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DescriptionCU Anschutz/CU School ofMedicine

The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, one of fourcampuses in the University of Colorado System, is the major academic medicalcenter in the Rocky Mountain region. In addition to CU’s health sciencesschools, the Anschutz Medical Campus is home to UCHealth University of ColoradoHospital, Children’s Hospital Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Regional VeteransAffairs Medical Center, making it one of the largest and most comprehensivebiomedical research and clinical care centers in the western United States with24,000 employees and 1.9 million patient visits annually. With world-classhealth sciences research, educational, and clinical facilities, the CU Schoolof Medicine has established distinctive and highly productive programs,receiving research awards of more than $425 million in the most recent fiscalyear, including $226 million from the National Institutes of Health and otherfederal agencies. The School’s total annual clinical and research revenuereaches $1.6 billion.

 In 2017, the CU School of Medicine received full reaccreditation fromthe Liaison Committee on Medical Education. Through expanding clinicaloperations, impressive research efforts, and strong philanthropic support, theSchool continues to make a profound impact on the state of Colorado and theworld of bioscience and medical care. According to a report released in 2018 bythe Association of American Medical Colleges, the CU School of Medicine and itspartner teaching hospitals contributed 56,056 jobs and $4.31 billion to thestate economy in 2017. 

 MissionThe mission of the University of Colorado School of Medicine is toprovide Colorado, the nation, and the world with programs of excellence in:

  • Education - through the provision of educationalprograms to medical students, allied health students, graduate students andhousestaff, practicing health professionals and the public at large;
  • Research - through the development of newknowledge in the basic and clinical sciences, as well as in health policy andhealth care education;
  • Patient Care - through state-of-the-art clinicalprograms which reflect the unique educational environment of the University, aswell as the needs of the patients it serves; and
  • Community Service - through sharing the School’sexpertise and knowledge to enhance the broader community, including ouraffiliated institutions, other health care professionals, alumni and othercolleagues, and citizens of the state.
VisionThe University of Colorado | School of Medicine will accelerate itsgrowth at the new Anschutz Medical Campus from its status as the premiermedical school in Colorado and the western region to its place in the top 10percent of American medical schools.

University of ColoradoMedicine

University of Colorado Medicine, or CU Medicine, a 501(c)(3)corporation, provides practice and business management services for nearly3,000 faculty physicians and advanced practice providers of the CU School ofMedicine. CU Medicine employs nearly 400 staff and is based in a200,000-square-foot office building next to the Anschutz Medical Campus inAurora.

 CU Medicine has reported strong annual growth in total income, patientincome, contract income, and provider productivity for many years. The highproductivity by faculty and effective business practices by the practiceadministrators contribute significantly to the Colorado economy. A 2017analysis for the CU System determined that the schools on the Anschutz MedicalCampus accounted for $2.9 billion in economic impact. The partner hospitals oncampus – UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital and Children’s HospitalColorado – contributed an additional $4 billion.

  CU Medicine’s strong financial performance contributes to the CU Schoolof Medicine’s education program. In 2018, the CU Medicine board approved$900,000 in funding for scholarships for the school’s medical, physicaltherapy, physician assistant, and anesthesiology assistant students.Additionally, the practice has endowed faculty chairs.

 For more information, please visit: This important and significant position encompasses two rolessimultaneously for the University of Colorado. As Executive Director (ED) of CUMedicine, the new leader provides vision and direction that aligns CUMedicine's core business functions with the missions and goals of thephysicians of the School of Medicine. Specifically, s/he actively oversees allaspects of the strategic planning, development and day-to-day operations ofcore revenue cycle activities, partnerships between the practice plan and theaffiliated hospitals, managed care contracting, network management services andanalytic support for the clinically integrated network, health plan developmentservices and participation in governance of self-insurance trusts, andmanagement of a 200,000 square-foot administrative office building. Inaddition, CU Medicine oversees and is responsible for treasury functions andactive cash management of a $470 million portfolio, which the ED oversees. 

 As Senior Associate Dean for Administration and Finance, the new leaderserves as the senior administrative officer, Principal Business Officer of theSchool of Medicine reporting to the Dean of the University of Colorado | Schoolof Medicine for financial and administrative matters, policy development and programevaluation.

 This position is a unique opportunity for a dynamic leader to join acentralized faculty practice and provide leadership to enhance strategicgrowth, promote ongoing success in a complex academic health care environment,provide leadership to move the academic health care agenda forward, andcontinually enhance the collaborative relationship with the University ofColorado | School of Medicine.

 Key Relationships: Reports to John J. Reilly, MD

Dean, School of Medicine and Vice Chancellor of Health Affairs

President, University of Colorado Medicine

Direct reports Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, University of Colorado Medicine

Vice President/Chief Financial Officer, University of Colorado Medicine

Vice President/Payor Relations and Network Development, University of Colorado Medicine

Vice President/Business Development, University of Colorado Medicine

Administrative and Financial Staff, Office of the Senior Associate Dean for Administration and Finance

Other key relationships UCHealth Senior Leadership

Children’s Hospital Colorado Senior Leadership

VA Eastern Colorado Health System Senior Leadership

Denver Health Senior Leadership

National Jewish Health Senior Leadership

CU Anschutz Medical Campus Senior Leadership

CU Medicine Board of Directors

University of Colorado Board of Regents

Department Chairs and Department Administrators

Community leaders

   Key Responsibilities:As Executive Director, this individual serves as the Chief ExecutiveOfficer of CU Medicine. S/he provides executive leadership over all phases ofCU Medicine operations, including fiscal and treasury operations, marketing,managed care contracting, clinical revenue cycle management, informationtechnology (IT), compliance, network and business development, and strategicplanning and advocacy. The Executive Director collaborates with the medicaldirectors of CU Medicine, who are responsible for the clinical activities ofthe practice, and s/he should provide leadership that continually enhances CUMedicine as the physician practice plan of the School of Medicine (SOM). TheExecutive Director will provide leadership that ensures successful integration(physicians and CU Medicine administrative functions) of the faculty practiceplan with affiliate hospital strategies and operations that impact the clinicalpractice plan.

 As Executive Director, theresponsibilities shall include but not be limited to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of CU Medicine andimplement necessary changes in administrative organization and staffing.
  • Recruit, develop, and retain qualified staffneeded to carry out the mission.
  • Continually analyze current staffing, financing,operations, policies, systems, and procedures, and develop and implementnecessary changes that maximize operational excellence and efficiency.
  • Develop and oversee infrastructure thatoptimizes all elements of the revenue cycle, including coding, A/R management,commercial contracting, analytics, reporting, and stakeholder relations.
  • Develop and maintain appropriate IT systems andanalytic capabilities that monitor and enhance the organization's performanceand business processes, and facilitate and enhance management and strategicdecision making. Coordinate IT infrastructure and IT needs with affiliatedhospitals and campus IT infrastructure and networks as appropriate.
  • Maintain appropriate and ongoing audit functionsto ensure adherence to generally accepted accounting principles and allrelevant regulations and requirements relative to sustaining not-for-profitstatus.
  • Ensure CU Medicine is in compliance withrelevant and applicable University of Colorado Board of Regents and SOM rules.
  • Oversee contracting for management, administrative,consulting and legal services. 
  • Provide effective stewardship and management offinancial resources and assets.
  • Oversee preparation of budgets, and thedevelopment of transparent and relevant fiscal and operational reports.Implement effective financial models and cost and revenue allocationstrategies.
  • Negotiate with insurance companies, hospitalsand managed care organizations for appropriate reimbursement.
  • Interface with government and non-governmentregulatory and accrediting agencies and provide effective advocacy on behalf ofCU Medicine's faculty members and clinical programs.
  • Determine the current and future marketconditions and evaluate the faculty practice's competitive position.Develop/implement strategic objectives and tactical plans that maintain CUMedicine's competitive position in the health care market.
  • Develop and implement plans for expansion of CUMedicine into the community through acquisition of community practice andproviders.
  • Maintain close liaison with the CU MedicineBoard of Directors, Executive Committee, and Department Chairs and DepartmentAdministrators. Provide administrative support in matters relating to qualityassurance and professional program management, and serve as a liaison withprofessional and community organizations.
  • Participate in meetings of the CU Medicine Boardof Directors, Executive Committee, and other board committees, and assist withdeveloping meeting agendas. 
  • Inform CU Medicine members on business, market,and political factors affecting the health care environment.
  • Represent CU Medicine in leadership functionsand structures coordinating CU Medicine, University of Colorado Health System,and Children's Hospital Colorado clinical endeavors.
  • Actively participate in SOM leadership strategicplanning and ensure that CU Medicine's operations and resources adhere to CUMedicine's primary purpose as an organization founded to support the mission ofSOM under direction of the Dean of the School of Medicine.
  • Maintain a national presence of CU Medicinewithin the health care industry and all relevant academic health careassociations. Maintain a statewide presence for CU Medicine among the healthcare industry and business community.
  • Communicate effectively with medical,professional, administrative and other personnel to effectively presentinformation both orally and in written form.
  • Work collaboratively with SOM leadership tocontinually ensure that CU Medicine administration is aligned with andresponsive to the needs of the physicians of the SOM.
 As Senior Associate Dean forAdministration and Finance, the responsibilities shall include but not belimited to:

  • Serve as the senior administrative and fiscalofficer in the School of Medicine for financial matters, policy development,and program evaluation.
  • Provide direct supervision over the financial,personnel, and information technology staff in the central Dean's Office.Advise key personnel, both administrative and academic within the variousdepartments of the school, on operations and programs of an administrativenature.
  • Oversee all fiscal affairs of the School ofMedicine, which includes preparation and oversight of the operating budget,monitoring cash flow and expenditure plans, fund management, and grants andcontracts management.
  • Direct the preparation of the Request Budget forthe School and respond to questions from external and internal sourcesconcerning the budget and School of Medicine fiscal resource issues. Developprinciples and strategies for resource allocation within the School ofMedicine.
  • Develop and recommend, through the Dean,Chancellor, and President to the Regents, tuition rates for medical studentsand allied health program students within the School of Medicine.
  • Organize the faculty salary negotiation processfor the School and direct the preparation of the salary recommendation reportsfor the Dean's, Chancellor's, President's and Regent's review/approval.
  • Provide creative and thoughtful leadership forthe development of funding, compensation, and resources allocation strategiesand policies which enable and enhance the School of Medicine's research,teaching, and clinical missions.
  • Serve as senior adviser to the Dean on allfiscal and administrative matters, as well as mission and program developmentissues.
  • Participate in the recruitment of key School ofMedicine leadership positions and participate in resource negotiations.
  • Administer the flow of administrative,financial, budgetary, and statistical information and reporting for the Schoolfrom various University units and State of Colorado governmental bodies. Act asthe liaison between the School and University of Colorado Denver (UCD) CentralAdministration concerning administrative and financial activities.
  • Assist in developing responses and assuringcompliance with external and internal audits, and monitoring of expenditures inaccordance with State fiscal rules and University fiscal policy.
  • Develop and maintain appropriate system ofinternal controls and School of Medicine fiscal policy.
  • Oversee IT systems for the SOM, ensuringappropriate technical and analytic resources to support fiscal, management, andacademic programs.
  • Serve on various UCD and SOM committees,including serving as Chair of the Administrator Committee and participating inthe School of Medicine Executive Committee, Dean's senior management teammeetings, and CU Medicine Board of Directors meetings.
  • Conduct and direct special projects andrepresent the School of Medicine on numerous task forces.
  • Develop effective advocacy materials on behalfof the School of Medicine.
Desired Outcomes:
  • Continue to develop, strengthen, and cultivateexisting and new partnerships and affiliations with hospital systems, physicianpractices, and other entities to strengthen CU Medicine and the CU School ofMedicine.
  • Continue to advocate for CU Medicine and the CUSchool of Medicine with state and federal entities to maximize the financialhealth of the organization.
  • Refresh the strategic plan for CU Medicine andthe CU School of Medicine in collaboration with the Dean, the DepartmentChairs, and key system stakeholders to be best positioned for the future with afocus on innovation and strategic priorities.

QualificationsIdeal Experience: 10+ years of faculty practiceplan leadership experience

10 years of senior management level experience in academic health careas well as executive level practice plan management experience.

 Master's degreeAn MBA, MHA or equivalent degree. Understanding of medical schoolpriorities

Preference will be given to individuals who have held a leadershipposition within a School of Medicine or academic Department/Division. At aminimum, successful candidates should demonstrate a previous collaborativeexperience with and understanding of academic missions and programs of medicalschools.  Relevant hospital, multi-specialtyclinic and/or other health care industry experience will be considered.

 Critical Leadership Capabilities:

Strategic Thinker and StrongExecuter:

In a complex and growing organization, the successful candidate willresolve immediate issues quickly while, at the same time, strategically addressinglarger systemic issues by:

  • Being accessible, responsive, attentive, andresults-oriented;
  • Developing creative solutions, overcomingbarriers, making priority decisions, and taking ownership of problems large andsmall;
  • Anticipating issues and proactively developinginterventions to help prepare for and/or mitigate their impact; and,
  • Implementing systems and processes that overtime reduce the number and frequency of emergent issues.
  • Resilience and Stamina:In a complex operating environment with multiple stakeholders, atripartite mission, and ambitious plans, the ideal candidate will provideenergetic leadership to ensure that the operating platform continues to performby:

  • Demonstrating an appetite to identify and pursueopportunities to improve operational performance and the drive to followthrough on those opportunities;
  • Multi-tasking, working well under pressure, andexhibiting the ability to manage a range of issues, from long-term initiativesto immediate crises, making continual progress on all; and,
  • Conveying optimism, a “can-do” attitude, andtenacity, and instilling the same characteristics in the culture of theoperating and administrative units.
  • People Engagement:In an organization with multiple constituencies, each with differentneeds and priorities, the successful candidate will build credibility by:

  • Building relationships with individuals andgroups;
  • Being empathetic and taking ownership foraddressing problems and concerns;
  • Designing and implementing effectiveinformation-sharing systems and protocols that drive transparency andaccountability; and,
  • Being visible, actively listening, andcommunicating consistently and in a timely manner.
  • Other Personal Characteristic:The successful candidate will:
  • Possess proven ability to conceptualize,develop, and implement large complex projects;
  • Provide dynamic leadership and creativesolutions to challenges;
  • Be transparent and collaborative in a highlymatrixed organization;
  • Be an effective communicator and presenter;
  • Provide strong and effective advocacy of thecentralized practice plan and school issues;
  • Retain and mentor a strong management team;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of health carereform and health care policy;
  • Develop trust, credibility, and support ofdepartment chairs, faculty, and administrators.
  • The recruitment for thisposition is being handled by Spencer Stuart.

     Please direct all inquiries andapplications to Spencer Stuart at [email protected]

     Applications will not be accepted onthis site.

     Salary is negotiable andcommensurate with skills and experience.

     Job posting contact                         [email protected] Job posting contact email             [email protected]

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