Lean Performance Center Instructor (Part-Time)

Basic Functions & Responsibilities

This part-time position works a year-round schedule primarily with representatives from business, industry, education, and government to provide training, consultation, and facilitation in lean enterprise management, six sigma, and related topics in a cost-recovery basis. The continuation of this position is based on cost-recovery and business volume.  Flexibility in the work schedule is essential.


Essential Job Functions/Secondary Job Functions  


  1. Facilitation of Learning. Plan, prepare, deliver instruction, and facilitate the learning of students. Teach courses and workshops in lean enterprise management, six sigma, and other related topics at locations and times determined by the customers. Assess the learning outcomes of students at the unit, course, and program level if applicable.
  2. Consulting and Facilitation Services. Provide consultation related to staff development and organizational initiatives. Facilitate meetings and provide conflict resolution services to area employers.
  3. Curriculum Development. Develop, revise, and continually update curriculum and instructional materials which are competency-based, current, consistent with employer expectations, and aligned with the college policy on level of required documentation including traditional and online delivery.
  4. Marketing and Sales Identify target markets and potential companies in need of training and education working with Business & Industry Services, and other instructors to approach these businesses and finalize contracts.
  5. Interpersonal Skills. Participate in activities of the instructional team, including planning, development, scheduling, and budgeting as a cooperative and professional team player.
  6. Business/Industry/Community Linkages. Maintain involvement with business/industry/community through active involvement with professional associations and organizations.
  7. Professional Development. Participate in professional development activities that provide for continually updated knowledge and skills for the role of the contemporary instructor/consultant as directed by one’s Individual Professional Development Plan and team needs.



Qualifications, Training and Experience                                


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business or an appropriate area; Master’s Degree preferred. (Based on experience and expertise, an individual with an Associate Degree or equivalent and willingness to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree within specific timeframe may be considered.)
  2. Minimum of two years of occupational experience in the field of the program or programs being taught, of which at least one year shall be within the last five years; Four years of occupational experience preferred.  (One year of related occupational experience may be waived with at least two years of post−secondary teaching experience in the appropriate occupational field within the last five years.) Experience in business and industry and direct working knowledge of state-of-the-art applications of lean enterprise management (service or manufacturing) and/or Six Sigma.
  3. Experience in the implementation of a Lean Enterprise Management and/or Six Sigma.
  4. Lean Certification and/or Black Belt Designations preferred.
  5. Teaching or training experience is desirable.
  6. Ability to plan, organize, instruct, and facilitate quality education programs, including development of relevant curriculum.
  7. Upon hire, must maintain Faculty Quality Assurance System requirements and licensure required by other agencies to maintain individual and program accreditation, if applicable.