Course Lead, Professional Studies

Salt Lake City, UT
Jun 08, 2018
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Four-Year Institution
Course Lead, Professional Studies

**************POSITION OPEN TO INTERNAL CANDIDATES ONLY *******************************

A New Kind of U. As a competency-based, student-focused, online, nonprofit university, we do things a bit differently at WGU. From the bottom up, we're designed with students in mind—particularly, the busy, working, adult student who wants to earn a bachelor's or master's degree but for whom a traditional university education simply won't do. We have a fantastic work culture, career pathing, 403B retirement account with a generous company match, sick time plus many other great benefits! If you are passionate about helping others and looking to make an impact in people’s lives, this position is for you!


The principal mission of Western Governors University is to improve quality and expand access to postsecondary educational opportunities by providing a means for individuals to learn independent of time and place and to earn competency-based degrees and other credentials that are credible to both academic institutions and employers.


In supporting the university mission, the mission of the Evaluation Department is to deliver student-centric assessment solutions and services that:

  • Enhance the credibility of the WGU degree through secure, valid and reliable determination of competency.
  • Expand accessibility to higher education through innovation and fierce stewardship of students’ tuition.
  • Support and accelerate each student’s journey to competency.

Simply stated, the Evaluation Department commits to be accurate, fair, helpful and quick, while making WGU a great place to work for our colleagues and ourselves.


  • The Evaluation Course Lead is a member of WGU’s faculty. The Evaluation Course Lead is a subject-matter expert and professional individual contributor with senior level knowledge within associated specialization/discipline along with an advanced level of education, experience and skill set.
  • The Evaluation Course Leads apply their own subject matter expertise and experience utilizing a rubric created by program and assessment development faculty and applied consistent with WGU, Evaluation Department and team policies and procedures.
  • The Evaluation Course Lead crafts personalized, robust feedback to support accurate scoring of student responses and in furtherance of student progress. Quality of feedback is exemplary.
  • The Evaluation Course Lead frequently evaluates at least half time to observe student responses and assess evaluations of team members. Uses insights to provide guidance to other evaluation faculty members.
  • The Evaluation Course Lead may occasionally influence program development, course mentoring and university leadership.
  • The Evaluation Course Lead responds promptly to student and evaluation faculty concerns (4 hours goal, 24 hours max during work sessions.)
  • The Evaluation Course Lead helps define and develop specific work plans and schedules to provide accurate and fair evaluations, with helpful (robust & personalized) feedback within our service level agreements to students.
  • The Evaluation Course Leads establish coverage within and between teams to meet the department’s commitment to students for a quick evaluation within 72 hours and averaging 40 hours. The Evaluation Course Lead analyzes workflow and optimizes team resources.
  • The Evaluation Course Lead may help develop functional and organizational content, practices and objectives to achieve goals in creative and effective ways.
  • The Evaluation Course Lead may help determine calibration standards for courses, develops supporting training, and tools (such as course resource documents, team and evaluator training, I-RA activities).
  • The Evaluation Course Lead may apply analytical tools and data analysis to drive improvements in evaluation team performance. Appropriately protects sensitive information on evaluator performance.
  • The Evaluation Course Lead works with other functions within the Evaluation Department and/or with other departments. May be called upon for additional duties as assigned.
  • The Evaluation Course Lead acts as a coach/mentor within the team and the Evaluation faculty service line. The Evaluation Course Leads are the Evaluation Department subject matter expert for the courses they support.


  • The Evaluation Course Lead’s work is significantly complex, requiring analysis and evaluation of student responses to assessment task prompts to achieve a secure, valid and reliable determination of competency for degree programs. The primary source of guidance to colleagues and team leadership on difficult cases. Evidences impeccable judgment in evaluating significantly complex student submissions or addressing student issues.
  • The Evaluation Course Lead uses their judgement to apply university, department and team policies and procedures in scoring work and crafting helpful, robust and personalized feedback to support students in developing competency and progressing with their degree program.
  • The Evaluation Course Lead exercises considerable judgment in serving student success.
  • The Evaluation Course Lead directs efforts to create and implement methods to improve student success and evaluation processes.

Impact to WGU

  • The Evaluation Course Lead’s work is critical to each student’s experience and success at WGU. The Evaluation Course Lead directs work efforts of a content-specific team, to meet individual, team and department objectives to be accurate, fair, helpful and quick in an environment that is a great place to work.
  • The Evaluation Course Lead works effectively and reports worktime accurately, in order to be good stewards of the student’s tuition dollars.
  • The Evaluation Course Leads deal directly with student concerns about evaluation quality and accuracy. They may be called on to resolve differences in judgement between evaluation faculty and other university departments, and take action on ideas to improve student success in the demonstration of competence for the relevant courses.


  • With general direction from a manager or supervisor, Evaluation Course Leads are self-managed, taking initiative and acting independently in completing performance assessment evaluations consistent with standard practices and policies and our commitment to students (i.e., accurate, fair, helpful & quick).
  • When faced with an unexpected student response, Evaluation Course Leads are encouraged and expected to collaborate with other evaluators, course leads and management as needed to make a fair determination of competency.
  • The Evaluation Course Lead is able to clearly articulate reason for judgments on defined policies and procedures. To be successful, Evaluation Course Leads must be well connected and coordinated within their team,

Required Skills

  • Subject matter expertise and appropriate advanced degree(s) relevant to evaluation content area
  • Work experience relevant to evaluation content area, strongly preferred
  • Expert level understanding of WGU evaluation processes
  • Exceptional insight, understanding, acceptance and adherence to the tenets of competency-based education and the split faculty model
  • Advanced strength in written and oral communication
  • Demonstrated ability to discern evidence of competency within student submissions, including unexpected forms of response
  • Demonstrated ability to use technology, adapt quickly to new processes and manage complex cognitive loads
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with colleagues to ensure validity and reliability of evaluation across multiple raters, including credible reasoning for final judgments
  • Demonstrated ability to gain consensus with team members to define competency levels in assessments relevant to areas of expertise
  • Demonstrated ability to assist in assessment development efforts
  • Demonstrated ability to properly identify and refer student submissions for escalated care including but not limited to professional communication (i.e., articulation), originality, excellence awards, support in opening student submissions, content assistance, and technology support.

  • Minimum earned Doctorate Degree in a field related to Education and/or Curriculum & Instruction.
  • Administrative Experience and/or Curriculum & Instruction experience preferred.
  • Minimum of 3 years of work experience in a field related to Education, K-12 teaching experience preferred
  • Minimum of 6 months in Evaluator role at Western Governors University

Competencies Required

  • Problem solving skills: Investigates appropriate resources and involves partners when appropriate. Future oriented. Assesses what will help or hinder achieving goals. Focuses on what is important.
  • Interpersonal skills: Deals with others in a considerate, respectful, and unbiased manner. Approaches conflict proactively. Solicits and shares feedback openly. Listens with empathy and maintains composure.
  • Accuracy: Draws on facts collected from a broad knowledge of WGU’s goals and processes.
  • Adaptability: Corrects behaviors and communication style to meet the needs of a wide range of situations. Tackles obstacles appropriately. Comfortable with ambiguity.
  • Reliability: Accountable to others; does what it takes to get the job done. Actions are consistent with words. Follows through on commitments. Exhibits exceptional integrity.
  • Attitude: Displays commitment to the organization and to personal growth. Is self-motivated and able to motivate and inspire others. Asserts self appropriately to champion ideas. Tells the truth in a direct and constructive manner.
  • Initiative: Self-directs with a strong tendency for action. Leads the way to improve performance or processes. Displays keen interest in students and organization

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