’ performance over thelife of the contract.
  • Workswith contractors and suppliers in addressing issues, problems, and concernswith the execution of contracts and resolving conflict concerning unacceptablegoods, materials and services.
  • Managesrelations with contractors, suppliers, and service providers to ensurecompliance with CCC’s procurement policies and applicable state and federalprocurement regulations.
  • Provideskey stakeholders with reports regarding overall performance of individualcontracts and contractors and makes recommendations for future contracts andtheir implementation.
  • Processescomplex purchasing transactions according to state, federal and Districtpolicies and procedures.
  • Examinesand analyzes departmental purchase requisitions for completeness and accuracyof information; contacts department or initiator to clarify or completeinformation; determines method to process requisition based on dollar amount,timeliness required, existing open contracts and/or competitive bidding.
  • Identifies,selects vendor, and places orders to procure requisitioned commodities, meetingcriteria such as price, quantity, quality and delivery date.
  • Interpretsand communicates purchasing procedures to departments, assists departments ininitiating requisitions and orders and solves problems with orders.
  • Interviewssales representatives to develop new sources of supplies, securing favorableterms for the District; updates records and files and secures samples,descriptions, photos or information for departments.
  • Develops,writes and distributes complex and technical bid invitations or requests forproposals; receives and analyzes bids, quotes and proposals. Leads a team ofBuyers for complex purchasing transactions.
  • Identifiesrequesting department’s needs and develops and refines specifications forcommodities, supplies and equipment; serves as point of contact for vendorsduring the bid and RFP process; resolves purchasing problems between departmentand vendor.  Conducts debriefing meetingswith vendors upon completion of the bid/RFP process.
  • Aspart of bid process, establishes blanket purchase agreements with vendorssetting dollar limitations and time of contract limitations.
  • Monitorsthe maintenance of records regarding pricing and ordering materials; preparesreports, analysis and recommendations.
M/WBE Compliance
  • Enforcesthe Board of Trustees approved Minority and Women Business Enterprise(M/WBE)  Contract Participation Planincluding goals for participation of certified MBE and WBE firms and thebidders/proposers utilization of such firms.
  • Participatesin the review of vendor submitted proposals and supporting documentation toutilize certified M/WBE firms in compliance with the M/WBE Plan’s participationgoals.
  • Directsstaff engaged in monitoring vendor compliance with established goals during thecourse of their contracts, including the tracking of M/WBE payments and thereview of reports documenting use of M/WBE subcontractors.
  • Inconjunction with the Associate Director of Procurement Services, prepares thequarterly and annual reports to management and the Board of Trustees reportingon the enforcement of CCC’s M/WBE Participation Plan.
  • Leadsoutreach efforts to develop supplier relations and actively recruit M/WBE firmsto support increased participation in CCC contracts.
  • Providesprofessional development opportunities and provides training to procurementstaff and campus end-users on best practices in contract administration andcompliance.
  • Adheresto CCC Customer Service Excellence standards.
  • Performsother duties as assigned.

  • Bachelor’sdegree from an accredited college/university or equivalent  work experience
  • Fiveto seven years of experience in procurement operations/contracts administration
  • Procurementexperience in a higher education environment highly desirable
  • Somesupervisory experience highly desirable
  • Demonstratedknowledge of and skills in applying business purchasing processes and practiceswith emphasis on procurement contract negotiation and administration.
  • Mustpossess an excellent command of the English language including excellentreading comprehension
  • Proficiencyin the use of Microsoft Office
  • Proficiencyor knowledge of B2G now and LCP Tracker or compliance certification softwaresystems
  • Knowledgeof Board of Trustees policies relating to procurement and M/WBE
  • Knowledgeof Contracts Lifecycle Management solutions and technologies
  • Knowledgeof best practices in contract administration
  • Knowledgeof supplier diversity programs
  • Knowledgecompliance/recordkeeping technologies
  • Knowledgeof workforce diversity and labor compliance principles
  • Excellentverbal and interpersonal communication skills
  • Strongwriting, analytical, and problem solving skills
  • Abilityto interpret and apply contractual requirements
  • Abilityto work independently as well as in a team environment
  • Abilityto work collaboratively with others at different levels of the organization
  • Abilityto manage multiple priorities.

Chicagoresidency is required for all full-time employees within 6 months of hire.

We are anequal opportunity and affirmative action employer.

Thank youfor your interest in City Colleges of Chicago. 

Job: Procurement
Primary Location: Dawson Technical Institute
Job Posting: Jun 6, 2019, 2:45:28 PM

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