Construction Project Manager

KM Builders
San Antonio, TX
Oct 10, 2017
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Job Description

Project Manager's Responsibilities:
-Oversee the construction project from start to finish.
-Create and execute necessary change orders with clients and receive payments for agreed work.
-Perform a key role in project planning, budgeting, and identification of resources needed.
-Project accounting functions including managing the budget and minimizing exposure and risk in the project.
-Ensure that construction activities move according to pre-determined schedule.
-Communicate clearly and daily with customers assigned to Project Manager and address all client concerns including daily schedules in an effective proactive manner.
-Schedule in advance all trades and workers as well as materials and products to eliminate unnecessary delays and maximize the work to be performed each day.
-Communicate effectively with the subcontractors responsible for completing various phases of the project.
-Coordinate and synchronize the efforts of all parties involved in the project, which include the designers, architects, consultants, subcontractors and laborers.
-Acquire all bids or quotes for work to be performed by subcontractors or products to be installed on jobs.
-Manage all trades contractors in an effective manner and identify tradesmen who are not performing to KM Remodeling's standards. (These situations must be immediately brought to the Production Manager's attention with specific details.)
-Maintain strict adherence to budgetary guidelines, and safety standards.
-Report any budget overage issues with production manager immediately.
-Receive signatures (from production mgr. or accounting dept.) for work that exceeds the allocated budget amount. (Authorizations by Project Manager without above approval may be charged back to Project Manager.)
-Inspection of construction sites to enforce safety, quality, site cleanliness, critical path management and schedule management as well as customer satisfaction.
-Ensure all work being performed is per state, local, and governing standards & codes.
-Call relevant authorities for inspections in order for job to proceed as scheduled.
- Excellent customer service skills a must.
- Work directly and supervise subs/trades.
- Ensure project is in budget from start to finish.
- Ability to work 40-50 hrs./weekly while handling multiple projects at once.
- Must have computer and tablet experience as this is how you update calendars.
- Valid driver's license with transportation (prefer truck)
- Must have excellent communication and written skills.
- Must have smart phone or intent to purchase

Company Description
KM Builders Mission Statement: By acting with fairness and honesty we passionately pursue excellence in ourselves and our work. We're driven by the desire to make a positive impact in all that we do, and we continuously seek opportunities to improve. We succeed together and we own the results.

KM Builders Core Values:

Loyal Stewardship: From first phone call to last hand shake, we dedicate ourselves to service and leadership; we consider these our primary responsibilities.

Cooperative Teamwork: Our flexible and dynamic teams work together to produce strategies for holistic results. We trust in each member's expertise to collaborate respectfully and contribute to the success of any project.

Integrity: Our decisions are guided by our elevated standards and empower us in all our actions. There is no situation that merits abandoning our principals or compromising them in any way.

Continuous Improvement: As individuals and as teams we engage in an ongoing effort to improve services, processes and products. This trait is essential. In an industry that is dynamic, we are forward looking with direction.

San Antonio, TX


Tue, 12 Sep 2017 13:34:05 PDT