Community Relations Manager - Community Colleges Austin

Community Relations Manager - Community Colleges Austin

Reporting to the Chancellor, the Community Relations Manager researches, develops and expands the network of academic and Community College relationships to support the University’s vision. WGU’s partnership efforts increase market reach and student access, improve affordability, and enhance the student experience. This position will develop, secure and grow Community College partners in Texas, promoting the value of WGU’s educational programs, and executing a flywheel approach to effectively benefit both the university and its partners.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

  • Authentically project and reflect the mission of WGU
  • Project a professional presence and deliver sales presentations to potential Community Colleges with the sales acumen that incorporates WGU’s “flywheel” approach.
  • Develop deep partnerships to increase WGU’s reach and educational impact.
  • Execute a relevant strategic account plan for every account owned, ensuring partnership launches, maintenance, project timelines, student impact and business results are achieved.
  • Research, recommend, and, attend and participate in appropriate regional, professional organizations or events to represent WGU and extend reach.
  • Incorporate consistent utilization of marketing and partnership communication that will enhance WGU being top of mind for educational opportunities.
  • Plan and participate in WGU hosted events. Participation includes pre-event efforts to secure partner participation and marketing of the event to appropriate audiences, support the day-of activities and complete follow-up tasks.
  • Demonstrate thoughtful and appropriate time management in extending the vision, strategies and tactics required for profitable and sustained partner engagement and implementation across all assigned accounts.
  • Maintain timely, accurate and thorough documentation of all activities, tasks, contacts and account management.
  • May develop, orient and support engaged alumni to represent WGU in regional events, within their places of employment, or, with other opportunities.
  • Mentor and train peers. Functions as a subject matter expert in highly complex situations.
  • Contributes to team success including planning, organizing, developing work processes, identifying and implementing improvements, and leading team/department projects.
  • Effectively handles highly complex work initiatives and resolves highly complex issues

  • Earns trust – is exceptional and persuasive using communication skills, oral and written, delivers on commitments
  • Negotiation – can negotiate and influence skillfully and professionally while maintaining relationships.
  • Student focus – the ability to keep the student at the center of what we do, and why we do it. Exhibits passion about improving the educational experiences of our students by creating lasting partnerships with employers, community colleges, school districts, and the community.
  • Problem solving skills – Investigates appropriate resources and involves partners when appropriate. Is future-oriented. Assesses what will help or hinder achieving goals. Focuses on what is important.
  • Interpersonal skills – Deals with others in a considerate, respectful, and unbiased manner. Approaches conflict proactively. Solicits and shares feedback openly. Listens with empathy and maintains composure.
  • Accuracy – Draws on facts collected from a broad knowledge of WGUs goals and processes.
  • Adaptability – Corrects behaviors and communication style to meet the needs of a wide range of situations. Tackles obstacles appropriately. Is comfortable with ambiguity.
  • Reliability – Accountable to others; does what it takes to get the job done. Actions are consistent with words. Follows through on commitments. Exhibits exceptional integrity.
  • Attitude – Displays commitment to the organization and to personal growth. Is self-motivated and able to motivate and inspire others. Asserts self appropriately to champion ideas. Tells the truth in a direct and constructive manner.
  • Initiative – Self-directs with a strong tendency for action. Leads the way to improve performance or processes. Displays keen interest in students and organization.

  • Ability to travel within the state of Texas on a frequent basis.
  • Ability to have open schedule flexibility to work evenings and/or weekends
  • Ability to lift 20 pounds.

Austin, Texas, United States