Grants Coordinator

Chapel Hill, NC
Jun 13, 2018
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Four-Year Institution

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Department: Globl Hlth and Infect Disease - 427801

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Vacancy ID: P008686

Position Summary: The primary purpose of the Grants Coordinator is to provide support to faculty of the Division in routine preaward budgeting and proposal development for grants and contracts, including federal, state, private and industry funding. The Grants Coordinator should have an understanding and knowledge base of various submissions awards (Rs, Ks, Us, etc), resubmissions, No Cost Extensions, RPPRs, carry forwards and Just in Time requests. This will enable him/her to support the faculty. They will be responsible for the preparation of routine submissions which entails the collection, review and possible modification to budgets, budget justifications, face pages, checklists, other support, and subcontract documentation. The Grants Coordinator is also responsible for entering submission information (including the aforementioned as well as Scope of Work, Letters of Reference, Science) in Ramses, Cayuse, Alice, CRMS and e-commons. In addition, the Grants Coordinator helps facilitate budgeting and preparation and routing of new and continuing clinical contract agreements with UNC Hospitals, NC DHHS, NC DPS, and various other clinical entities around the state. This position also works with the School of Medicine's Office of Sponsored Programs office as well as the University's Office of Sponsored Research in pre-award and post-award issues, to include contact as necessary with NIH project and grants management staff, to help facilitate additional information needed including but not limited to budget revisions, effort reductions and budget loads.

Application Deadline: 06/19/2018

Education Requirements:

Qualification and Experience: Bachelor's degree in business administration or a related discipline; or an equivalent combination of training and experience. All degrees must be received from appropriately accredited institutions.

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