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Chesterfield, MI
Oct 11, 2017
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Performs role under limited supervision. Responsible for coordinating the day to day operations of The Estates. Performs house manager role professionally and diligently to obtain optimal resident outcomes and high satisfaction from all external and internal customers.

Specific Duties:

1. Display a strong regard for the importance of professional presentation and boundaries, separating personal concerns from professional demands, using supervision and leadership skills to resolve any conflicts between the two.

2. Consult with Program Director and/or Clinical Director to ensure reinforcement of mandated reporting obligations, demonstrating how/when/why to contact appropriate State/Agency representatives with respect to safety/security, abuse/neglect, and exploitation/rights issues.

3. Preserve ongoing back-and-forth communication among all team members (rehabilitation aides, behavioral specialist, nursing staff, office administration, management team, AFC representative, residents' guardians and care teams, etc.) to preserve healthy interchange of information, foster transparency, encourage growth of mutual trust/respect, and develop healthy interdependence.

4. With Program Director and/or Clinical Director to facilitate monthly staff meetings using these forums to enhance rehabilitation aides team excellence, promote team-building and cohesion, and further team-efficacy; develop meeting agenda using role-plays, interactions, performance challenges appropriate to resident (s), environment, shift structure and/or team.

5. Through in-the-moment supervision, modeling, mentoring, and leadership, develop rehabilitation aides team as an active treatment resource to further resident growth and wellbeing, provide new hire and on-going training to staff; present corrective action/written disciplinary form when necessary enlisting support/guidance from Clinical Director and/or Vice President; conduct annual evaluation of program rehabilitation aides using input from residents, guardians, Program Director, Behavioral Specialist, Clinical Director, Nursing team, and with pro-active consultation from Vice President and as needed Administrator.

6. Coordinate personal shift schedules to ensure adequate management daily coverage at The Estates.

7. Coordinate rehabilitation aide shift schedules two weeks at a time and ensure prompt entry of schedule and all schedule changes into the Home Trak scheduling program. Responsible for coordinating and approving rehabilitation aide's time off and training sessions. Schedule to be

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Job Description

created with zero overtime hours.

8. Coordinate resident's appointment schedules ensuring resident is properly prepared for each appointment. Organize and attend (as appropriate) resident's appointments to advance the rights, hopes, goals, and care of resident; offering practical assistance (e.g. locating phone numbers, using calendar) with scheduling medical appointments (e.g. health, dental, psychiatric, therapeutic), social security determinations, court appearances, etc.

9. Ensure a consistent application of person-centered planning team objectives across all shifts offering supportive direction and, in consultation/collaboration with PM, corrective action as needed.

10. Conduct all duties in a manner that demonstrates an ongoing a commitment to progression, community inclusion and respect for (legal, civil, and human) rights of the residents.

11. Render compassionate care to residents according due respect and dignity, encouraging healthy choice making and self-advocacy, while validating personal struggles and challenges.

12. Realize a good working knowledge of resident's life goals, challenges, active-treatment needs, health/dental concerns, psychological risk factors, and key relationships within care team; work with Behavioral Specialist and nursing team to roll out appropriate interventions to rehabilitation aides.

13. Evidence a healthy awareness of client's medication(s), dosage(s), route(s), administration schedules, purposes, side-effects, and any threshold(s) for dispensing as needed (PRN) medication(s) according to regulations; order refills as needed, obtaining guardian consent prior to administering new or adjusted medications. Work with pharmacy monthly to ensure correct delivery and reconciliation of resident's medications. Ensure all residents have MARS that are completed accurately and in its entirety. Ensure each prescriptions for all residents are filled in the prescription book and up to date.

14. Work with Program Director to schedule all community-based activities forwarding completed weekly activities with attendance record Vice President. Track expenditure of activity monies, submitting receipts weekly to the billing department. Submit weekly report on Mondays of money spent and what it was spent on to Program Director for budgeting purposes who will calculate current balance.

15. Create with resident input a balanced nutritional weekly menu of all meals, developing a weekly grocery list conforming with monthly food budget; and maintaining strict control/supervision of grocery card, receipts, and balance.

17. Compile monthly data into a coherent monthly progress report designed to specifically detail progress from prior month and toward larger goal objectives to be presented at resident's care conferences. Behavioral Specialist will attend care conferences and provide report on resident's

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Job Description

progress on behavioral plan.

18. Vigilantly safeguard the emotional and physical safety and wellbeing of the resident at all times and under all circumstances, initiating non-violent physical crisis intervention when safety of resident (and/or self/others) is jeopardized; preserve safe/secure program environment through regular cross-shift evacuation/fire drills.

19. Vigorously maintain Agency standards of cleanliness and orderliness ensuring program looks and feels like a genuine home; strive to resolve repair concerns as soon as these become manifest; effectively balance program costs and resident comforts within budgeted limits; ensure similar high regard for home environment across all shifts.

20. Work with management team and marketing team to further develop The Estates and implement new programs as appropriate in an effort to create growth and increase the number of residents at The Estates. Ability to conduct tours for possible referral sources and potential residents and their guardians.

21. Perform role by working a flexed schedule which includes varying shifts and potential to work every-other-weekend and be on-call for The Estates.

22. Perform other duties as assigned by Program Director, Clinical Director, Behavioral Specialist, Vice President and/or Administrator.


Required Certifications, Registration or Licensure-

Valid State of Michigan's Driver's License

Current auto insurance

Valid CPR, and First Aide certification

Minimum Knowledge and Education-

Required: High School Diploma or equivalent

Preferred: Associate's or Bachelor's degree

Minimum Work Experience-

Required: Two years experience as direct care worker

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Job Description

Required: One year management experience

Specific Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-

Computer skills- including basic to advanced level of utilizing Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook as well as utilizing the Internet for research purposes

Strong organizational skills and communication skills

Ability to maintain positive relationships with residents/guardians, associates, and all other customers

Must be able and willing to utilize personal vehicle to perform responsibilities related to this position

Must be able to work non-standard, flexible hours. Must be able and willing to carry company cell phone and be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week with the exception of when employee is utilizing paid vacation time.

Ability to work successfully in a stressful, fast-paced environment

Ability to work within a diverse team


Ability to stand, stoop, bend and sit for long periods of time

Ability to use hands and wrists to perform repetitive motions on a keyboard

Company Description
Attendant Care Companies was established in 2003, as a Private Duty Home Health Care Agency. Through out the years, the agency has grown to include Skilled Nursing Services, Residential Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury rehabilitation. Attendant Care Companies was created to provide genuine care and comfort to Metro-Detroit communities and its residents to support independence and well-being for those served. We offer care to seniors, as well as to individuals with varied lifestyle needs, and people with disabilities.see less

Home Health Care, Catostrophic Injury Rehabilitation, TBI and SCI residential living, Companionship

Industry Hospital & Health Care

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51145 Nicolette Dr., New Baltimore, MI 48047 United States
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201-500 employees

Chesterfield, MI


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