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Greater Bay Area, Hayward, California
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Nov 17, 2017
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As this is a teaching facility, it is the primary focus of this institution to inspire our students/interns so that they may enter the profession with sufficient knowledge and skill to be able to perform all required skills and procedures independently, proficiently and safely.  It is the responsibility of the Health Center Mentors at Life Chiropractic College West Health Center to assist and instruct the interns in all aspects of patient care including, but not limited to; history taking, physical examination, appropriate imaging and lab decisions, diagnosis, communication with patients,  regular care of the patient through the adjustment, any ancillary procedures that are deemed necessary and to create a more real world experience for the intern.

A Health Center Mentor at LCCW manages and operates a full-time chiropractic practice within the LCCW Health Center.  To assist him/her in managing this practice, the Health Center Mentor. is assigned approximately sixteen interns with varying levels of clinical experience.  It is the responsibility of the  HC mentor to oversee and manage the care and education of the patients that come into the practice.  The HC Mentor is responsible for the recruitment of patients and the growth of the practice.  The HC Mentor is responsible for teaching and assessing required and non-required skills and working with and acting as a mentor to the assigned interns.  The assigned interns make up the “practice team”.  All members of the practice team are required to participate in the practice and to ensure its success.


  • Manage and operate a full-time chiropractic practice within the teaching clinic at Life Chiropractic College West.
  • Ensure that all care including history, exams, x-rays and other studies, adjustments and all ancillary care and all referrals, etc. are preformed within the accepted standards of care.
  • Education of patients
  • Must be available to practice at least 30 hours per week during normal Health Center business hours of operation.
  • Must maintain at least 95 patient visits per week and at least $5,000 in collections per month within the practice.
  • Ensure that all practice members are practicing within the limits of the law in the state of California and in accordance with the LCCW Health Center policies and procedures.
  • Participate in either the Student Health Center or an off campus outreach clinic that is maintained by the college. 
  • Participate in all Health Center competency testing. 
  • Participate in all college commencement exercises.
  • Participate in all Health Center faculty development activities.
  • Participate in weekly Health Center faculty meetings.
  • Participate in Health Center committees and in the planning and implementation of strategies to improve teaching at the LCCW Health Center.
  • Participate in the annual WAVE and Spring for Life activities.
  • Teach and assess all required skills and competencies as described by the CCE.
  • Monitor the progress of the practice team interns to ensure competency.
  • Meet weekly with the practice team to train members, set goals, plan lessons for interns to include competency in Examinations, Technique, Philosophy and Marketing
  • Practice policies that are in place and explain any conflicts or questions based on examination and clarification of values and regulations for practice doctors.
  • Minimal acceptable participation in scholarly activity includes the publication or conference presentation of at least one case study per year. 
  • Will participate in evaluation of duties at least annually to include producing a self-evaluation, completing an annual inventory of service and scholarly activity, and participating in faculty development activities and events provided by LCCW as well as at least one conference or seminar per year.
  • Other duties as assigned


Practice team:

  • Each practice team will consist of a D.C., licensed to practice chiropractic in the state of California and who has graduated from a CCE accredited college no less that five years prior to the beginning of his/her practice within the LCCW health center and approximately sixteen interns (practice team members). 
  • Each practice team will be provided with at least three adjusting rooms (cubicles) and one exam room (with a closable door).  These rooms will be furnished with appropriate adjusting or exam tables, chairs, view boxes, and computers for record keeping and computerized ROF materials.
  • Interns will be allowed to enter into a LCCW Health Center practice after successful completion of required course work, student health center requirements, and the written and practical entrance examinations.
  • Interns will be divided equally among the practices within the LCCW health center.
  • Interns are admitted to the practices by lottery.
  • Each practice will have practice members that are “junior interns” and “senior interns”, junior interns for the first two quarters and senior interns for the third and fourth (final) quarters.
  • Patients entering the LCCW Health Center will be assigned to a practice either randomly or by patient request and upon graduation of the intern of record will be transferred to another intern within the practice.
  • The D.C. in the practice is primarily responsible either directly or indirectly for the examination, diagnosis, education, and care of all practice patients.
  • It is the responsibility of the D.C. in the practice to train the practice members in the vital functions of a chiropractic practice (recruitment of patients, history taking and examination, diagnosis, providing of care, patient education, etc.).  The D.C. should use the practice members whenever possible to reach out to the community to educate the public and to assist with the growth of the practice.
  • Tracking of intern requirements is done through the LCCW Health Center registrar’s office and up to date information is accessible by the D.C..
  • In support of each practice and the practice teams, the college will also continue to arrange outreach opportunities to include; spinal screenings, health fairs, mixers, and weekly patient education classes.  Each practice can and should also seek additional opportunities to reach the community and to educate its patients.   

    Life Chiropractic College West provides the following:

  • Malpractice insurance for all LCCW health center practice related activities
  • Use of Health Center staff for billing and accounting and other usual front desk activities (excludes scheduling of patients or any other appointments),
  • Office space to include; a cubical type office (including phone and computer, at least three adjusting rooms (cubicles), and one exam room
  • Shared facilities to include use of all imaging department facilities by appointment
  • General supplies as needed to practice

    Education, Training and/or Experience

  • Must have a D.C. degree from a CCE accredited Chiropractic College.
  • Must have a minimum of five years chiropractic practice experience.
  • Must have a current licensed to practice chiropractic in the State of California.
  • Must have a clear record with the Board of Chiropractic Examiners in this state and all others where licenses are or have been held.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office Suites.
  • Command of the English language is required.
  • Ability to multi-task and problem solve.
  • Excellent people and management skills are necessary.
  • Teaching experience is preferred.
  • Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personal Characteristics

  • Proficiency in upper cervical techniques preferred

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills
  • Must be self-motivated

  • Work is performed primarily in a standard office/health center environment with extensive contact with the public


  • Able to spend long hours sitting, standing, and lifting up to 25 pounds
  • Nature of work requires an ability to operate standard business office equipment
  • Requires ability to communicate and exchange information clearly and concisely.
  • Primary functions require sufficient physical ability and mobility to work in an office setting; to stand or sit for prolonged periods of time; to occasionally stoop, bend, kneel, crouch, reach, and twist; to lift, carry, push, and/or pull light to moderate amounts of weight; to operate office equipment requiring repetitive hand movement and fine coordination including use of a computer keyboard; and to verbally communicate to exchange information.

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