Academic Technology Specialist

Academic Technology Specialist

Position Summary

The academic technology specialist assesses the usability and viability of potential systems and how these systems will interact with current WGU technology. This individual will keep up to date on trends and innovation in learning technologies that could enhance and improve the WGU learning experience and student learning outcomes. This specialist advises on resources available in the learning technology industry and provides suggestions to stakeholders within Academic Programs on the best technology to achieve specific tasks.

Job Responsibilities

  • Understands learning science, theories, and principles and how they relate to instructional design and student learning outcomes
  • Develops training and documentation on product deliverables and processes, including current and future process definition
  • Defines measurable metrics and outcomes for product initiatives
  • Researches, analyzes, and validates learning technology that will be used in the design and support of programs, ensuring alignment to WGU strategy
  • Partners with stakeholders, including the IT and Institutional Research departments, to gather learning technology needs and determine integration standards
  • Gathers requirements from stakeholders to understand learning technology needs
  • Evaluates and recommends learning technology that advances the student experience and aligns to WGU strategy and program goals
  • Uses quantitative and qualitative data to identify trends in learning and technology, and creates strategies and recommendations for improvement and resolution
  • Partners with cross-functional stakeholders to create a consistent, seamless, and effective learning experience for students

Required Skills

  • Understanding of curriculum development, instructional design, and test development
  • Understanding of project management, needs assessment, and risk management
  • Advanced technical writing skills
  • Ability to manage multiple projects at different stages while meeting deadlines and quality standards
  • Ability to work independently, under minimal supervision
  • Advanced critical thinking, analysis, and synthesis skills
  • Advanced skills in planning, organizing, and self-management
  • Ability to facilitate collaboration, support, and approval from a variety of stakeholders
  • Ability to evaluate learning technology


Problem Solving Skills: Investigates appropriate resources and involves partners when appropriate; future-oriented; assesses what will help/hinder achieving goals; focuses on what is important.

Interpersonal Skills: Deals with others in a considerate, respectful, and unbiased manner; approaches conflict proactively; solicits and shares feedback openly; listens with empathy and maintains composure.

Accuracy: Draws on factual information garnered from careful cultivation of a broad knowledge of WGU’s goals and processes; investigates beyond assumptions.

Adaptability: Course corrects behaviors and communication style to meet the needs of a wide range of situations; tackles obstacles appropriately; is comfortable with ambiguity.

Reliability: Accountable to others; does what it takes to get the job done; actions are consistent with words; follows through on commitments; exhibits exceptional integrity.

Attitude: Displays commitment to the organization and to personal growth; self-motivated and able to motivate and inspire others; asserts self appropriately to champion ideas; tells the truth in a direct and constructive manner.

Initiative: Self-directs with a strong bias for action; leads the way in improvement of performance or processes; displays keen interest in students and organization.

Required Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline or equivalent experience (master’s preferred)
  • Experience with online instruction and adult learning models
  • Knowledge of learning theory and student learning styles
  • Experience with online learning technologies and pedagogies

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States