Student Services Associate I

Responsible for various areas of student success either in Admissions, Career Services, Financial Aid, etc.; can recruit freshmen and transfer students from high schools & community colleges; makes presentations to student groups; counsels students and parents regarding the admissions process OR coordinate campus scholarships; manage programs for students receiving financial aid; process, track, monitor all institutional scholarships; provide financial aid counseling OR be responsible for recruitment, marketing and customer service for KSU Graduate Programs, etc.

Reporting to the Associate Director of Financial Aid over Processing, this position will be responsible for the review of conflicting information and resolving databases matches to determine financial aid eligibility as assigned by the US Department of Education. This position will be responsible for reviewing conflicting information, including, but not limited to: citizenship, selective service, unusual enrollment history, etc. In addition, the position will assist with the awarding of student financial aid according to federal, state and institutional requirements, conduct need analysis in compliance with federal criteria to determine eligibility of each financial aid applicant, and the review of financial aid reports . The position will assist with other duties as assigned. Position of trust with access to SSN's and student banner information.

The successful candidate should have prior professional experience in a University setting, preferably within the Financial Aid Office. It is important that the individual have a wide scope of experiences within this structure and understand, retain, and is able to disseminate effectively and appropriately the rules and regulations for the delivery of financial aid.

As part of the background check process, this position WILL require a satisfactory Consumer Credit check as a condition of employment. See

Kennesaw State University is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer nd does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, national origin, race, religion, ex, sexual orientation, and/or veteran status.

Required Qualifications:

Bachelor's degree and related experience.

Desired Qualifications:

The position will interact with students, financial aid staff, the KSU community, and the Department of Education. It is preferred that the individual have presentation skills, training capabilities, is able to successfully retain information, is detailed in complex environments related to financial aid, successful in time management, and able to work within very defined deadlines.
Skills related to customer service are required; ability to multi-task is required; time management skills is required; ability to demonstrate self-motivation; ability to work within very defined deadlines; ability to be trained in very complex regulations that are ever-changing