Student Services Assistant (Admissions, Cashier, Financial Aid, Registrar, etc.)

Working Title:Student Services Assistant (Admissions, Cashier, Financial Aid, Registrar, etc.) Full Description:

Federal & Institutional Work Study Requirements (Please Read Before Applying)

  • Work Study provides work experiences on and off campus for students who wish to earn both money and experience while attending college. Students shall complete an online Work Study application
  • Federal & Institutional Work Study must be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours; three credit hours for the summer
  • To be eligible for Federal Work Study, student must be a Pell Grant recipient and have an unmet financial need.
  • Students’ financial need and hours worked for the Federal Work Study will be determined for the applicants by Financial Aid. In most cases, your financial need is met with the work study award. Before you apply for loans or scholarships, or drop a class, please check with Financial Aid office to see how it may affect you eligibility to continue work study
  • Institutional Work Study is not as restrictive concerning financial need and is available to those individuals with skills required in certain specific areas; institutional work opportunities are available on a limited basis on campus
  • Please be advised that an application or an interview for Work Study does not guarantee a job placement. Work Study positions are based upon received requests from various departments/divisions on campus. (There will be more applicants than available jobs.)
  • Financial need, program of study, class schedule/availability, work experience, health, and academic progress are all factors that are considered for job placement
  • Pay for Work Study positions are set at minimum wage ($7.25/hr) with a maximum of 19 hours per week.
  • Students must have their original social security card and ID to be hired; international students must have a visa in addition to an original social security card and ID
  • Work Study is treated just as any other regular job, which means that you may be terminated for excessive tardiness/absences, insubordination, or irresponsible behavior

Job Description

  • Greets general public; answer phones
  • Good communication and organizational skills are required
  • Provide supportive services to staff and students
  • Will be subject to a background check
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Job Category:Work Study Department:Business and Financial Services

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