Program Mentor, Business Undergrad Human Resources

Program Mentor, Business Undergrad Human Resources

A new kind of U. As a competency-based, student-focused, online, nonprofit university, we do things a bit differently at WGU. From the bottom up, we're designed with students in mind—particularly, the busy, working, adult student who wants to earn a bachelor's or master's degree but for whom a traditional university education simply won't do. As a Program Mentor your primary focus is student support! #PJ #AA *LI-AB-EG

WGU Program Mentors serve our students with personalized on-on-one support from the very first day in their program through graduation! Program Mentors shepherd students through their academic journey. The Program Mentor is responsible for providing highly engaged, student centered support to a caseload of undergraduate or graduate students. They are responsible for providing resources, removing roadblocks, inspiring & developing, and building levels of trust with their assigned students.

This is a very dynamic and fast-paced position requiring organizational skills. Flexible schedule is required. Comfort with significant amounts of contact via phone with potential contact via web cam and additional methods.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Master’s degree in Human Resources required
  • Minimum of 2-3 years of industry experience in Human Resources
  • Demonstrated ability to coach and mentor; help at-risk and struggling students overcome life’s challenges
  • Adaptable in a fast-paced environment; heavy phone work
  • Ability to manage a fast-paced schedule; with ability to dedicate at least 2 evenings per week to support our non-traditional students
  • Ability to travel for training, Academic Meetings and/ or Commencements
  • Ability to deliver exceptional customer service (AKA “Student Obsession”) to our students

WORK FROM HOME, United States



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