Assistant or Associate Professor of Women's Leadership

Chittagong, Bangladesh
May 07, 2019
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution

Professor of Women’s Leadership

The Asian University for Women (AUW) is seeking an enterprising and committed faculty member to join as an Associate or Assistant Professor of Women’s Leadership, beginning in 2019.

Located in Chittagong, Bangladesh, AUW is a liberal arts university dedicated to educating and empowering a new network of emerging women leaders. The University’s theory of change is centered around equipping a diverse pool of women with the skills necessary to catalyze change in their communities through leadership. The University is home to over 800 students from 16 countries in Asia and the Middle East, as well as a network of international faculty who lead the university in excellence, research, and scholarly engagement. Further information about AUW is available below and at

The Professor of Women’s Leadership will be expected to develop and teach a series of new leadership courses, spanning areas of organizational and moral leadership. Additionally, the Professor of Women’s Leadership will lead a new Center for Leadership, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship at AUW.

The leadership studies program should prepare students for leadership positions in government agencies, non-governmental agencies, and industries whose activities relate to or impact leadership, with special emphasis on contemporary leadership theories and applications. The candidate should have a strong understanding of the specific issues that women face in obtaining leadership positions, as well as insight into practices to overcome such obstacles. The candidate will be expected to teach students methods for effective leadership and involve them in activities which strengthen their leadership qualities/skillset. The Professor of Women’s Leadership would teach two (2) courses per semester as part of AUW’s Core Curriculum, but will be expected to organize frequent workshops and other programs on topical matters where a wider group of participants can participate. This should include helping to develop knowledge and skills on leadership development of young women across AUW’s faculty and staff.

Required Qualifications:
· A doctorate in Leadership Studies or a closely related field with emphasis on one or more of the following: organizational psychology, policy development and analysis, organizational structure and assessment, and global diversity in organizational leadership;
· Experience developing interdisciplinary curricula around organizational and/or moral leadership;
· Demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups/peoples;
· Excellent English writing and communication skills.

Preferred Qualifications:
• Practical leadership experience in professional or community-based leadership roles;
• Evidence of teaching experience in an international setting.

Application Instructions:
Please submit a cover letter, CV, and the names of three references to Mrs. Katsuki Sakai, Managing Director of the AUW Support Foundation ([email protected]).

About the Undergraduate Program:
The Instructor will teach in AUW’s rigorous Undergraduate Core Program. As a key component of AUW’s liberal arts and sciences education model, the core program, taught in the first year of the undergraduate curriculum, is designed to offer undergraduate students a breadth of knowledge across disciplines, and exposure to diverse modes of thinking across seven subject areas: social analysis, ethical reasoning, literature, civilization studies and the arts, writing seminars, science, mathematics, and computer science.

AUW’s liberal arts and sciences Undergraduate Program draws upon the best practices of Asian and Western education models and is taught entirely in English. AUW offers five majors:

• Bioinformatics
• Economics
• Environmental Sciences
• Politics, Philosophy, & Economics
• Public Health Studies

Students also have a choice of various minors, including Mathematics, Biological Sciences, Gender Studies, Psychology, Development Studies, and other subjects.

Information about the academic programs is available at

As part of their education, AUW students also participate in applied research projects, study abroad programs, and internships. A typical sequence of summers might include an applied research project during the first summer that is meant to bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and local practice and understanding, an international study program or internship during the second summer, and an internship during the third summer. For students interested in internships, the World Bank, L’Oréal, Tory Burch, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) are among the many possibilities open to AUW students.

The Academic Year consists of three semesters:
• Fall Semester from mid-August to end of December
• Spring Semester from January to end of April
• Summer Semester from mid-May to mid-July

Information about the academic calendar is available at