Oct 11, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
Job Summary Manage departmental research staff; coordinate staff schedules in concert with organizing, implementing, and troubleshooting departmental faculty research projects; perform annual review of research staff. Organize and assist the departmental research committee with departmental staff interviews and selection of new technical staff, coordination of project activities within and between departments and maintaining common lab areas at both Veterinary Medical Center and the College of Veterinary Medicine locations. Oversight of research surgery area. Management of cadaver procurement, storage and distribution for multiple teaching and research purposes. Work with clinical trial coordinator regarding participation of departmental research staff in clinical trials involving client-owned cases. Perform registered veterinary technician duties such as anesthetizing and monitoring research animals, preparing the operating room and animal for aseptic surgery, and assisting in surgery. Perform inventory, basic maintenance, and ordering of research supplies and equipment. Work with multiple investigators, clinical research coordinator, and industry representatives. Assist faculty with oversight of controlled drugs used in research projects. Oversee and train departmental personnel for record keeping for clinical and research projects including requirements for USDA, AALAC, FDA, and other supervising organizations. Minimum Qualifications Bachelors degree and 6 years experience or equivalent combination required. Specialty certification may be required. Masters degree preferred Area-specific certification (i.e.; SCUBA) and training may be required. Other training will be provided as appropriate (i.e.; UGA HazMat training and/or Radiation Worker Certification).