Research Associate - Pharmacology

Chicago, IL
Mar 23, 2018
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution

Job Description: Conduct research in the laboratory of Dr. Monsheel Sodhi investigating molecular and cellular precursors of stress-related psychiatric illness, including schizophrenia. The project includes pharmacological investigations of primary neuronal cells from transgenic mice and mice exposed to environmental stress, RNAseq analyses, analyses of mouse behavior, the identification of molecular genetic abnormalities in postmortem brain tissue and investigations of iPSC-derived neuronal cultures from psychiatric patients. We are recruiting scientists with expertise in molecular and cellular biology and a background in neuroscience. Essential skills include PCR, western blotting, fluorescent imaging of synapses, behavioral analyses of transgenic mice and an understanding of genetics. Experience with human iPSC culture is desirable but not essential.

Qualifications: PhD or MD/PhD in neuroscience or psychiatric genetics is required, laboratory expertise and at least on publication in a peer-reviewed journal as first author

Job Category: University Faculty

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