Communication Studies Instructor (Part-Time/Adjunct)

Communication Studies Instructor (Part-Time/Adjunct)
San Jose/Evergreen Community College District

The San Jose/Evergreen Community College District is seeking a part-time/adjunct Communication Studies Instructor for spring semester 2018 at San Jose City College.
The instructor's assignment will include the following:

1. Teach courses in assigned discipline by communicating subject matter clearly and effectively.
2. Adapt methodologies for students with special needs and different learning styles.
3. Demonstrate commitment to professional development, including but not limited to activities such as: participation in professional conferences, workshops, seminars, membership in professional organizations, research projects, publishing academic work, participation in statewide committees or organizations, etc.
4. Demonstrate sensitivity in working with students and staff of diverse racial, ethnic, academic and socio economic backgrounds, sexual orientation, and disabilities by showing respect for differences and the dignity of others.
5. Participate in faculty responsibilities such as: course and curriculum development and review, student learning outcomes and assessment, program review, committees, research and special projects as needed in the discipline/department or district.
6. Attend and participate in department, division and college meetings and keep posted office hours.
7. Meet record keeping obligations on time, e.g. grades, census, reports, rosters, textbook orders, and requisitions.
8. Maintain and provide current course syllabi as required by California Education Code and Board policy.
9. Foster a professional work and learning environment.
10. Perform other duties as required by the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Minimum Qualifications:

1. Master's in Speech, Speech Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Rhetoric, Communication, Communication Studies, Speech Communication or Organizational Communication


Bachelor's in any of the above AND Master's in Drama/Theater Arts, Mass Communication, or English


***The Equivalent.

2. Demonstrated sensitivity, knowledge, and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, gender, gender identity, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds of the students we serve and sensitivity to and knowledge and understanding of groups historically underrepresented, and groups who may have experienced discrimination.

3. Success integrating diversity as appropriate into the major duties outlined in the job description and in the duties listed in the District's hiring policy; or demonstrated equivalent transferable skills to do so.

Desired Qualifications:
1. Experience working with a student population that reflects the demographics of San Jose City College.

2. Two years' experience teaching a variety of Communication Studies courses at the community college level that may include: Argumentation and Debate, Oral Communication, Intercultural Communication, Introduction to Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Small Group Communication, and Forensics.

3. Ability to express oneself clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing.

4. Experience with adoption of best practices and emerging trends in the Communication Studies discipline, especially as they relate to mediated communication.

5. Demonstrated ability to work well with colleagues and others in adapting to diverse situations or resolving problems.

6. Conversant with issues Argumentation and Debate, Intercultural Communication, and Distance Education.

7. Experience with the use of technology as instruction and supplemental instruction to Communication Studies curriculum.

8. Experience in successful course curriculum development experience and commitment to working with colleagues from other disciplines using interdisciplinary strategies to develop courses and programs to enhance student learning indifferent modalities.

9. Experience in the participation in professional responsibility and departmental duties such as, program review, student learning objectives, hiring committees, etc.

10. Experience in creating, organizing, and coaching intramural speech tournaments and/or Forensics and Debate teams.

11. Evidence of strong commitment to professional development such as conferences, workshops, committee work, and/or relevant community service.

12. Bilingual abilities, desirable.

Salary placement is based on candidate's verified education and experience.

Assignments may include day and evening responsibilities. This position is represented by the San Jose-Evergreen Community
College District Federation of Teachers, AFT 6157.

Please apply using the Direct Link below and select discipline Communication Studies Instructor:

Adjunct/Part-Time Faculty Employment Opportunities
Direct Link:
Position #1500117, OPEN AND CONTINUOUS

Other part-time instructors are needed to teach classes in other disciplines on an as needed basis.
Please refer to for a complete list of all employment opportunities at San Jose-Evergreen Community College District.


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