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Jan 26, 2018
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Four-Year Institution

Department Summary: The Bridgewater State University Police Department is charged with the protection of the lives and property of more than 12,000 Bridgewater State University students, faculty, staff, and visitors on nearly 300 acres of University land and 38 major buildings, as well as the streets and other passageways adjoining University property. Police Department staff work with community members to prevent crime, solve problems, and take proactive steps to make Bridgewater State University as safe as possible. All BSU Police Officers attend municipal police academy training and have full police authority on campus and throughout the town of Bridgewater. The Department enforces all state laws, including motor vehicle laws, as well as university rules and regulations. In addition the department is made up of four major divisions; Headquarters, Operations, Administration, and Emergency Management & Legal Compliance. Within those divisions are several bureaus and units such as the Patrol Bureau and Detective Bureau. The department is a member of the Southeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (SEMLEC) regional SWAT Team, and belongs to the Whitman-West Bridgewater-East Bridgewater-Bridgewater-Bridgewater State University Police (WEB) regional major crimes and drug task force. BSUPD is widely recognized as the premier state university police department in Massachusetts. The department stands ready to deal with the same kinds of incidents that any small-city police department handles.

Position Summary: Campus Police Officer I; Front-line Patrol - Eligibility List for Anticipated Vacancies for 2018 (Full-time, 12-month AFSCME position) Tour of Duty and Schedule: TBD by shift bidding process; subject to change according to departmental needs. Must be available for off-shift overtime, including compulsory callbacks. Area of Assignment: University Wide - Bridgewater This is an AFSCME unit position and is subject to the terms of the current AFSCME collective bargaining agreement.

Essential Duties: * Patrols assigned areas on foot, in a patrol vehicle, or by specialized means to ensure the safety of persons and security of buildings and grounds. * Protects against trespass, theft, damage to property or injury to individuals by screening visitors; inspecting rooms, packages and vehicles for explosives, firearms and other contraband; controlling crowds; providing personal protection to individuals as required; conducting surveillance of high-crime areas; searching for missing goods and persons; investigating complaints and reports of suspicious activity; mediating disputes; and inspecting buildings, grounds, fire lanes and emergency exits for compliance with safety standards to ensure campus security. * Exercises police powers by making arrests, conducting searches, restraining violent persons, transporting persons under restraints and advising suspects of their constitutional rights to prosecute violators and to prevent further violations of law. * Investigating crimes, explosions and suspicious fires by interviewing witnesses, victims and others; preserves crime scenes and fires sites for examination by experts; and collects physical evidence to aid in locating and apprehending suspects and in preparing cases for prosecution. * Investigates traffic accidents on campus by operating breathalyzers and other chemical detection devices to determine liability and by measuring skid marks to determine vehicle speed at the time accidents occurred. * Assists the courts or grand juries by serving summonses, warrants and capiases; presenting evidence; testifying as witness; reporting case developments; and arranging for appearance of witnesses to provide information necessary for the prosecution of cases. * Enforces traffic and safety regulations by directing traffic; assisting operators of disabled motor vehicles; assisting pedestrians in crossing streets; writing traffic tickets; inspecting licenses, permits and registrations for validity; and arranging for snow removal or sanding to ensure the orderly flow of traffic and prevent accidents. * Operates such equipment as two-way radios, teletypes, facsimile transmitters or receivers, base stations, public address system, emergency medical equipment, office machines, firearms and riot control equipment. * Perform related duties such as cooperating and sharing information with other agencies; notifying designated personnel of emergencies; writing reports such as activity reports, daily logs, investigative reports and stolen vehicle recovery reports; maintaining records on lost-and-found items, criminal records and files on known criminals; assisting in the evacuation of residents in fire drills; assisting in firefighting operations; administering first aid to injured persons. See also State Job Specifications, available in the Office of Human Resources, or online at

Required Qualifications: * Appointed individuals will be required to attend and successfully complete a training program equivalent to that required for full time municipal police officers within the Commonwealth, within one year from the date of appointment. This requirement, however, will be based on the availability and dates of training classes. * Completion of the probationary period is contingent upon completion of police academy training and there is a minimum service requirement, employees so trained are required to refund the cost of such training at the time of separation. * Must have a current and valid Massachusetts driver's license. * Ability to exercise sound judgment * Ability to communicate effectively in oral expression * Ability to maintain a calm manner in stressful and emergency situations * Ability to make decisions and act quickly in dangerous or emergency situations * Ability to interact with people who are under physical and/or emotional stress * Ability to deal tactfully with others * Ability to establish rapport with persons from different ethnic, cultural and/or economic backgrounds * Ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with others * Ability to exercise discretion in handling confidential information * Ability to follow oral and written instructions * Ability to maintain accurate records * Ability to assemble items of information in accordance with established procedures * Ability to utilize investigative techniques to obtain information * Ability to gather information through observing individuals * Ability to gather information by examining records and documents; * Ability to accurately record information provided orally * Ability to gather information through questioning individuals * Ability to conduct interviews * Ability to give oral instructions in a precise, understandable manner * Ability to give written instructions in a precise, understandable manner * Ability to adapt to varying work situations * Ability to stand and/or walk for prolonged periods of time * Physical stamina and endurance * Ability to lift heavy objects or persons * Ability to prepare general reports * Ability to prepare written reports * Ability to understand, apply and explain the policies, procedures, specifications guidelines and standards governing assigned unit activities * Ability to analyze and determine the applicability of data, to draw conclusions and to make appropriate recommendations * Ability to use proper grammar, punctuation and spelling * Ability to read, write and comprehend the English language * Ability to work accurately with names, numbers, codes and/or symbols * Ability to perform arithmetic computations with speed and accuracy (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) * Ability to understand and apply the laws, rules and regulations governing assigned unit activities * Ability to operate a motor vehicle * Ability to coordinate the efforts of others in accomplishing assigned work objectives * Ability to motivate others State Job Specifications are available in the Office of Human Resources, or online at

Preferred Qualifications: * Previous experience in law enforcement and knowledge of Massachusetts police procedures, fire prevention methods and emergency medical procedures. * Graduate of full time Municipal Police Academy Training certified and approved by the MPTC (or equivalent, as determined by the Chief of Police).

Physical Demands: Bridgewater State University complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to provide reasonable accommodation to qualified applicants and employee with disabilities. Police officers work under exposure to injury resulting from dangerous weapons, physical and verbal abuse and adverse weather conditions; carry firearms; may operate motor vehicles at high speed for pursuit or emergency response purposes; work with people under physical and/or emotional stress; work alone in isolated or high-crime areas; walk and stand for prolonged periods of time; lift and carry heavy objects or people; may travel for job related purposes; and may be required to furnish private transportation for job-related travel for which mileage is reimbursed. Police officers must have the ability to lift heavy objects or persons, the ability to adapt to varying work situations, the ability to stand and/or walk for prolonged periods of time and must have physical stamina and endurance.

Special Conditions: Resume and cover letter not required, but appreciated. Special requirements: This position is subject to a background check.   Applicants must be prepared to provide all original documents listed below: * Birth Certificate * Citizenship Documents (naturalized citizen) * Social Security Card * High School Diploma * University Diploma * Valid Motor Vehicle Operator's License * License to Carry a Firearm * CPR Certification * First Responder or EMT Certification * Police Academy Certificates (as applicable) * Military DD 214 (if applicable) * Selective Service Registration Card * Most recent semi-automatic firearms qualification * Most recent Straight/Expandable Baton certification * Most recent chemical agent/organic spray certification * Any other professional training documents candidates wish to have considered Additional Requirements & Conditions: * Must include an email address on the application. * Must be able to pass fit-for-duty medical exam and psychological examination. * Must be able to obtain a License to Carry Firearms from the police department where they reside. * Must be able to, qualify with department firearms through a department certified firearms instructor.

EEO Statement: Bridgewater State University (BSU) is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer which actively seeks to increase the diversity of its workforce. We are dedicated to providing educational, working and living environments that value the diverse backgrounds of all people.

Salary Range: $1695.86 Bi-weekly (Grade 16, Step 1)

Special Instructions: Please note the following information is required to complete your application for this position: *a minimum of one (1) employment history entry. *a minimum of three (3) professional reference entries.

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