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Aug 24, 2018
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Manager for Networked Improvement
Location: Austin, TX, preferred; other locations considered

About Deans for Impact

Deans for Impact is a national nonprofit organization that empowers leaders in educator preparation committed to transforming the way we prepare future teachers. We are currently working with over 140 leaders of educator-preparation programs located in 27 states and Washington, D.C.

The role of Manager for Networked Improvement at Deans for Impact

Deans for Impact believes that collaborative and inclusive networks of educators from diverse organizations, informed by evidence and committed to learning, can be a powerful catalyst for systemic improvement in educator preparation. To that end, Deans for Impact shepherds data-informed improvement efforts across the field of educator preparation.

Working with the Vice President of Data and Research, the Manager for Networked Improvement will play a pivotal role in the design and delivery of learning experiences that enable educator preparation program personnel to make sense of complex data and turn insights into actionable improvement plans. The Manager for Networked Improvement will also be responsible for cleaning and analyzing large datasets to inform program improvement efforts, coordinating relationships with program personnel, developing compelling visualizations, and working with external vendors to ensure that information is presented in an accessible and engaging way.


The Manager for Networked Improvement will be responsible for:

  • Contributing to the design of in-person and virtual learning experiences that enable program personnel to make sense of data and turn insights into improvements
  • Cleaning and analyzing data on teacher-candidate knowledge and skills and program performance, and administrative data on educator preparation programs and teacher-candidate characteristics to support program improvement and research
  • Managing multiple, ongoing projects, including creating and managing a work plan and maintaining relationships with program personnel, to ensure data are collected and reported in valid and reliable ways, and analyzed to support improvement efforts
  • Developing visually engaging and accessible data products, including maps, tables, and charts to aid in programming, communications, and policy development

Desired Qualifications

The ideal candidate will have most of the following experiences, skills, and qualities:

  • Experience:
    • You have at least two years of professional work experience cleaning, analyzing, and presenting data to diverse stakeholders, with at least some experience leveraging data to inform improvement in educational settings;
    • You have a bachelor’s degree from a competitive college or university; a master’s degree is strongly preferred.
    • You are proficient in the use of STATA for data management and analysis; knowledge of common data visualization tools a plus (e.g., Tableau)
    • If you have prior teaching experience in K-12 or university settings, or have worked with teacher-preparation programs, that’s a plus.
  • Skills and qualities:
    • You are keenly interested in how to facilitate team, network, and organizational learning and have a strong track record of using data to drive improvement
    • You are adept at cleaning and analyzing data from disparate sources to inform improvement efforts led by stakeholders with varying levels of data literacy
    • You are deeply invested in connecting data to practice, and seek to understand how data can inform improvement in educator preparation
    • You are an active listener, can communicate effectively with a wide range of individuals, and can sustain ongoing relationships with multiple stakeholders to work towards a shared purpose
    • You can appropriately prioritize work in a dynamic, project-based environment, take on multiple tasks simultaneously, manage time effectively and deliver high-quality work on time.
    • You take initiative, anticipate challenges, and proactively pursue solutions to problems ranging from the mundane to the complex.

How to Apply

Please email [email protected] with your resume and a brief paragraph on why you are interested in Deans for Impact and the Manager for Networked Improvement role (no formal cover letter necessary). We will start screening candidates immediately and continue until we find the right person. Deans for Impact attracts top talent, and we offer competitive wages and benefits.

For more information, visit

Deans for Impact is an equal opportunity employer.

We are committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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