Program Manager for Partnerships

Feb 05, 2018
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution

Northeastern University

Program Manager for Partnerships

Requisition Number: STFR004342

Division/College: Research and Graduate Education

Location: Boston Main Campus

Full-time/Part-time: Full Time


GRI is a new and complex enterprise that involves cross-university coordination involving all nine colleges, five institutes, and the Office of the Provost. Additionally, GRI has a substantial external mission to combine research outcomes with non-governmental and private sector resilience expertise in order to practically advance resilience of business, communities, and nations. Integral to this mission is GRI's formation of the Global Resilience Research Network (GRRN. Founded by the Global Resilience Institute (GRI) at Northeastern University (NU), the network provides a forum for collaboration on resilience-building efforts among thought leaders, researchers, technical experts, policymakers and practitioners from a network of leading research institutions around the world. The by-invitation partnership will have the opportunity to connect in an online community (“portal”) being launched by GRI, to share research, explore new research partnerships, and network with other Member Institutions. In addition, members of the GRRN will be able to showcase their research work and interests in future conferences, workshops, and the annual GRRN Summit, all focused on advancing solutions to an array of complex resilience challenges.
Given its ambitious mission to practically advance societal resilience, GRI seeks a collegial and resourceful professional to assist the Executive Director in implementing partnership agreements with an array of international research institutions specializing in various aspects of interdisciplinary resilience research. The Program Manager will be responsible for working with the GRI Executive Director, staff from the Office of Research Administration, and the General Counsel Office in developing language for overarching partnerships agreements with these international partner institutions. In addition to helping shepherd development of the partnership concepts and agreement language, the Program Manager will assist the Executive Director and GRI leadership in: (1) developing relationships with the identified institutions; (2) providing support to GRI and NU faculty and staff who will serve as liaisons to the international partners; (3) assisting the GRI leadership in shaping the research themes that the GRRN research project teams will pursue, and (4)supporting the GRRN institutional members in their roles as GRRN partners. The Program Manager will report to the Executive Director but will work closely with the GRI Leadership team in identifying potential partnerships, coordinating agreement language iteration and mutually acceptance, and supporting the new members in playing effective roles in the GRRN.

As part of generally supporting development of the GRRN, the primary responsibilities of the Program Manager are to work closely with ORAF staff in negotiating specific language for institutional agreements; develop and maintain relationships with the GRRN members' Point of Contact (POC); work with the POCs to develop inventories of potential resilience research interests as well as an inventory of potential research collaborators, and support GRRN members in fielding integrated research teams. This work will involve both relationship building with the GRRN member researchers and a cataloging of potential research areas. The Program Manager will also be responsible for tracking the development and implementation of the partnership agreements, reporting on progress of onboarding the Members once agreements are signed, providing detailed program-level metrics and milestones, ultimately, tracking the progress and impact of individual projects undertaken by the GRRN members.

This role also includes supporting the Executive Director in the outreach and communication needed to implement the GRRN. The Program Manager will work closely with the GRI Communications Manager and other GRI staff to implement communication methods that enable the partnership to function effectively. In addition, the Program Manager will also support the Executive Director and GRI Leadership in developing a roster of potential private sector stakeholders and helping to coordinate activities that support robust private sector partnerships and stakeholders.

Finally, the Program Manager will help to advance potential research interests of GRI by maintaining some “hands on” research experience. The Program Manager will work on a specific resilience research area that is of high priority to GRI's resilience research (e.g., coastal resilience, public health resilience, etc.). The specific area of resilience research emphasis and the amount of time allocated for this research support will be based on the strategic choices of GRI and the research emphasis of the selected candidate. Of current interest to GRI is support to coastal resilience research.

The successful candidate must be an innovative strategic thinker with an open and collaborative style that fosters teamwork; sustains and leverages the intercultural nature of the GRRN partnership; and advances a GRI's resilience research impact by supporting its growth of broad, external research partnerships. The Program Manager must have an understanding of the complexity of research disciplines involved in GRI's initiatives to advance societal resilience and knowledge of the diverse work done across Northeastern University related to those initiatives.


The successful candidate will have a Master’s degree and be able to think and work independently and analytically on assigned projects to meet milestones and action items in a timely manner. The ideal candidate will have the ability to work successfully with faculty, staff, and university grant administrators and so must have demonstrated ability to network and collaborate with multidisciplinary teams of both internal and external stakeholders. Ideally, the candidate will have prior workplace experience with managing projects for either research or business outcomes. The successful candidate will also have excellent oral and written communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills, along with internal motivation, intellectual curiosity, and the ability to prioritize multiple projects with tight deadlines. In addition, the ideal candidate must be able to:
• Manage multiple assignments/projects simultaneously with ease and efficiency, and produce quality results in a fast paced environment;
• Be highly organized with appropriate attention to detail that supports effective time management;
• Demonstrate superior planning and stakeholder service skills;
• Demonstrate integrity, dependability, sound judgment, teambuilding and resourcefulness to establish and maintain collaborative, positive, and effective working relationships with the diverse constituencies involved in GRRN and across NU;
• Listen carefully to understand, respond, and efficiently and effectively to address concerns and interests of GRI and its GRRN partners, and
• Must have fluency with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and grant management software tools.
Finally, as with all members of the GRI team, the candidate must demonstrate professionalism and ability to maintain strict confidentiality.

Additional Information:

To be considered for this position please visit our web site and apply on line at the following link: [email protected]

Northeastern University is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Educational Institution and Employer, Title IX University. Northeastern University particularly welcomes applications from minorities, women and persons with disabilities. Northeastern University is an E-Verify Employer.


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