Campus Administrator for College of Nursing

Jacksonville, Florida
Nov 06, 2018
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Health & Medical, Nursing
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Specialized Institutions

Position Statement
The Campus Administrator is responsible for the successful and efficient operation of the campus. This involves aspects of campus life including facility operations, managing campus education department for compliance with institutional protocols, student services and retention, placement activities, and compliance with documentation and record keeping requirements.

Essential Duties And Responsibilities

  • Development & Coordination of Campus Activities
  • Student Retention Program
  • Compliance with educational protocols
  • Staff Qualifications and Development
  • Organizing and Reporting Placement Activities
  • Historical Documentation of Accreditation/Licensure/Authorization, etc.

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and coordinate campus activities, including:
    • Planning, directing, and organizing student related campus operations including: admissions, student services, library services, student accounts, student placement, and student grievances.
    • Planning, directing, and organizing employee related campus operations including: payroll, paid-time off, human resources, job performance, and general employee management.
    • Working closely with Campus Dean to ensure education department complies with educational requirements and policies, including (i) Admission standards, (ii) Grading policies, (iii) Promotion and Retention of students, (iv) Grievances, (v) Student counseling, (vi) Graduation and (vii) NCLEX
    • Coordinating and conducting new student orientations
    • Conducting periodic staff and campus meetings to facilitate the flow of information and shared values and objectives
    • Providing leadership to all staff and students
    • Exemplifying professional management qualities; appearance, organization, timeliness, supportiveness, firmness, compassion, fairness, etc.
    • Creating a positive image in the community for the institution and developing key relationships in the community that will assist with enrollment, placement and achievement of the institution’s goals and objectives
    • Facilitating communication between Admissions, Education, and the student body
  • Develop, implement and coordinate student retention program, including
    • Ensuring proper implementation of activities and protocols related to student guidance/advising, tutoring, retention, student orientation materials, student activities/associations, student satisfaction surveys.
    • Collaborating with Executive Management to analyze and evaluate historical data to assess retention trends.
    • Documenting of all activities employed in promoting retention and discovering the preventable causes of attrition
  • Manage student outcomes through implementation of surveys, evaluations and other techniques, including
    • Graduate Survey
    • Employer Survey
    • Certification/Licensing Examination Results
    • Documented Application of Standards of Student Progress
  • Ensure qualifications of staff and staff development
    • Staff Position Description
    • Staff File Checklist & Documentation
    • Assessment of Credentials/ Qualifications
    • Documentation of Credentials/Qualifications
    • Staff Evaluation and Development Program
  • Management of activities related to career placement, including
    • Evaluation of Historical Placement Data
    • Contribution to institutional Career Placement planning
    • Communication of Career Placement Services
    • Career Days
    • Professional Associations for Students  
  • Ensuring compliance with accrediting, licensing and other regulatory bodies, including:
    • Training staff on current accrediting and licensing criteria/standards
    • Conducting periodic audits (files and otherwise)
    • Compiling and maintaining reports and other documentation required by agencies (e.g., annual reports, institutional and program reports, student records, grievances, etc.)
  • Administration of other campus activities (see Campus Administrator job description for additional responsibilities), including:
    • Committees
    • Implementation of Institutional Mission Statement
    • Compliance with Copyright Law
    • Graduation Ceremonies
    • Communication with Students
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned

Preferred Qualifications/Competencies:

  • Bachelor’s degree or proven experience of 5+ years in managing within an educational or business setting
  • Ability to maintain and report on student information and track record of achieving goals
  • Exceptional student/customer service, listening, and teamwork skills
  • An outgoing, approachable style and a passion for helping students succeed
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills