General Education Project Lead

The General Education Project Lead reports to the Director of Pedagogy & Practice (P&P). Working in close coordination with the Director of P&P and the staff of the Program in General Education, the Project Lead serves as a project manager for faculty who are developing courses for the new General Education curriculum set to debut in Fall 2019. The Project Lead will co-create the course syllabus with the faculty instructor, drafting materials and preparing the course to launch.


A successful Project Lead will be able to engage faculty on questions of instructional design, helping them to write assignments and plan in-class activities aligned with the goals of Gen Ed. He/she must be curious about a wide range of academic disciplines, and be able to recognize the priorities and assumptions that faculty bring to their teaching. Above all, the Project Lead must be adept at translating instructors' abstract goals into concrete teaching plans that are authentic to Gen Ed and the instructor's own persona.


The Project Lead must also be an effective project manager vis-à-vis academic support staff, able to build relationships with (and organize the work of) colleagues in the Bok Center as well as from Harvard's academic technology group, libraries, museums, writing program, etc. Depending on faculty needs, the Project Lead may have to research the availability of campus resources, assemble ad hoc teams of experts, schedule meetings between support staff and teaching staff, and collaborate on producing and user-testing materials that may be incorporated into the syllabus and used in the classroom. Although these tasks do not require mastery in all of the fields and/or tools involved, a successful Project Lead will be able to understand the value of the different pedagogical resources, approaches, and technologies which her/his colleagues have to offer, to identify the right staff to engage in each task, and to manage and motivate teams of people to complete their work on time.


Specific Duties


Joins Director of Pedagogy and Practice for intake meetings with new Gen Ed faculty. Acquaints faculty with the Bok Center's ability to coordinate support for Gen Ed courses and negotiates the specific kinds of support which each course requires.


Drafts a proposal and timeline (the “Learning Design Plan”) explaining how Bok will combine its internal resources with those of its institutional partners in academic technology, libraries, museums, etc. to deliver the pedagogical materials and training which the course requires.


Delegate components of the Design Plan to expert partners inside and outside of Bok on the basis of expertise. Coordinates partners' ongoing work, making sure that the team meets benchmarks.


Researches and designs learning activities, assignments, and other syllabus components for faculty approval.


Reports on a weekly basis to the Director of Pedagogy and Practice, the faculty coursehead, and the Program in General Education on the status of individual courses under development. Compiles an instructor-facing “user's guide” to each course, explaining unusual resources or pedagogical techniques which they require.


Develops expertise in certain modes of assignment which recur in the Gen Ed curriculum and compiles sample assignments representing “best practices” for the Bok Center's website and/or the use of Gen Ed.


Participates in, and helps to organize, a weekly staff seminar focused on pedagogical research, instructional design, and the resources available for teaching and learning support around Harvard University.


Participates in and contributes to other Bok internal team meetings and projects, such as TF training protocols, design workshops, etc. which contribute to Bok's Gen Ed support.


Basic Qualifications


Ph.D. in a field taught in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences


At least two years direct teaching experience at the undergraduate level.


Understanding of higher education pedagogical contexts and priorities.


Additional Qualifications


Experience as a postdoctoral fellow and/or instructor of record.


Three or more years direct teaching experience at the undergraduate or graduate level.


Project management experience.


Demonstrated ability to work with and manage team members from a variety of backgrounds, disciplines and levels of expertise.


Prior successful work experience in teaching and learning support.


Track record of effective development of course or curricular materials.


Familiarity with assessment approaches in education.
Facility with productivity and teaching technologies.


Aptitude for learning and applying new technologies quickly and effectively.


Ability to work consistently and constructively in a fast-paced environment.


Excellent interpersonal and verbal/written communication skills.


Prior experience handling confidential matters with appropriate discretion.


Additional Information


This is an 18 month term position with the potential for extension.

About the Derek Bok Center and the Program in General Education
Founded in 1975, the Derek Bok Center is charged with improving the quality of teaching and learning in Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The Center's staff is allocated among three pillars—Pedagogy & Practice, the Learning Lab, and Educational Research & Evaluation—which work together in pursuit of Bok's mission under the supervision of a Faculty Director and Executive Director. The staff employ a wide array of approaches in their work, which include inviting undergraduates to develop new modes of teaching in the Learning Lab, training graduate students in the skills they will need as Teaching Fellows, engaging faculty in designing course materials which merge their disciplinary expertise with the latest research into evidence-based pedagogy, and conducting rigorous assessments of classroom and curricular experiments.

Among the Bok Center's chief priorities over the next several years is the development and support of new courses for Harvard College's Program in General Education. Under the leadership of its Faculty Director, the new curriculum (“Gen Ed 2.0”) will unsettle students' assumptions about questions of relevance and deep significance to their future lives—questions like whether machines can be moral, whether the American Civil War ever ended, or how to weigh the economic costs of tackling climate change. Courses like these are, almost by definition, unusually difficult to design; they require ranges of expertise that often transcend those of any single faculty member, and meeting their goals may depend upon access to resources and assignment types not found in more conventional courses. For this reason, the Program in General Education and the Bok Center are partnering to provide Gen Ed 2.0 faculty with collaborative, resource-intensive, all-encompassing instructional design support.

We encourage individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences and abilities to apply to be a part of our community. We believe that an inclusive environment that cultivates and promotes understanding, respect, and collaboration across our diverse workforce enables our success.

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