Instructional Associate - Student Success Center

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Instructional Associate - Student Success Center

Job# O-051-19

Salary: $31,098.75 - $41,928.00 Annually

Deadline: 05/30/19


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Provides tutorial and technical assistance to students either in a classroom or similar laboratory setting, who are involved in non-credit or pre-college course work, or who work under the guidance of student success and retention assistance.

Distinguishing Career Features

The Instructional Associate represents the second in a two-level career ladder devoted to walk-in instructional support for students engaged in basic education, student success programs, or have specialized learning support.  The Instruction Assistant is the first level and provides one-on-one and small group assistance with students where the emphasis is on completing homework assignments, and on pre-college or non-credit courses.  Assistants' may those new to instruction support and usually work along side an Instructional Associate.  To advance to Associate, incumbents must have 2 years experience at level I and be able to independently implement learning exercises, tests, and simulations that support instruction, usually in a group setting. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Specific duties may vary among departments and jobs.  Incumbents typically perform a substantial portion or all of the following kinds of duties: 

• Tutors and instruct individual students and small groups of peer-level students in a laboratory or classroom-type setting to develop and increase basic English skills.   Reinforces and reintroduces information and materials presented in class and introduces alternative or expanded information not presented in class to enhance student understanding.   

• Assesses students' current knowledge, understanding, and experience to determine what presentation will inspire comprehension of the subject matter.   May use techniques such as, but not limited to analogies and examples of concepts related to current materials and/or life situations. 

• Instructs students in laboratory procedures and in the purpose and use of laboratory materials, including programmed instruction, reading machines, calculators, and laboratory libraries.  Instructs students in the use of computers, including computer basics and access of educational software packages/applications.  

• Reviews tests with students, determine which concepts were misunderstood, and assigns additional work to help enhance understanding of course content.  May advise students on techniques for alleviating test anxiety.  

• Assesses and/or grades homework and adjust assignments for students to enhance learning. Maintains records of student progress and problems. Determines when referral is appropriate and the best resources. 

• Recognizes possible learning disabilities and refers to the appropriate resource for assessment. 

• Organizes and facilitates peer-group study and discussion sessions, taking into consideration student skill levels, learning styles, and academic and socioeconomic backgrounds.   Prepares demonstrations to supplement classroom content. 

• Provides ongoing support for students with special learning needs, applying alternative learning strategies suggest by faculty or others as appropriate.  

• As assigned, orient and assist students in the purpose and use of various English and ESL laboratory materials, including programmed instruction, audio/visual laboratory consoles, and computer-aided instruction.  

• Tutor students in laboratory procedures, providing technical assistance to students, and assisting assigned faculty members, as necessary.   

• Assists students to improve and increase language skills by tutor students on an individual and small group basis in a laboratory or classroom setting to facilitate learning and understanding of concepts of the English language. 

• Tutors and instruct students in learning and test-taking strategies (e.g., flash cards, study guides, test-taking techniques, coping with stress, and otherwise alleviating test anxiety). 

• Performs regular and recurring clerical functions.  Ensures that students sign in to the laboratory.  Prepares orientation, and testing schedules.  Organizes for easy access and use, and may rewrite learning materials.  Maintains files of answer keys, answer sheets, laboratory instructions, modules, charts, and signs. 

• Serves as a liaison between the student and instructors and tutors.  Keeps instructors appraised of student progress.  May assign a student tutor whose skills match the needs of the client student. 

• Reads and maintains up-to-date familiarity with materials used in multiple subjects. 

• May proctor tests in the absence of the instructor. 

• Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position.


Qualifications and Physical Demands



Knowledge and Skills:

The position requires in-depth knowledge of a range of high school and lower division courses including but not limited to math, English, and writing.   Requires a working knowledge of the range of materials that can be used to enhance or supplement learning.  Requires knowledge and awareness of learning disabilities/problems with respect to the study of pre-college and college curricula.  Requires working knowledge of tutorial and instructional techniques. Requires a working knowledge of computer-aided instructional techniques and general purpose and software applications that enhance learning. Requires knowledge of at skill at test and problem writing.  Requires knowledge of and skill in using proper English grammar, vocabulary, syntax, spelling and punctuation.  Requires sufficient human relation skills to convey technical concepts to others and to facilitate a small group learning process.  Requires a basic knowledge of standard and common office clerical practices.


Requires the ability to carry out all the responsibilities of the job including general instruction support, providing general education tutoring and instruction for adult students of diverse backgrounds, abilities, and skill levels. Requires the ability to make informal presentations to small peer groups, for example, study groups.  Requires the ability to relate positively to students in a teaching/learning environment, develop and maintain effective working relationships, and recognize learning disabilities and make the appropriate referrals for assistance.  Requires the ability to independently solve problems with student homework and test results in pre-college courses.  Requires the ability to listen actively and effectively, identify and solve problems; facilitate learning for students, and build student confidence in general learning ability.  Requires the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, speak in a clear and concise manner, and follow oral and/or written instructions.  Requires the ability to supervise students, administer tests, and perform general clerical tasks. Requires the ability to operate computer hardware and utilize software applications that are dedicated to the subject matter.


Education and Experience:

Requires the equivalent of an Associate's degree or the equivalent with expertise plus 12 upper division credit hours and four years of Instructional Support experience.  Familiarity and fluency with a foreign language may be required. Or, any combination of education and experience which would provide the required qualifications for this position.


Licenses and Certificates: May require a valid driver license.






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Job No: O-051-19
Posted: 5/16/2019
Application Due: 5/30/2019
Work Type:
Salary: $31,098.75 - $41,928.00 Annually