Instructor, Mathematics

Kellogg Community College is located in Battle Creek Michigan, a community of about 54,000 people. L
According to the current KFA salary schedule, commensurate with education and experience.
Mar 15, 2019
Position Type
Tenured & Tenure-Track
Institution Type
Community College

This full-time instructor position reports to the Chair, Math and Science. They are responsible for instruction and delivery according to course outcomes in Mathematics, teaching full load per Fall and Spring semester.   Responsibilities include:

1. Provide instruction in mathematics in a variety of instructional settings in accordance with College policies and practices.

2. Develop curriculum and prepare course materials in mathematics according to accreditation and best practices in collaboration with other math faculty.

3. Collaborate with administration and faculty to maintain continuous quality improvement processes and plan appropriate strategies based on assessment of quality indicators.

4. Commitment to leading and working as part of a team, both inside and outside the math department.

5. Support the Math Department and College to recruit and retain students, efficiently use department resources, and support service learning in college courses.

6. Serve as a Kellogg Community College representative on college or community committees. Engage with institutional initiatives which enhance the mission of the College.

7. Mentor math adjunct staff in conjunction with department goals.

8. Maintain office hours. Participate cooperatively in department meetings and committees.

9. Maintain professional licensed credentials as outlined by minimum position requirements.

10. Maintain current and relevant teaching expertise in content topics related to mathematics.

11. Assume teaching assignments at all College locations and within all College hours of operation; collaborate with Department Chair to establish program schedule to meet student needs.

12. Participate in instructional meetings and committees.

13. Participate and utilize instructional technologies and learner-centered teaching methodologies.

14. Teach all levels of math courses.

Minimum qualifications:

1. Master’s degree in Mathematics. Attach unofficial transcripts showing courses completed and degree conferred

2. Demonstrated teaching experience in higher education

3. Evidence of teaching experience in Calculus

4. Demonstrated teamwork capabilities

5. Experience working with a diverse population

6. Demonstrated evidence of understanding and commitment to the community college philosophy

7. Must have ability and means to travel among regional work sites