Principal Software Engineer With AWS

salt lake city, UT
Apr 17, 2018
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Technology, Analysts & Programming
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Four-Year Institution
Principal Software Engineer With AWS

The Principal Software Engineer is a position of technical expertise, influence, and leadership in the technology realm. The position will be required to apply their expert knowledge to ensure best practices and well-engineered architecture across the department. They will also be a key stakeholder and initiator of major changes to processes, engineering practices, and system administration. This position will be required to work in a space of solving critical issues and initiatives across all of Ed Tech. It will require an extensive and deep understanding of cutting-edge practices and innovative approaches to problems. Principal Software Engineers are also tasked with establishing and maintaining a positive and productive culture based on the WGU Leadership Principles.

• Demonstrated ability to establish innovative system frameworks
• Demonstrated ability to implement and manage an API Framework

• Master's degree or higher in related field
• Technical Experience in any of the following:
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Jira, Agile/Scrum, OAuth 2, IDM/OSSO, Ruby/Rails, PHP, Hibernate/Seam, J2EE, Tomcat, jQuery, JavaScript, NOSQL, Angular
• Technical Certifications

• Lead in the building of cutting-edge applications and services to increase and improve the student experience
• Exemplify a mastery of coding excellence and software quality; mentoring others and pioneering new standards and architectural foundations
• Foster and utilize innovative approaches to problems and functionality for all key stakeholders
• Own technologies focusing on student success and scalability while supporting student-focused user experience
• Collaborate with developers, designers, testing, and product management to develop features and innovative approaches to applications and features
• Mentor/advise engineering teams on new languages and technologies; act as a resident expert when needed
• Establish a balance between strategic planing and initiatives with development, communication, troubleshooting, and problem solving
• Lead in the prototyping and development of new technology and framework, improving the student experience
• Identify system redundancies and inefficiencies; proposing innovative and cost-effective solutions
• Act as a key stakeholder in the evaluation of potential technologies for use within the enterprise.
• Evaluate new tools and technologies, create prototypes and proofs of concept, and share your result with your peers
• Work with internal customers to gather business processes and project requirements

salt lake city, Utah, United States