McCann Associates ( is a world leader and innovator in developing and leveraging artificial intelligence and natural language technologies into a broad spectrum of vertical markets.

McCann Associates has earned an industry reputation for delivering a suite of world-class products and services designed to assess and improve essential skills of the adult learner. Solutions include online assessments, writing enhancement tools, English language development programs, customized consulting services, and much more. Clients are in the higher education sector and typically remain customers for a long period of time.

Due to increased demand for our solutions, McCann Associates is actively seeking a qualified candidate to join our team located in Langhorne, PA in the role of Psychometrician.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Plan, coordinate and perform job analyses for various clients.  Oversee and coach junior staff in creating job analyses surveys; leading job analyses meetings; collecting and analyzing job analyses data; and creating job analyses reports
  • Manage staff; manage all statistical work flow throughout the company.  Plan, coordinate, and coach junior staff in all aspects of establishing test specifications, item development workshops, item entry and edit, item review and review meetings, test creation and test review meetings
  • Design, develop and perform validation studies on an as needed basis.  Assist and coach junior staff with validation studies and reports
  • Document best practices; processes and procedures; and continually improve established operating procedures
  • Attend client scoring sessions including oral assignments; participate in the scoring process; calculation of scores; and score interpretation
  • Develop score interpretation materials and testing program publications.  Conduct and report on complex research.  Work at a high level of skills, both independently and as part of a team, in all phases of statistical analysis
  • Plan, coordinate, and conduct the statistical work required for score reporting and date interpretation for complex testing programs
  • Create statistical and research plans and review results for reasonableness and accuracy
  • Assume primary responsibility for designing, developing, and documenting technical and operating procedures and statistical guidelines for assigned programs
  • Conduct routine statistical analyses across various programs, as necessary, which may include item analyses, DIF analyses, frequency analyses, equating analyses, IRT analyses and other statistical analyses common to the industry
  • Assist sales with the writing of the statistical and test development sections of proposals
  • Work with clients in connection with designing certification and licensure programs including, but not limited to, holding item writing workshops, test specification meetings, cut score study workshops, conducting validation studies and performing other data analysis, as required
  • Be familiar with national industry standards and remain current in the field
  • Analyze and create new Intellimetric® models for new essays/constructed response items
  • Assist in quality control measures to ensure reports and analyses are without error
  • Prepare validation, reliability, IM modeling, and other statistical reports, as needed
  • Travel will be required as needed
  • Miscellaneous duties as assigned


  • Ph.D. in Psychometrics, I/O Psychology, or in a related field required
  • 5-7 years of experience in Job Analysis, Test Development, and Data Analysis
  • 5-7 years of management experience
  • Experience with item analyses, DIF analyses, frequency analyses, equating analyses; IRT analyses and other statistical analyses common to the industry
  • Must be able to work independently
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Previous work with employment, certification, and licensure assessments is required

McCann Associates is an Equal Opportunity Employer