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Posting Number AA2018-0634 Title Madera Community College Center Campus President Campus Location Madera Community College Center Start Date 06/03/2019 Essential Functions of Position

This Campus President is a new position for the center. The chancellor and board of trustees of State Center Community College District (SCCCD) are seeking a campus president for the Madera Community College Center/Oakhurst Community College Center. The new campus president will provide unifying and participatory leadership to a dynamic, complex, diverse campus. The campus president will build upon the campus’ strong legacy of achievement and leadership in the community.

The campus president will be a creative, dynamic, and collaborative leader who is committed to advancing student access, equity, and success for our diverse student body and will lead the campus in the development and implementation of new programs that address the unique workforce needs of the community. The campus president will build strong partnerships with community businesses, organizations and educational institutions.

The Madera Community College Center will apply for candidacy in January 2019, with anticipation of becoming the 4th college in the State Center Community College District. The campus president will report directly to the president of Reedley College and indirectly to the chancellor of SCCCD. Upon achieving initial accreditation status, the center will become known as Madera Community College and the position will change to college president, reporting directly to the chancellor. It is anticipated that initial accreditation will be granted in Fall 2020.

The Madera Community College Center is known for its pioneering spirit and positive climate. The staff and leadership have created a center that is innovative, responsive, collegial and focused on student success. The chancellor and board of trustees are seeking a leader who can facilitate and nurture this climate, even as the campus grows and changes.

Duties and Responsibilities
Under administrative direction of the Reedley College President and Chancellor and in accordance with provisions of the California Education Code, the rules and regulations of the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges, and the policies and administrative regulations of the district, the Campus President will perform the following duties:

  • Serves as the chief executive officer of the Madera Community College Center;
  • Leads the development of the center’s strategic plan and evaluation of the achievement of the center’s goals and objectives;
  • Advocates for the center using a collaborative, collegial leadership style that also supports the district’s strategic plan and achievement of district-wide goals and objectives;
  • Develops and utilizes procedures to effectively allocate the resources of the center to optimize the achievement of the center’s goals and objectives;
  • Establishes and implements procedures that enhance the center’s administrative and governance processes and community college center-wide communications;
  • Leads the evaluation of the center’s programs and services and ensures the use of research and evaluation data in institutional planning;
  • In collaboration and with assistance of the college’s faculty and staff, leads the development of educational specifications for facilities required to support the college’s programs, and leads the improvement in college programs and services;
  • Ensures adherence to the institutional accreditation policies, standards and eligibility requirements;
  • Leads the development of the center’s budget and ensures management of the center’s financial affairs in conformity with district fiscal policies and procedures;
  • Encourages and supports the development of center’s public relations, service to the community, and student outreach;
  • Promotes articulation among the center and other P-12 schools, colleges, and universities – both locally and nationally;
  • Approves all job assignments, duties and responsibilities of academic and classified personnel;
  • Chairs the president’s cabinet, participates as a member of the chancellor’s cabinet, and participates in meetings of the board of trustees;
  • Keeps the Reedley College President and Chancellor informed of the center’s programs and services, as well as the needs and accomplishments of the community college center;
  • Represents the center at meetings of appropriate educational agencies and organizations;
  • Ensures the center’s compliance with federal, state and district policies on equal employment opportunities, and shall endeavor to protect students, employees and members of the community from all discrimination, including sexual harassment; and,
  • Ensures that all employees work within the duties and responsibilities described in their job descriptions and ensures all employees follow all policies, rules, regulations, bargaining agreements, and procedures of the state and the district, including the requirement that access to privileged information be carefully protected.

Opportunities and Challenges
The campus president of the Madera Community College Center will be a creative, dynamic, and collaborative leader who is committed to advancing student access, equity, and success for our diverse student body. The campus president will collaborate with their dedicated team of professionals to ensure that the center maintains its strong integration of student equity and success, while working towards achieving Reedley College’s mission and strategic goals. The campus president will be expected to:

  • Foster the continuance of the positive campus climate that is based on collegiality, mutual trust and respect, and participatory governance;
  • Successfully navigate the transition process from a large college center to accreditation candidacy, followed by initial accreditation as a new independently accredited community college;
  • Inspire, encourage, and empower center staff and faculty to provide excellent programs and services that lead to student success and completion;
  • Ensure a campus climate that values diversity in its students and staff, and promotes cultural proficiency;
  • Expand the center’s career and technical education programs and offerings;
  • Strengthen collaborations and partnerships with local community groups, governmental agencies, P-12, colleges and universities, and business and industry locally, nationally, and globally;
  • Ensure the guided pathways goals are accomplished and or adapted, as necessary;
  • Through collaboration, ensure the college’s compliance with Assembly Bill 705;
  • Lead the center’s efforts to create and follow a comprehensive strategic plan, based on a widely accepted view of its future;
  • Acquire revenue from non-traditional sources and carefully allocate fiscal resources, including practicing effective enrollment management;
  • Partner with business and industry, local education (P-16), and other governmental and non-profit agencies in order to meet the needs of the community;
  • Be a strong advocate for the Madera Community College Center while also maintaining positive working relationships with colleagues at Reedley College, Fresno City College, Clovis Community College and the District;
  • Honor and support what is working well at the Madera Community College Center while leading the change that will be necessary as it develops, grows and creates its own identity; and
  • Be a highly visible and accessible community leader while maintaining a strong presence within the campus.
Minimum Qualifications
  • Earned master’s degree from an accredited higher education institution;
  • Successful senior administrative-level experience in progressively responsible, reasonably related executive positions; and,
  • All candidates must have evidence of responsiveness to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students, as these factors relate to the need for equity-minded practice.
Desirable Qualifications

The Screening Advisory Committee, the Reedley College President, and the Chancellor will consider the following desirable qualifications and characteristics in their selection of the first Campus President for the Madera Community College Center.


  • Earned doctorate from an accredited institution;
  • Senior administrative leadership experience in higher education;
  • Teaching/counseling experience in higher education;
  • At least five years of successful, progressively responsible management experience, preferably in a community college or a post-secondary institution;
  • Successful experience as a leader in the use of technology to facilitate learning;
  • Understanding of the Guided Pathways framework and how it relates to the college’s mission and vision;
  • Ability to provide guidance and leadership on Guided Pathways implementation and assessment;
  • Evidence of a commitment to teaching/learning and the vision of a learning-centered institution and community;
  • Rural and agricultural experience including but not limited to higher education, community outreach, and fundraising;
  • Demonstrated commitment to and support of participatory governance;
  • Demonstrated ability to work successfully and establish and maintain partnerships with all levels of educational institutions, including governmental entities, business, industry and labor, civic organizations, and diverse community and student groups;
  • Demonstrated strong record of achievement that includes community outreach with educational institutions, business, industry, government and/or non-profit organizations;
  • Demonstrated commitment to and evidence of leadership with honesty and integrity;
  • Evidence of accountable, decisive, ethical and visionary leadership;
  • Demonstrated effective communication, collaboration and delegating skills;
  • Positive and dynamic human relations skills;
  • Effective communication and responsive listening skills with sensitivity to the needs of the college, encouraging trust, mutual respect and collegiality;
  • Commitment to and knowledge of the importance of community workforce and economic development partnerships;
  • Successful experience in a multi-ethnic, pluralistic environment and in responding to the needs of both traditional and non-traditional students;
  • Recent experience working with African American, Latinx, Native American, and other racially minoritized students in the classroom and an understanding of how historical patterns of exclusions of these groups in higher education shape patterns of participation and outcomes;
  • Willingness to examine and remediate one’s relational practices to more effectively engage and support racially minoritized students;
  • Experience and skill with addressing issues of equity;
  • Demonstrated ability to contribute to the institution’s vitality and growth; and,
  • Knowledge of the community college and its mission and goals.


Committed to Student Access, Success and Equity

  • A leader who champions exemplary innovation in instruction and student support services that leads to student success and completion rates that close the equity achievement gap;
  • A leader whose philosophical commitment to student access, success, and equity has been demonstrated through changes in institutional strategies and policies that resulted in improved student achievement;
  • A leader who has demonstrated the ability to work effectively as an executive team member committed to collaborative integration of instruction, student services, and business services to enhance the learning and working environment for students, faculty and staff;

Takes Strategic Risks

  • A leader who is willing to take significant data-informed risks and inspires changes in how everyone across the center thinks and acts to improve student outcomes;
  • A leader who is committed to identifying gaps in student outcomes on the basis of factors such as race, ethnicity, and gender, and then mobilizies the center to improve results;
  • A leader who has demonstrated experience and knowledge of data driven decision-making related to enrollment management and student retention;

Builds Strong Teams

  • A visionary, progressive, and transformational leader;
  • A decisive and pragmatic leader who has successfully developed collaborative relationships with a diverse college constituency that fosters cohesion and establishes a sense of pride in working together for the good of the students;
  • A leader who is guided by ethics and honesty, is committed to transparency and inclusiveness in decision-making, and promotes the application of ethics across the center and district;
  • A leader who promotes cohesiveness and respect among the center, college and district constituents; resolves controversial issues and problems in a timely manner using input from constituent groups, and who is sensitive to the effects of decisions on students, the center, college, and the district;
  • A consensus builder committed to faculty and staff diversity who uses and promotes an open, approachable management style that is inclusive, collaborative and enthusiastic and who values and supports staff development, motivates employees, and acknowledges their contributions;

Plans Lasting Internal Change

  • A thoughtful leader who uses an integrated planning process to ensure that the center develops and implements master plans, strategic plans, and student equity plans that significantly improve student access and success;
  • A leader who ensures fiscal stability through expert management and the acquisition of new revenue through a variety of strategies to address unmet center needs;
  • A leader with a track record of fiscal integrity, responsibility, and accountability;


  • A leader who ensures that the center follows an integrated planning process that complies with accreditation standards by including effective implementation of plans, routine assessment of progress, and continuous data-informed improvement;
  • An educator with a results-oriented approach who promotes a culture of inquiry and evidence, and aligns plans and implementation efforts to measurable objectives;

Communicates Effectively

  • An educator who possesses exceptional interpersonal, written and oral communication skills and uses those skills to foster strong relationships; to develop shared priorities; and to identify and resolve problems with leadership;
  • A leader whose communication and management style is effective in the center’s multicultural/multilingual environment, a style that instills confidence and trust, and a style that has the impact of calming difficult situations;
  • A leader who will advocate for the center at the local, state, and national levels;

Develops Effective External Partnerships

  • A leader who uses the center’s influence and resources to pave the way for ongoing student access and success by forging partnerships with outside entities, including P-12 school districts, four-year colleges, community-based organizations, and employers; and,
  • A leader who actively participates in community organizations for the sake of establishing and strengthening college/community relationships.
Conditions of Employment 223 duty days and 22 vacation days for a total of 245 days. Salary and Benefits

Salary is competitive and negotiable. In addition, the District offers an attractive fringe benefit package including medical, dental, and vision coverage for the employee and dependents, and life insurance for employees. Employees are also members of the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS).

Selection Procedure

All inquiries, nominations, and applications will be held in the strictest confidence.

Nominations and applications will be accepted until the position is filled. To be included in the first screening of applications, submit the following application materials by 11:55 p.m. on November 14, 2018.

  1. A State Center Community College District application, which can be accessed at SCCCD Career Opportunities;
  2. A letter of application, preferably no more than seven (7) pages, that describes how your education and experience address the Desired Qualifications and Characteristics identified in this position announcement;
  3. A current resume of professional experience, educational background, and other pertinent information; and,
  4. A list of eight references: two supervisors, two subordinates (including one support staff member), two faculty (or equivalent), and two community members. Include primary telephone, business telephone, and e-mail addresses for each.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or would like to make a confidential inquiry about the Madera Community College Center Campus President search, please contact our Associate of Community College Trustees (ACCT) Search Consultant:

Jose Leyba, Ed.D.
(480) 620-2480 (mobile)
[email protected]

If you have any questions regarding the submission of application materials online, please contact:

Sareang Nhim
Human Resources Technician
(559) 244-5986
[email protected]

Applications will initially be screened by Human Resources to determine which applicants meet the minimum qualifications as stated in the job announcement.

From the applicants who meet the minimum qualifications and who have submitted all the required documents, a search advisory committee will screen the application packets and determine the candidates who are best qualified based on the minimum qualifications and desirable qualifications. Those candidates will be invited to interview. Interviews are tentatively scheduled for December 19th and 20th.

The search advisory committee typically includes faculty, staff, administrators, students and community members.

Finalists will be invited for additional interviews and public forums at the Madera Community College Center. These interviews and forums will be held on or about February 4, 2019. The chancellor will also interview the finalists.

The new president will be expected to assume duties on or about June 3, 2019.

For more information, contact the Human Resources Office, 1525 E. Weldon Avenue, Fresno, CA 93704, (559) 244-5900. For more information on the Madera Community College Center or State Center Community College District, visit our website at Please refer to Position No. 4900.

Submission of application and related materials is the applicant’s responsibility and must be submitted through the District’s online applicant portal. The District reserves the right to re-advertise or to delay indefinitely the filling of a position if it is deemed that the applicants for the position do not constitute an adequate applicant pool or if funding is not available. All application materials are subject to verification. False statements may be cause for disqualification or discharge from employment.

State Center Community College District is an equal opportunity employer. It is our pledge to treat all applicants fairly and equitably in the recruitment and selection process. We endeavor to be a service-minded organization and respond, as best as we can, to the needs of our applicants and the faculty and administrators we work with in the District.

Additional Information

Candidate Resource

For more information about the District, the College and its Centers, the surrounding communities, and the feeder school districts, please see below.





Additional Information about the Position

About the Region
Madera County has a rich agricultural tradition which coexists with a growing industrial base. As the southern entrance to Yosemite National Park, Madera County is a fun filled region with many outdoor adventures, including hiking, wine tasting at the local wineries, fishing at seven nearby lakes and historic museums, to be enjoyed during a day trip or weekend getaway.
Madera’s unique central location is a short driving distance from Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, Carmel, Big Sur, Monterey, and Morro Bay.

About the College Center
Located in the heart of California, the Madera Community College Center (MCCC) is soon to become the fourth (4th) and newest college in State Center Community College District. The Madera Community College Center offers affordable, quality education for residents of Madera County and nearby communities.

The center is focused on student success, with comprehensive, innovative programs in transfer/general education, occupational education, and developmental education that motivates and empowers students to be successful.

MCCC is located at the edge of the city of Madera on Avenue 12 east of Highway 99. Under the leadership of Reedley College, the center opened in 1996 on a 114-acre site donated by local landowners. MCCC offers comprehensive, innovative programs in transfer/general education, occupational education, and developmental education. Distance learning courses are also a priority, providing online courses and linking MCCC with other district sites.

The campus currently serves approximately 5,000 credit and non-credit students each semester who enroll in courses for transfer preparation, career education, and foundational skills. The campus’ student population reflects its surrounding diverse communities as noted in its designation as a Hispanic-Serving Institution. Of our 5,000 students, 68% are Latinx, 1% are Filipino, 8% are Asian, 3% are Black/African American, 18% are White, and 3% are multiracial. Dedicated to educational attainment and economic well-being of the surrounding community it serves, the Madera Community College Center partners with local educational institutions, such as P-12 Districts, and CSU, Fresno, to create smooth pathways from secondary through post-secondary education.

Madera Community College will be the first California community college established as a fully Guided Pathways college, helping students navigate their way to success at the community college level. Guided Pathways is a transformational framework that focuses on reviewing and revising college policies, procedures and practices with the goal of designing with the student in mind. Guided Pathways presents courses in the context of highly structured, educationally coherent program maps that align with students’ goals for careers and further education. The project is designed to significantly increase the number of students who earn a certificate or degree at a California Community College.

The center is breaking ground on its new center for agriculture and technology building on October 2, 2018. In addition, MCCC just started the design phase for the academic village expansion, with construction projected to begin late 2019. The expected completion date for the center for agriculture and technology building is Fall 2019 and the academic village expansion is Summer 2021.

About the College Center
The Oakhurst Community College Center (OCCC) is a satellite campus of Reedley College and will remain a center of Madera Community College Center once it becomes a college. It is located just 20 minutes from the South entrance to Yosemite National Park and just minutes away from the Sierra National Forest. The campus provides opportunity and access to higher education for a geographically isolated population in Eastern Madera County. The campus currently serves Oakhurst, Mariposa County, Coarsegold, North Fork and the surrounding communities with over 75 courses in a variety of study areas. The center is slated to open a new permanent campus in Fall 2021.

At OCCC, students have the opportunity to receive an affordable, quality college education right in their own local mountain community. Facilities include traditional classrooms, distance learning, computer lab, science lab, and student success center. Day and evening classes, traditional face-to-face, online, hybrid, and two-way video conference distance learning are offered.

Reedley College Mission (Madera and Oakhurst Centers)
Reedley College motivates and empowers students to be successful by providing high-quality, innovative educational opportunities. We inspire a passion for learning to meet the academic and workforce goals of our diverse communities. Our associate degree programs, career technical education, transfer level, and basic skills courses are offered in an accessible and safe learning environment.

Reedley College Vision (Madera and Oakhurst Centers)
As an exemplary educational institution, Reedley College cultivates professional, well-prepared individuals who will enrich our ever changing local, regional, and global communities.

About the District
State Center Community College District is comprised of Fresno City College, Reedley College, the Madera Community College Center, Oakhurst Community College Center, and Clovis Community College. The District serves approximately 1.7 million people, 22 unified, and high school districts in more than 5,500 square miles of urban and rural territory. Total District enrollment for the Spring 2018 semester was approximately 39,612 students. The 2018-19 total operating budget for the District is $319.5 million.

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  1. Letter of Application
  2. Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  3. List of Professional References
Optional Documents
  1. Transcripts (Unofficial copies accepted - must indicate conferred degree(s) that support the minimum qualifications)
  2. Evaluation Service Assessment
  3. Additional Documents
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