Learning Specialist



Leads all aspects of curriculum reform component of the Title V project including the planning and development of pilot math, reading and writing courses, establishment of active learning classrooms, and the selection, hiring, and training of pilot course faculty and student assistants. 


1. Provides leadership and coordination for faculty in the planning and implementation of course pilots. 

2. Supervise the development, maintenance and expansion of active learning classrooms. 

3. Administers various assessments in the pilot courses. 

4. Recruits, hires, and trains faculty for pilot courses. 

5. Recruits, hires, trains, and assesses student assistants for pilot courses. 

6. Develops and maintains appropriate records to document and demonstrate progress toward meeting the Title V goals, objectives and measurable outcomes. 

7. Develops programming in collaboration with academic and student affairs units of the college. 

8. Maintains budgets and comprehensive records of all services provided related to the curriculum reform component of the project. 

9. Prepares reports and provides regular updates on all activities. 

10. Develops a program evaluation framework to assess the strengths of the project component and to identify areas for improvement. 

11. Collaborates with all areas of the College, achieve objectives of Title V and promote student success. 

12. Serves on various institutional committees as assigned. 

13. Performs other work-related duties as assigned. 


1. Area administrator 


1. Student assistants  



Master's degree in Education, English, Math, Business or Psychology required. 


Three-five years of experience with curriculum reform in math, reading and writing, and embedded support services at community colleges or universities. Background similar to students served strongly preferred. 


Demonstrates knowledge of training strategies for faculty and student assistants, best practices in active learning classrooms, and evaluation methodology. Understands the unique challenges of Hispanic and other low-income individuals within higher education. 


Demonstrates skills in communication, program management, organization, and technology. Ability to work within a team environment. Commitment to collaboration and teamwork.