Assistant Director, Admissions

Kellogg Community College is located in Battle Creek Michigan, a community of about 54,000 people. L
The 18-19 annual starting salary range for a Director 2 position: $58,420 - $73,025
Mar 15, 2019
Institution Type
Community College

The Assistant Director position is primarily responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Admissions Office and Hub Enrollment Center. This includes all aspects of admissions, recruitment, outreach, and operational logistics, such as staffing and usage of Hub Enrollment Center. The position is integral in the recruitment efforts of potential students through the admissions process utilizing targeted communication and current technology.

Responsibilities include:

1. TEAM LEADERSHIP - Supervise four (4) staff members and all aspects of their job responsibilities including daily processing of all applications, monitoring of traffic flow and staffing of Hub Enrollment Center, allocating resources for events on and off campus, as well as hiring and supervising student workers.  - Keep daily work flowing, taking into account each person’s responsibility while managing planned as well as unplanned absences and events.  - Develop individuals into their current and future roles at the College while looking for and fostering a climate of continuous development.

2. RECRUITMENT - Plan, develop, and execute yearly recruitment plan by collaborating and coordinating with Admissions staff. - Supervise and monitor student recruitment efforts in all service areas. - Identify opportunities for specific populations and make recommendations for additional resources as needed. - Keep Dean apprised of efforts and strategically align with institutional goals. - Provide monthly reports regarding admissions and recruitment efforts for use in College decision making. - Lead office efforts utilizing Customer relationship management (CRM) and document management systems, along with Student Information System (SIS) (Colleague). - Manage and coordinate communication with the Dean regarding issues and opportunities with current and other various technologies. - Formulate and implement yearly recruitment plan utilizing various technologies in order to execute activities required to meet recruitment goals. - Plan and execute relevant communication campaigns, collaborate with other campus offices as necessary, and coordinate efforts of staff and volunteers.

3. OUTREACH - Look for opportunities for all staff (including self) to represent the campus to current and prospective students, their families, high school counselors, external stakeholders, and institutional employees in all aspects of the admissions and enrollment processes.  - Possess expert level knowledge and application of knowledge, in order to advise relative to navigating the admissions process. - Able to become knowledgeable and stay abreast of campus resources, policies and practices in order to effectively communicate with prospective and current students, as well as community stakeholders and staff. - Manage outreach by developing, coordinating, and conducting presentations within the community, high schools, and to various groups within the institution as required.

4. DATA ANALYSIS - Identify opportunities to assess and develop current and new processes for ease and accessibility related to student engagement and navigation. - Gather, analyze, and interpret data for reporting and process improvement. - Ensure department staff are actively seeking and communicating opportunities based on specific population needs. - Participate in state and regional professional organizations that provide personal and professional development utilizing listservs, conferences, and workshops relating to admissions and recruitment.

Minimum qualifications:

1. Bachelor’s degree (BA, BS) or equivalent from an accredited college or university.

2. Experience in Business, Accounting, or related field.

3. Experience with recruitment and/or marketing.

4. Understanding of and experience with computer information systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and/or related software.