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Oct 10, 2017
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Child Health and Safety Manager for Pinellas Head Start / Early Head Start

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General Description: Responsible for managing, planning, implementing and evaluating comprehensive health/dental, environmental safety and nutrition programs for children and their families. This position involves extensive record keeping, organizing, and problem solving and time management. It also involves interpretation and communication of complex regulations and medical data and terminology. Extensive interaction with children, staff, parents and the larger community is also required.

Essential Leadership Functions:

• Ensures that all enrolled children are up-to-date on a schedule of age appropriate preventive and primary health care within four weeks of child's entry and as services become due. Works collaboratively with parents to arrange any needed medical, dental, or nutritional examinations and immunizations, keeping in mind parents work schedules.

• In collaboration with parents and other staff, develops a written follow-up plan and arranges re-screening, further diagnostic testing, examination and treatment for each child found to have medical, dental or nutritional problems. Assists parents, as needed, with identifying resources to obtain prescribed medications, aids, or equipment for medical and dental conditions.

• Ensures that staff obtains informed signed parental consent and release of information for all health, dental and nutritional services provided to children by the program or it's contracted service providers; encourages parental presence and participation at these health services; and, informs parents in writing of the results of all services.

• Identifies health, dental, emergency and nutrition service resources within the community; ensures all these services are included in the Community Resource Directory; and, helps parents, as needed, in securing a source of accessible health care for their families.

• In close communication with the Deputy Director, negotiates and develops written agreements and/or contracts with service providers; makes vigorous efforts to assure that Head Start is the dollar of last resort, seeking to obtain free or reduced priced services whenever possible.

• If needed, secures the services of a qualified Nutrition Consultant to support the program's nutrition services and, with prior approval of the Director, develops a written contract for the nutritionist's services; secures and keeps on file nutritionist's credentials; orients the consultant to duties and to the Head Start program and the population served; and, coordinates the schedule of the nutritionist's visits ensuring at least eight hours of service per month.

• In consultation with service area experts and in collaboration with other staff, plans and delivers or secures group and individualized training for staff and parents on health, dental, nutrition and environmental safety topics. Provides staff with technical assistance in the performance of their jobs as they relate to these service areas.

• Develops written health, environmental safety, sanitation, food service and emergency policies and procedures ensuring compliance with local and state regulations, with appropriate director, consultant, staff, parent, board, and grantee participation and approval. Ensures these policies and procedures are carried out including scheduling required drills, conducting required safety checks and monitoring all other provisions.

• Monitors the ongoing health status and needs of enrolled children by ensuring the completion of daily health checks, the administering of medications per the agency's policy and doctors' orders, the implementation of other procedures as needed.

• Provides ongoing supervision of the Nutrition Services Manager, who monitors the implementation of the IMHSP's menus, recipes and Food Service Policy; monitors food service staff in food purchasing, preparation, service and storage, kitchen cleanliness, food handling and dish washing procedures; provides training and technical assistance as needed; and, assists director and cook, as requested, in maintaining records for the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).

• Supervises all Health and Nutrition staff and the implementation and evaluation of their work. Prepares performance appraisals in a timely manner. Takes corrective action as needed. Established Professional Development plans with staff members.

• Coordinates the Nutritionist's review of classrooms to ensure: those foods are an integral part of the total education program; that mealtime atmosphere is conducive to socialization and development; that meals are served family style; and, that the quality, quantity and size of food served is appropriate to the ages of the children.

• Coordinates the observation of the Infant/Toddler rooms by medical personnel as required by County Child Care Licensing Standards; ensures observations, instructions and recommendations are recorded and carried out.

• Organizes and facilitates the activities of the agency's Health Services Advisory Committee (HSAC); ensures that the Committee membership is composed of all required professions and parent representation and that it meets at least twice a year.

• Maintains detailed, accurate, up-to-date and confidential records including: child health files, health services tracking system and documentation of all activities; develops and submits timely reports of component service provision and activities for director, grantee, PC, Board and others as required. Maintains strict child, family and staff confidentiality at all times.

• Ensures children are familiarized with all health services they will receive prior to delivery by assisting teachers with child centered activities in the classroom and instructing parents on how to prepare their children for services; provides and/or arranges for transportation for children to health service appointments and for translation services, as necessary;

• Provides parents with records of all services provided to their children before they leave the program; discusses with parents the importance of these records and how to maintain them. Also, transfers children's records as requested and approved by parents in writing.

• Facilitates the transition of children with incomplete medical/dental treatment or with ongoing medical needs to services at their next destination, per the delegate's transition plan and with full participation of parents.

• Participates in and contributes to all case management, parent education planning, supervisory, and management team and staff meetings. Also, attends interagency meetings, Parent Committee and Policy Council meetings and other meetings, as assigned.

• Attends and participates in grantee-sponsored trainings, center pre-service and in-service trainings, and other continuing education, career and professional development opportunities; reads and reviews regulations and other resources to keep abreast of current issues and trends related to the responsibilities of the job.

• Serves as an advocate for the Head Start program and the health and nutrition needs of migrant farm workers by presenting to community groups, participating in local associations and groups and serving on local committees, as appropriate.

• Participates in the annual program self-evaluation and grantee monitoring, and complies with the program improvement plans developed. May contribute to the development of the Delegate Agency Annual Plan, program proposals and Community Assessment, as requested if Delegates are present in the grant structure.

• Maintains strict confidentiality with respect to Head Start/Early Head Start children, families and staff in accordance with established policies and procedures.

• Attends all workshops and meetings as deemed necessary by the supervisor.

• Attends all required staff and parent meetings and activities.

• Performs other duties, as requested.


B.S. in Public Health, Public Health Administration, Health Administration, Health and Human Services, Nutrition and Public Health Services or a related field. Master's Degree preferred. Registered Nurse or BSN.

Bilingual preferred: English/Spanish or English and other languages present in the local area.

Also required: Certification in First Aid and CPR within six months of the date assigned to this position; and successful completion of a Level II background screening, local criminal record check and drug screening prior to hiring.


Must be 21 years of age. Five years of supervisory experience required. Some experience in financial management and budgeting preferred. Three years' experience with special needs population. Experience in pre-school aged or head start setting preferred. Experience in human services program management, including program planning, operations and evaluation, and the use of management information systems. Previous Head Start/Early Head Start experience preferred. An understanding of Head Start philosophy and the ability to implement its principle of shared authority and decision-making.

Knowledge Skills & Abilities:

• Considerable knowledge of HIPAA privacy regulations. Knowledge of health and safety as related to young children and their families; infection control in child care settings;

• Case management principles and practices;

• Principles of supervision, training, and performance evaluation;

• Computers and information management systems;

• Budget preparation and control.

• Ability to plan, organize and oversee early childhood health services in a community-based setting; communicate complex health information in a manner easily understood by parents; work with diverse community, student, and staff groups.

• Communicate orally and in writing using correct English usage, spelling, grammar, vocabulary and punctuation.

• Considerable knowledge of Head Start/Early Head Start program accreditation requirements.

• Skill in making presentations to groups.

• Skill in verbal communication with pre-school age children and adults.

• Ability to coordinate and select appropriate activities for young children and their parents both in the home and in the classroom.

• Ability to develop and training plan and train adults.

• Ability to oversee the work of subordinate staff.

• Ability to handle confidential information.

• Ability to work effectively with minimal daily guidance.

• Knowledge of community resources.

• Successful experience working in a team setting.

• Ability to present a positive image of the organization to members of the community.

• Considerable knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices for early childhood.

• Leadership ability.

• Good interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to work as part of a team,

• Considerable knowledge of adult supervision and counseling practices.

• Considerable knowledge of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards relating to educating children.

Lutheran Services Florida Children & Head Start Services

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Company Description
Lutheran Services Florida (LSF) is an organization that is guided by big ideas and these guiding principles create an imperative to serve that compels LSF to build on organizational strengths, overcome weaknesses and create effective programs in response to human suffering and need. The mission, values, vision and ends polices guide the work of LSF. These guiding principles also shape the advocacy and promotion efforts of the organization, which focus on the needs of the vulnerable, overcoming barriers to service and positioning LSF to effectively respond to opportunities.

The LSF business model responds to a rapidly changing service landscape with an aggressive growth strategy. That growth is predicated on methodical pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities and the maintenance of a new program "pipeline." LSF provides value by developing and competently deploying efficient organizational structures; effective operating policies and procedures; accountable management systems and processes; and expertise in the form of personnel, strategic alliances or purchased services.

We have over 60 Programs throughout Florida, an operating budget of over $210 million dollars and 1,400 employees. Our Head Start Programs are in multiple counties throughout Florida providing multiple program options including center base, family childcare, home base, pregnant mothers, infants and toddlers.

MISSION: Lutheran Services Florida serves to bring Gods healing, hope and help to people in need in the name of Jesus Christ.

VISION: LSF sees itself and its employees as called and committed servants of Christ by serving the needy, the frail, and the powerless with integrity, faith, love and kindness in order to change lives, restore dignity, work for justice and bring healing, hope and help.

LSF is a leader in the State of Florida in providing human services.

VALUES: We derive our basic values from a Biblical understanding of loving creative and redemptive activity in Christ Jesus.

We seek partnerships with congregations to serve people in need.

We recognize that no one agency or group can be fully effective when working alone; and we therefore seek relationships with other faith-based organizations and/or community-based organizations with similar missions.

We do not discriminate in the provision of services.

We do not discriminate in hiring; we seek staff members who are culturally competent and committed to serving others.

We intentionally seek former clients capable of joining our staff, and we encourage promotion from within.

We believe that our success should be evaluated by our abilities to serve those in need and change their lives for the better.

We want employees that love serving our families. LSF: Love, Service, Faith.

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